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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happiness is...

K and I headed out for our sunset hike yesterday. While we were hiking in an area shaded by a ridge, we saw one of K's favorite people. K sprinted joyously to say hi with her friend urging her on.
Because I have a very fast shutter, I discovered, to my surprise, that K still jumps when she meets people who she loves. I do believe that all four paws are off the ground in the photo below. Fortunately, this greeting is reserved for her best human friend.
While the humans chatted, K went into fits of wriggling, a sign of true happiness. Throughout her entire paw ordeal, K never once wriggled on the ground. I think that her "wriggling hiatus" is why I appreciate it so much now.
 We bid our friend adieu and climbed onto the ridge while the sun still glowed warm and rosy bright.
Before heading off into the hinterlands to do some exploring for animal signs, K romped on a snowy trail.
And, she trotted through glittering snow, leaving her distinctive tracks as she kicked up gold dust behind her paws.

This morning, a snowstorm gripped the world so it looked dramatically different. At our sunrise viewing point, snowflakes bombarded us.
K frequently threw herself onto the ground into wriggle-fests, enjoying the snowstorm. After each episode, she'd leap to her feet and start running like a drunken sailor.
During our ride, we saw the Runner and R. To celebrate the pack reunion, R zoomed around while carrying a small dead tree. That boy does nothing halfway!
It was a day of extended snow squalls punctuated by peaceful breaks. By the end of our ride, the snow had abated, albeit for only a brief period, and our tracks sat unblemished from the start of our ride. A bike track with dog tracks next to it - a wonderful sight.
Just a little later, the snowy aerial bombardment began again. A mountain cottontail rabbit took refuge on a windowsill.
I bet that the rabbit doesn't know that a bobcat once hunted from that same windowsill, lying stationary waiting for a careless animal visiting our birdfeeders to stray his way.

Be careful Mister Rabbit, lots of coyotes and bobcats visit our clearing.


  1. DANG the camera's operator and camera are incredible!!!

    Thanks for sharing those pics!!!

  2. Happiness is all I feel when I am here! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. K's joy in seeing that friend sure put a smile on some faces here:) Some pups here would love to be able to make some tracks in that snow too. Thanks for sharing another wonderful day of beautiful photos.

  4. I loved the pictures of K greeting your pal. How fun would that be?

    We are supposed to have another 25-35 below day tomorrow and then through some weatherman miracle on Monday its supposed to warm up to 15 to 20 above. We have errands and walkabouts to take care of so it just better get there too.

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo and Stella

  5. It is wonderful to see K so very happy!
    Great pictures, once again:)

  6. I think one of the things I love about K is that she does everything with such joy! I love that picture with all four feet off the ground.

    We've had some wildlife visitors up close to our house this weekend with the bitter cold snap, too.

    We made it out to a local lake for a few minutes of walking around, but it was too cold for us to stay for too long. Morgan was the only one who wasn't shivering. And no, she does not have fleece pajamas like the hounds wear yet, but I suspect she might end up with one to wear on really cold outdoor days. Sort of like what Shawnee wears when she's out hiking, if that makes sense. It's that or go insane with her bouncing off the walls with cabin fever!

  7. Wiggling on the ground - priceless !

  8. brings such joy to see K back to herself! and that funny with the small tree! what a character!! as always, beautiful images....
    such a cute, potentially tasty bunny...:)

  9. Bet the animals like the window sill because it's a little warmer. Our cats like to lay next to the chimney because it's warm.

  10. Chuckling at K's enthusiasm. Loved the leaping picture (and trying to imagine what the impact of a flying lab could feel like - I am experienced with flying Sibe).

    As for R, Natasha is well known for her desire to carry sticks. But we think it is more for the effect of knocking her brothers and sisters because she swings it around a lot until the humans make her stop.

  11. Lovely to see K's enthusiastic greeting of her human pal. She's got her enjoyment meter turned on high these days.

    What an adorable little rabbit, and how clever to figure out that it might be a bit warmer near the house. I've never seen any of our rabbits get too close to the house, though I think that they do, judging by the state of some of my fall flowers last year.

  12. What a joyous welcome!and what beautiful pictures. Your shots certainly are amazing!
    (I adore rabbits!)
    Sending lotsaluv

  13. As usual. Beautiful pics of K and scenery along your trek. Love all the photos especially the VERY happy ones of K meeting a friend, all her feet off the ground & R with the tree branch. You make it seem like we are there with you seeing everything & enjoying. Contagious happiness!!!
    Thanks for sharing. Awesome!!
    Ernie,Sasha,Chica & Mom

  14. What fun hikes and rides! Happy snow wiggles, and stick zoomies brought us big smiles! Beautiful photos!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  15. Oh - Lucida is definitely enthralled! Great photos, KB!

  16. K appears as if she is doing a snow dance. She is really feeling the moment. I love the greeting of K meeting her friend.(so heart felt).
    Beautiful photos of your world. The little bunny is so cute.

  17. K really has enthusiasm! Cute little bunny. I hope it stays away from the bobcat. Hope you all had a nice weekend!

  18. K and R

    That human looks like funballs. I'd do the same and then with my signature tackle. You have so much fun in the snowflakes! It does make you drunk like... K i like the pic of you trying to catch of flake on your tongue!!!
    PS- that furry rabbit is cute


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