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Sunday, June 12, 2011

A dozen bears, please!

The dogs and I have been taking leisurely evening strolls, enjoying the peacefulness of summer evenings. Robins, Tanagers, and Hermit Thrushes serenade us from the treetops as we hike in the cool evening air. I often stop to enjoy their songs while gazing at the sky.

K sat on a huge boulder overlooking our meadows with the evening sky behind her.

Meanwhile, in the animal kingdom, lots of action has been underway. Several deer visited this wildlife camera. I love the closeup view of the sun on this buck's velvet budding antlers.
Another bear has visited my cameras. This makes the twelfth distinct individual bear who has graced us with a visit. That's a lot of bears!

He arrived and sniffed a bear whammy tree that has been marked by other bears recently.
Then, he/she showed us his face. This bear looks very distinctive with a cinnamon body and streaks of dark fur on his/her face. What would be a good name for this bear?
The cinnamon bear walked onward without marking the tree and sniffed the next tree in line as while exiting the camera's field of view. Look how fat and shiny he/she is. Gorgeous.
Also, look at those claws! You can see the typical bear "pigeon-toed" walk, especially in the orientation of the bear's left front paw. That's a distinctive trait of bear tracks - their toes point inward.
I believe that this bear came past my cameras last year on June 28. On that date, he didn't mark any trees but sniffed trees marked by other bears, just as in this series of photos. He also visited the bear den on that date. I won't  be able to check the den cam anytime soon to see if he visited it this year. Bears search for prospective dens all year long, and, if my scent permeates that den now, they won't come back to sleep there for the winter.

Twelve different individual bears in front of my cameras so far this season. Amazing. I love my world!

I am having a really tough time with our internet connection. Please don't worry if I disappear for periods of time. When it gets really bad, I can't do anything on the internet. It may be time to try satellite internet even if it's reputed to be slow.


  1. What a beautiful bear!! I love your life too...everything is so gorgeous!! No idea what to call him...if I ran into him in person, I'd be screaming...he is big!! What a beauty though. Love all of the pictures very much! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  2. This cinnamon bear is easily recognizable. I love the silhouette of K and also all the flower shots in your former post! Yes - still a lot of snow at altitude. My yard has some drifts, though with temps in the 60's I'm hoping it will be mostly melted in a week. The back trail is also drifted yet though is showing dirt. We're in Denver - preparing for a 4 day FL trip.

  3. The bear is so cute! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Wow....12! And I thought I was over run with bears with 5 or 6 :).

  5. Hi Y'all!

    Wow! LOTS of bears is an understatement! Love K's silhouette.

    I would love living there now. I love enjoying your mountain vicariously in all its seasons. However, I wouldn't be able to stand the winters.

    Y'all take care now,
    BrownDog's Momma

  6. We love your life too. My vickie is really taken with this cinamon bear. She thinks it is a girl cause it is so beautiful.

    Hope we get to see more of her through the blog.

    Thanks so much for sharing and caring.


  7. So many are so lucky to be able to witness their adventures nearby. Peace to you all!

  8. Holy Cow!

    12 bears!

    That blonde bear is cute as heck!

  9. What a gorgeous bear! I haven't been able to leave a comment on your blog...perhaps it is related to your problems.

    At any rate, glad to hear R is better and I wanted to tell you how amazing the flicker photograph is!

  10. Oh lady you scare us with those bears. Although beautiful a bit scawy
    Benny & Lily

  11. How about Cinnabear? He/she is beautiful - such a gorgeous color! And 12 bears - incredible!!! Do be careful.

    That is one gorgeous shot of K on the boulder at sunset - beautiful.

  12. What a stunning photo of K.

    And I am a current victim of satellite internet, so feel free to reach out for opinions. Wild Blue worked fairly well, but when it broke down, the customer service was beyond terrible (the final straw was being told that it would take 2 weeks for a technician to come to my house - at a fee - without a guarantee of repair - and while paying for the lack of service for 2 weeks.

    But now I am on Hughesnet and it is even worse. It is reliable, but the restrictions on usage are draconian and make blog reading virtually impossible.

  13. Wow... that first photo of K is breathtaking!

  14. I love that first photo - the silhouette plus the intensely colored sky.

  15. What great bear pictures! I like the name Maple:) but that's a girl name and maybe it's not a girl!

  16. How about "Sunny" for the new bear? Would work for either he/she.

    I was wondering if you've ever posted information about what type of equipment you're using for these wildlife pictures? Is it motion activated? Fill us in on it (if you haven't already).

  17. That bear does look distinctive! I was going to suggest the name Godiva, but that wouldn't be very masculine. Hershey, maybe? I'm not sure I'm good at bear names! lol

    You are lucky to live in a place where you're so in tune with what's around you! I can't wait to see what's been happening by you every day. Good luck with the internet fix. I'm sorry it's been such a pain!

  18. Bloggy kicked me out,, but I am back!
    The cinamon bear is gorgeous,, and the way bears walk is so cute,,
    I think this bear is looking for some porridge to eat

  19. How I wish I could see so many bears! Long enough to capture more than just their fleeing behinds!!!

    That cinnamon bear has the prettiest color in his coat.

    I'm with you on internet woes. Isn't it funny how much we've come to rely on the technology?!?

  20. awesome to see your photos. I love seeing bears like this. have you named your bear yet? what about 'streak' after it's facial markings.

  21. This time of year your world is just so vibrant and throbbing with life! Makes it impossible to not smile at the wonder of it all! We pray each day that your corner of heaven is never threatened by the roar and blackness of fire out of control.

  22. I love your world too! I'm thinking that bear looks like it could be named "Smudge," because it looks like it has a smudge of dark color on its face. Sorry the internet is still being uncooperative. Hang in there!

  23. How about Cassia, which is Cinnamons REAL name. Cass for a He, Cassia for a she.

    I like it!

    Stella and Co.


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