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Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Solstice

School's out for winter break. Unfortunately, that means that my internet connection moves so slowly that I give up on posting some days. I think that our neighborhood bandwidth cannot handle the activities of teenagers and young adults plus its normal traffic. Over the past few days, I've managed to upload a few photos, taking hours for each one.

We've had some winter weather, and an elegant doe visited our clearing during a snow squall.
Coyotes have been moving through our clearing like apparitions almost every evening.
Here are two funny photos - please guess what animals I captured small parts of with my motion-activated wildlife cameras. This animal gave the camera the eye. Who do you think he is?
This animal moved so fast that I caught only his hind end. Long time readers will guess this one easily.
Although K's paw lump at her toe amputation site has persisted, she seems to be getting stronger each day. One day, we ran into R and the Runner while she was off-leash. She and R briefly romped together for the first time in months.
Later in the hike, she and I had a quiet rest in a brief moment of sunshine. Sunshine has been fleeting lately.
Tomorrow, K's paw lump and swelling will be checked by our vet again. I honestly don't have a clue what to think about it. It looks bad but doesn't seem to hinder her when she walks. However, she did growl when I tried to check it last night. K almost never growls!

During one of our mountain bike rides, R flew over a fallen tree when I called him to me. When I watch him zoom through the forest, I'm jealous of his physical speed and agility. I wish that both K and I still had his athletic grace!
We're hoping that the clouds lift for the eclipse tonight - the next total lunar eclipse won't be until 2014. It seems symbolic to have a total lunar eclipse and a full moon just as we reach the shortest day of the year. I love the Winter Solstice because our days will only get longer for the next six months!
My blogging will probably be erratic over the next couple of weeks. Between house guests and the agonizingly slow internet, I probably won't have time every day to post.

Happy Solstice and Lunar Eclipse to Everyone!


  1. I love The Flying R!

    I'm sure Mango will show Dexter too!

    Hope K's paw lump subsides soon!

    Of course, more great pics - thanks for hanging in there to get them uploaded!

    Happy All That To You Too!

  2. We are on satellite so anyone in the neighborhood (like we are actually in a neighborhood) has no impact, but the weather certainly does!

    Love the flying R!

  3. First, thank you for your lovely thoughts, they made me cry ...
    I think the face is a squirrel, hell, I don't know...:). And the ever present bobcat....
    Have they radiographed K's paw? ( sorry if you mentioned this and I can't recall) it arthritis? Hematoma? Growth? I can also understand not wanting to prod it too much......hope it is nothing!
    Beautiful lunar eclipse soltice night, it's snowing like a bugger here, don't think I'll see much...

  4. Happy Solstice and Lunar Eclipse you you! It's pouring rain here, so I hope you're able to watch the eclipse in our stead. Paws crossed that K's vet visit is uneventful.

  5. Can #1 critter be a bear? He/she should be in bed, shouldn't they?
    #2 must be the ever present Bob Cat.

    I hope your vet does something with K's sore on her foot.

    Its easy to imagine how frustrating your slow internet must be. I am still having problems myself. If I see Santa I might hold him up for a new 'puter.

    Happy Holidays!

    Jo, Stella and Ali Zophia

  6. Lucky for me, Mango typically gets up for a potty run sometime between 1 AM and 4 AM regardless of how late I let him out. Hopefully at least I will catch the eclipse for my efforts.

    Mango Momma

  7. I'm sorry you have to deal with such a slow internet service, but I'm always thankful for your shared photos. I hope K's paw improves, and the vet appointment tomorrow is positive. I'm really curious to know who that is in your mystery photo. Could it be R? It really doesn't look like it, but it's hard to say what it really looks like. Do tell. Wishing all of you a safe and happy holiday!!

  8. I hope the checkup goes well tomorrow. I'll be thinking about you and K and sending good thoughts your way. I too am hoping the sky clears up enough to see the lunar eclipse. I'm not sure how visible the meteor shower will be but that would be interesting to see too.

  9. It's been 400 years since we had a lunar eclipse, full moon and winter solstice on the same night. Unfortunately, it is snowing and cloudy so not sure we will be able to see anything. Some people believe that if you make a wish tonight (with all these strange happenings) it will come true. Here's hoping!

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Oh how I love to see R's flying form! He makes me wish I were young again too:( I hope the vet has some good words to share tomorrow about the lump. And I thank you so much for your very kind words in your comment. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    Maybe you can beat those kids if you are up early - they usually sleep late:)

  11. I am dog-sitting a chocolate lab this week. I don't think she's quite as pretty as K, and nowhere near as well-trained.... But I'm treasuring have a pooch for a week!

  12. Gosh, I love that photo of K and R romping together! The photo really shows off their attachment to each other. And that Flying R photo... Makes me want to fly!!!

    I'll bet you're doing the same thing as me tonight when the moon starts putting on it's show. Unless the clouds get in the way...

    I hope the vet appointment goes well and also solves the mystery. I hope K is on the road to full recovery.

  13. I'm guessing the first mystery photo is a bear, and the second has to be a bobcat!

    Wait! I thought the solstice was tomorrow night! Gah! We have too much snow falling tonight to see the sky. Drat it all!

    I hope you find some luck with finding a low volume time to use the internet. That's just crazy! We sure understand busy, though! Can you say five family Christmases? Two down, three to go, plus a couple birthday parties! I'm still snickering to myself about the secret, though. ;)

  14. Hey, Thundering Herd, that's what we were going to say! Love that flying R. Good photos. We've had a slower internet lately also due to the season. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  15. Why is it that an animals eyes can speak volumes ?

  16. Sorry about the slow internet, but thanks for trying to get your pictures/blog to us. We have cable and it definitely has a mind of its own, but it's the best we can do here.

    Clouds moved in and we missed the entire show here. We had more winter weather here last week then what we usually have in an entire season. Quite overwhelming for us and they're telling us it's just the beginning! UGH!!!

  17. Hi Y'all,

    So glad to hear all is well. Hope and pray K's growl was not an indicator of a problem, but just saying she was tired after all her romping.

    Here at the shore our connection slows when all the families get here with their kids, so I understand. We are lucky to have broadband. Once you have it, it is very difficult to remember back just a few years to dial up.

    In the mountains almost everyone has dial up, but broadband is on the way.

    Merry Christmas y'all!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  18. Whoa! R can really FLY!

    At first I thought maybe it was a bear in the first picture but mom says they're prolly hibernating. Was it K?

    My paws are crossed for K's dogtor visit. I sure hope everything goes okay.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  19. Bunny and Bobcat?

    and yes, i feel the same way. I LOVE winter solstice for the same reason: days get LONGER now... tho it doesn't seem that way. but at the same time i don't mind the bleak. isn't that weird? i think i like it because i desperately need hibernation time after living in a place that was mild and sunny MOST of the year.

    and i feel the same way about loki that you feel about R. i wish juno and i were as vibrant as he is... juno has hip and back pain and I too fight back issues (tho not like yours...)

    that photo of R looks fake, tho i know its not!
    happy holidaze!
    wild dingo

  20. Love that camera! I have GOT to get one. I want to know what critters are in my yard at night. We missed the eclipse last night because of the clouds. I didn't even bother to stay up, after seeing the weather forecast.

    Have a Happy Solstice, and raise a glass of eggnog to the days getting longer.

  21. We are choosing to believe that the eclipse on a full moon on the winter solstice marks the end of our dark times in a broader sense.

    We'll be somewhat absent over the holiday too, so we send our best ho ho ho to you.

  22. Here I am my KB!
    Did you see the eclipse?
    Can you feel the days getting longer?
    I love your photos.. I know they are hard to download,, i am experienceing the same thing just getting on the computer... its so sloooow.
    I love K and R so much,, I would like to run on the trails with them too.


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