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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fearful K and a surprise visitor

K and I mountain biked up to Hug Hill to start our day. A veil of angry clouds hovered over the Divide, making a gorgeous sight.
K has been enthusiastic and energetic on our bike rides but things still are not right in her world. She's easily scared around the house, scurrying fast to evade invisible goblins that she believes inhabit certain spots and acting even more scared of stairs and doorways than usual. You'd never guess that she's fearful indoors based on her demeanor when we're outdoors!
She stands tall and proud. I had hoped that her fearfulness would go away when we treated her urinary tract infection but it hasn't. So, we tested her thyroid hormone levels because, in the past, K has become fearful when they've fallen too low. We found no answer there - her thyroid supplementation is just right. I wish that we could find a cause for her behavior change so I could quit worrying about her.

Then, I look at her glowing spirit in the photo below, and I wonder why I'd be worried. It's very odd - all of her fears are associated with indoor situations. She's her normal enthusiastic self when outdoors.
We frolicked in the ocean of wildflowers and grass this morning. She wanted to run!
And, then she sat happily outdoors near sunset.
My internet is actually moving today so I can upload photos to show you a surprise visitor to the "grand central station" scent post that has seen every species imaginable marking the base of a tree.
My camera showed me that at least one elk has lingered behind our herd, staying at lower elevation while they move up to the alpine zone for calving season. This bull has already grown a huge velvet rack.
He is a hulking specimen, especially considering that it's the time of year when elk and deer are usually bony with hunger after a long winter.
I've been seeing some big elk tracks in our forest. I bet that this guy left them.

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  1. OK, I hate to bring this up, but as a dog who is wise beyond his years, I am going to suggest that perhaps K's nervousness inside is....well, this may be hard to accept....

    You may even think I am a nut job. (My Vickie is laughing at me right now)... but well...Ok I am just going to say it....

    Maybe your house is.......

    You know, we of the k-9 persuasion have many special qualities (gifts if you will) and perhaps K is sensitive to those.......
    well, you know......outer worldly things.

    Just saying.


    PS, I hope it is a ghost and not something medical.

  2. It's not easy to see an animal you love in fear. Xander is petrified in thunderstorms, and we feel helpless sometimes.

    One thing is for sure though, K always has an amazing smile on her face when she's exploring the great outdoors with you!

  3. Hi Y'all,

    Love the picture of K smiling in the sunset.

    Love the big buck.

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. Wow...that Elk is a hulk!

    Thanks for posting....

  5. K is the opposite of me, I am scared in the wide open spaces, big huge rocks and mountains, too much! I love it in my house. I am also hypothyroid so thats probably it, she has hyperthyroid. There! thats figured out!

    Great photos as always!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  6. That first pic is beyond gorgeous! And what a huge elk - he is really a big boy.

    Phantom used to have a very odd phobia of my old dishwasher. The repairman told me he thought maybe he was hearing a very high-pitched grinding of some gears that we couldn't hear. I could not turn on the dishwasher when he was in the house because he would get so agitated and only want to be outside. A couple of years ago we bought a new quiet dishwasher and Phantom's issue with the machine vanished. Could K possibly be hearing some noise inaudible to you - something that is bothering her ears? Just a thought.

    Have a great week, we may not be around for comments for a few days.

  7. Hi KB
    I got to thinking about K. Maybe she is getting shocked on something,, like she has static in her hair,,and maybe her hair is so soft,, that she gets little shocks,,
    well.. its worth a thought.
    I think K is a free spirit,, that is where her heart is.
    The photos are so gorgous,, that is a huge ELK!
    sometimes when i leave a comment it boots me out and i have to start over,, so now I "copy" and paste my comment so I know what I said,.

  8. Poor K...I'm so sorry she's feeling skeered indoors. That's no fun...I know that firstpaw. I sure hope you all can figure out what's making her so worried. But I am SO glad that when she's outdoors she can relax and have fun!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. I wonder if K suffers from anxiety.
    Just a thought, it was the first thing that came to my mind.

    The pictures of the Elk are beautiful, it is HUGE and beautiful.

  10. You know, the dogs that I've had who were the most prone to fearfulness were the ones who were the smartest. I can still remember a few issues we went through with Treat. She'd walked through our kitchen with no problem for months. Then we got Hawk. In his enthusiasm one afternoon, he bumped her and knocked her down. She refused to go through the kitchen for about six months after that. She'd try going to another door in our house that we never used, she'd let us carry her across the floor, then she'd walk if there was a blanket on the floor, then a path of towels, and finally floor mats strategically placed. She never ever forgot that ONCE she fell in the kitchen! Have you thought about trying a Thundershirt for K in the house when she gets nervous like that? We got one, and it was good for Bunny during the parade. They're not cheap, but they do have a money back guarantee. It might be worth looking into.

    That elk is huge! I can't imagine running into that guy on a jaunt through the forest!

  11. K is so beautiful!! I am sorry that she seems scared inside. Holly gets scared outside lots of times over things I cannot even see. I wish she would get over that but at over four years old, she still jumps quick over some noises and people.

    The elk is very big!!! Love the pictures!!

    Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  12. I've never had trouble leaving comments on your blog or any others, but Browndog suggested changing the comment setting to "pop up". I just did that for our blog, you might give it a try and see if it helps...

    I just love that labraface!!

  13. Dogs and their fears. We still have no idea what manages to stress out Wilf.

    Leaving blogger comments has been a problem for the last month. With your blog there's no problem but with many others we've found it necessary to log onto your google account, ensure the ' keep signed in ' box is off , and then post. This is hugely time consuming and frustrating if you have to repeat it over and over .A reason many folks are wondering why fewer friends are visiting.

  14. That is one healthy looking elk.

  15. Does K have a crate set up? Our Ellie is strangely fearful of several silly my husband changing the flag on the front porch, or cranking up the umbrella over the table on the deck. When those things happen she goes straight to her crate which we keep open all the time. She feels safe when she is in there and after a few minutes she comes back out and joins us.

  16. I can relate to K's behavior. I am much braver and feel so much better outdoors than I do indoors. But I hope you find a way to make her comfortable so you don't have to worry.


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