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Friday, May 28, 2010

From winter to summer

Time has streaked straight from winter to summer in a couple of weeks. A couple of weeks ago, 18" of snow fell. Today, I rode my mountain bike with abandon, feeling the warm air rush past me. Today, summer stretches out long and beautiful into the future like the long and winding trails waiting for me to explore them.
Although my spine still hurts frequently and I still have a lot of physical therapy ahead of me, I've spontaneously stopped to give thanks at the oddest moments over the past few days. As K and I rode a quiet trail past myriad stumps that a bear had ripped apart last night, I stopped in the middle of the trail to say thank you. Thank you to the entire corps of people who have made my spine strong again and especially to my pillar of strength who never wavers. Thanks to you, I can enjoy our miraculous world.
Here was one spot where I stopped today. It doesn't look special at first glance but the tree in the foreground is an important bear landmark. New bear fur appears in its bark regularly, telling me that black bears have been doing their shimmying back rubbing dances against it to broadcast their scent (the link is to a video of a bear doing this dance). Indeed, it was very close to this spot where K and I saw a bear the other morning.
I stopped to exult in the mountain beauty and the warmth of the wind atop a local peak. K stretched out, tall and proud.
I delighted in the details - the newly blooming low bluebells...
... and the raucously bright yellow banner flowers that just burst into joyful blossom today.
Life isn't perfect. My spine isn't perfect. However, as I recline on my deck writing this post with hummingbirds buzzing past my head and our flycatcher couple feverishly constructing a nest under the deck, I feel happy with where I am right now.

Happy Summer to all of you from me and my pack.


  1. My world is a little tamer, but I get the same satisfaction with my experiences with nature here! Discovered a newborn deer the other day!

  2. What fabulous photos, KB - I enlarged every one! I can sense your exuberance and feel it with you. Have a happy celebration this weekend!

  3. The bluebells are so beautiful!

    We wish you the happiest summer right back.

    Jo and Stella

  4. What a beautiful post with such beautiful sentiments! It is an amazing world we live in, and both my human K and I are also grateful to be able to take in the beauty of life all around us. And you live in such an incredibly beautiful part of the country. Lucky dogs!! Your photos, as usual, are just pawsome! K, the picture of you is just amazing! You are one gorgeous pup!

    Hope your mom continues on her healing path. We send positive healing thoughts to her!


  5. Happy summer to you too! I wish ours would hurry up and get here :)

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Emma Rose and the Duchess

  6. Beautifully said! A reminder to live each day to the fullest, and to marvel at the beauty of nature!

  7. More GREAT pics!

    BTW, there was a bear spotted in someone's backyard about five minutes from here - actually pretty much in sight of where the ex lives -

    A dog barked at it and it ran off into the woods!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I've shared those sentiments many times myself. A lot of times, it's my outlook that makes the difference. I am glad that you had that wonderful moment of clarity and thankfulness today!

    The Labraduo look like they're waiting for the word that the pool is open for business!

  9. Your posts are a constant reminder that pristine, elemental beauty flourishes in the US. Easy for foreigners to forget with the continuing disaster in the Gulf.

  10. Life may not be perfect, but what makes it enjoyable - to me - is slowing down to appreciate the natural beauty of what surrounds us. A quiet hike down a trail can be as near perfection as I need.

  11. Another beautiful post ! I am so excited to discover the miracle of spring through your eyes and stunning words

    That 'stretched' out photo of K is one of the best ever !! What a wonderful life your dogs have !

  12. I hope you're able to soak up every bit of summer, however that means for you and your back. (I have a feeling it'll mean many more great romp-roll forest stories.)

  13. Such an awesome attitude you have - you are an inspiration.

    We are enjoying watching the transformation of your beautiful world from season to season.

  14. Happy summer! Our warmth and sun are visiting us for a few days as well....ah! Yes! Cherish those good moments...let that smile come easily, and remember the things we are so thankful for :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  15. Kia ora KB,
    What a transition from winter to summer! I hope you feel the warm breeze upon you for many weeks to come. The Pack looks pretty happy to see the good weather as well, and even the bears seem lively. I am glad to read you are happy sitting on the deck with life vibrant all around.
    I was up in Taranaki all week with work and winter has truly set in upon us. I was underneath a 10,000 foot volcano all week and only saw it once! Being back at the gym this week, doing the bike, I have found I have made some great strides with the hip, kneeling, bending, and walking faster. I am contemplating taking Charlie out for a camp this weekend if the weather holds. An hour or so ramble to a stream I know. I will put some weight in my pack and see how it feels. Rave on Kb! Always great to catch up with your adventures. Kia kaha.


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