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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Three thorns

It was "one of those days". Before all sorts of minor things started to go awry, K and I enjoyed a peaceful spin on our forest trails. She found a snowdrift to cool off her belly.
After K and I took a mountain bike ride together, I headed out solo. I was having a stupendous time, enjoying a warm spring day. Then, the flat tires started. By the end of it all, I had three punctures and spent an interminable time next to the trail trying to find the pinholes in my tube made by thorns. I was too far afield to walk home. Moreover, I was in a place where a cell phone wouldn't work so I couldn't send an SOS. The only viable option was to patiently search every square millimeter of my tube to find the leaks and patch them. I did *eventually* ride my bike home after finding three thorns in my tire.

Due to that fiasco, I was running late for the rest of my day. I had to go to the city, and when I arrived home shortly before sunset, I found the entire elk herd in front of our house and milling around in our driveway. I have lots of fun photos of them but haven't had time to upload them yet.

I sneaked K and R out the back of the house without freaking out the herd for a short evening hike. I absolutely love when the elk linger around our house so *sneaking* was essential so that the dogs wouldn't scare them!

During our hike, I made my first attempt at a photo that I've wanted to capture for quite a while. It was a little too dark to do it well but you can see R's paws in action during a fast trot. My regular readers know how much I love tracking animal pawprints - and that is motivation for getting a good version of this photo in the future.
The Duo posed for me in front of darkening skies before I leashed them.
Here's to a less hectic day tomorrow!


  1. Glad you were able to patch the tires and make it home!
    I love the pic of K's paws in motion!

  2. yikes! That was probably a bit scary. Glad you made it home
    Benny & Lily

  3. I can't wait to see the Elk pictures taken in front of your home! Whatta picnic!

    The flying feets of R were fun to see too!

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  4. Don't you just love those kind of days...when they are over?? BOL! Here's to a better day tomorrow. :)

  5. Three punctures ? Not even lightning strikes twice. Here's to a puncture free Friday .

  6. Well, of course life has to be more interesting than you planned! I'm glad you got it sorted out.

    I really love that picture of K and R with the blue sky behind them! That's just a stunner!

  7. Hi Y'all,

    Just stopped to enjoy your photos and say "hi". I have trouble zooming on moving animals, so I really appreciate R's trotting feet. Maybe someday I'll get the hang of it.

    Hope today goes smoother for y'all.

    BrownDog's Momma

  8. Law haves mercy, my mum would haves thrown a temper tantrum withs a busted tire. I knows you kept your cool.
    Elk at your house! OMD, I can't wait to see da fotos.

    Love da foot action!


  9. Wow! You had to have been down on your belly to get that shot of R's paws in action! Can't wait to see how you improve upon an already fine picture.

    I loved coming home to liesurely elk in the yard when I lived in Estes Park!

  10. We are glad you were able to patch the tires and make it home!! Love the paw picture along with the other ones! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  11. Sorry about the problematic day, and so hope today was better.

    We love that first photo of K relaxing in a patch of snow with all the signs of spring behind her.

    And that paws shot really makes us smile.

  12. Tire punctures do put a crinkle in the journey once in awhile. I remember cycling the Cdn Rockies years ago and poppped a tire as I was descending a mammoth stretch of road. I was scared......blankety blank. Managed to stop safely but was so careful from then on in.
    Love the paw picture and I'll try it as well. I have the ability...!

  13. Great Power of the Paw Picture!! They really do look powerful! Looking forward to seeing the (other) herd shots!! We hope that today was smoother!

  14. Must be so frustrating to deal with punctured tires. At least it was a nice day and you weren't caught in the snow with the flats. Hope your weekend is relaxing and peaceful.

  15. Hello!! I'm late getting here and I hope that your Friday has been an enjoyable one!!

    By the way, I had a flat this week too, and they really aren't any fun...But I wasn't far from home when mine happened!!

  16. Hi KB
    The photo of the paw is like a dream come true. I cannot even imagine capturing the paw- let alone the beauty in the rest of the photo.
    It reminds me of a heron dance,, it looks so graceful. It looks so perfect, caught at just the right moment.
    I always dream of being able to capture photos like you do. The beautiful ones of the dual.
    The awsome sunsets.
    You are a master at it all.
    I cannot imagine being so far away from home and having to deal with flat tires and having to patch little itty bitty holes. I may have panicked,, I wonder if I would have.
    You keep your cool and that is awsome.
    Oh that would be splendid to see so many elk.

  17. Wishing you a tomorrow that is thornless, painless,timeless and full of peace.

  18. Catching up with you KB - the photos of your world are wonderful. I also saw an elk herd up close this week in Evergreen. Have a great respite.

  19. Wow...some days are just like that aren't they? A real thorn in the side. Ohhhh, that was a painful pun! Sorry! So glad you were able to patch the tires and get home safely. Gorgeous shots, as usual. That last one is breathtaking. Rough day or not, looking at that natural beauty makes it all worthwhile! I hope you have a much better day tomorrow! PS - love that paw shot!

  20. LOVE the paw pic!!! And of course, all your pics, which are A-MAZING! But the paw pic is special :) Glad you were able to fix your tire and not have to walk your bike back!

    The Road Dogs

  21. Bummer about the flat tire. I'm glad you were able to fix it and hit the trail again. I look forward to seeing the elk herd photos.

  22. Arg! Thorns! I tend to flat in my rear mtn. bike tire so often, thorns, tube rub, .... Glad you were able to patch and ride!
    Wonderful paw photo! Really shows the shoulder and hip angles for a trot.
    Have a wonderful time off from blogging :)

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  23. You have real photography talent, KB - I've been away for a while and have been missing your amazing pics. Glad to be inspired again :)


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