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Monday, May 30, 2011

From winter to spring and bobcat!

Since arriving home from the desert, we've experienced winter, spring, and summer. Our first hike at home was winterlike.
Since then, it has gradually warmed up, and we've seen some sun.
It seems almost unbelievable - but our aspen trees have given birth to delicate light green infant leaves.
Today was a gorgeous day but I spent a big part of it dealing with R's former toenail. I say "former" because it was completely excised so that only the nailbed remains. His infection is improving, and his healing looks okay. So, we are going in the right direction.
I found some funny photos on one of my wildlife cameras. An inquisitive bobcat investigated the camera and then posed.
His whole visit to the camera is included in a flipbook video which you can view here or at Youtube.


  1. The weather is so nutty! Looks like you had an awesome time in the desert. Hope your toe heals soon
    Benny & Lily

  2. From the desert to snow to spring! You sure know how to make the world go round!

    Poor R! That sounds so painful! I can imagine that he's not happy with the lack of activity, either.

    That bobcat reminds me of a curious kitten! Too cute!

  3. This is like Minniesnowda, where if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute and it will CHANGE!.

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  4. "Bob" just wanted to say MOL to his Blogville furiends!! Feel better soon, R!!

    Rottie Kisses~

  5. How the seasons can change all in the period of a day (over here in England, is often).

    Your photo's are a joy to see.

  6. The extremes in weather is crazy! Beautiful, curious cat!
    Glad the nail infection is healing....( do you have duct tape on it?! :)

  7. Oh the ever changing weather!
    I hope R's toenail is feeling better. I just noticed the other day that Sherman completely lost one of his!

  8. Dat is one silly kitteh...and nosey.

    Girl, it's like 100 degrees heres which means it's too hot to run afters da fur real can you believes it! I come to your house okays?

    I hope R's toebed heals quickly, there is too much to do at your place to haves hurt foot.


  9. We are glad R's toe is healing and hope everything gets well. Love the video of the bobcat!! That was great!! Lots of love, Holly & Mom

  10. It's about time spring finally begins to make a fleeting appearance! So glad R is on the mend now...

  11. That bobcat video is really neat. Isn't it amazing how similar he appears to a domestic cat, but still so different.

  12. Nice to see spring has finally arrived there!

    Love the Bobcat video! You can really see how curious he was about the camera! Awesome!


  13. Hope R continues to heal well and there are no complications.Sending lots of White Dog healing energy.

    After shutting all of the windows last week, today we are debating how quickly Steve can get up on the roof to hook up the swamp cooler!

  14. Mother Earth is keeping everything stirring,,, the seasons just will not let go.
    R has a nice sock!! And I know its helping the toe to heal


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