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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Internet and dog toenail woes

I am having an incredibly frustrating time with my internet connection. I started uploading my photos for this post *24 hours ago*, and my connection is so slow that only one of them has uploaded. I'm awaiting a return call from our internet company. In the meantime, I'm mining my stash of previously uploaded photos for ones that I haven't used before!

We've been having a roller coaster ride with R's toenail. You might remember that he ripped it off on a sidewalk edge more than two weeks ago. He had a small surgery to completely remove the nail down to the nailbed. His recovery seemed slow but otherwise normal. Then, his bandage started smelling putrid a couple of days ago. I'll spare you the details but he has a nasty infection. So, we're layering a second antibiotic on top of the first, and the vet has brought up the option of completely redoing the surgery. We're waiting a little while before deciding about that because we'd prefer not to put him through anaesthesia yet again.
He's been a star patient, albeit a hyperactive one. He hasn't been allowed off-leash in a long time so our high-voltage boy is climbing the walls! It's beautiful outside, and he can't romp through the daffodils!
We had a streak of summer-like weather here that reminded me why I don't mind the May snowstorms and the -20°F winter temperatures. It's so that I can ride through pastel green corridors of aspen trees with vivid yellow flowers dotting the ground below them. It's so that K and I can enjoy mountain bike rides together, rarely seeing another person on our trails.
It's also so that I can live among the bears. I managed to upload these two small photos before the internet went haywire. I don't recognize this bear but that might be because I captured only a tail-end view. Doesn't he/she look gorgeous in the evening light?
I placed this camera to monitor a "bear whammy tree". The bear is next to it in the photo below. The bear walked past it as if it was nothing special. Every single bear who has walked past it this season has declined to mark it.
Today, I decided that "enough was enough" and moved the wildlife camera. About 30 yards to the west of this tree, there's another bear whammy tree. A few days ago, I carefully balanced a stick on it so that I'd know if a bear had marked. Darn it - that's the one! It even has several layers of fresh bear fur stuck in its sap. They've been marking it, and now it has a camera pointed at it. I just hope that ursine mating season isn't yet winding down.

Here's to summer!
I apologize that my internet problems are also making it impossible to comment on your blogs some of the time.


  1. Sending White Dog healing energy to R in hopes that the infection clears up quickly and he is spared a repeat.

    Sorry the internet gremlins are toying with you. Do we need to send magical incantations over the ethers?

    Thanks for our daily shot of incredible beauty.

  2. Hope you get your Internet speed back frustrating!
    LOVE the pic of R!
    And hope he heals quick...they wouldn't have to put him under general anesthesia, would they?
    ( we use dexmedetomidine for sedation, and reverse it after the procedure, for situations like these...)

  3. Atta boy, R, just shut your eyes tight until things are fixed better for you. We cross our paws for a quick fix.

    Wonderful pix, my computer is once again having problems! Its soooo frustrating!


  4. Hi Y'all,

    Poor R!

    We use injectable penicillin as a topical on open wounds. Just draw a little out and squirt it on the wound. In R's case bandage it.

    You can get a bottle in farm supply stores around these parts. We've found it works better than anything the vet ever suggested.

    Love getting to enjoy spring again, even if it is vicarious.

    Paws and fingers crossed your internet connection.

    Y'all come by when you can,
    BrownDog's Momma

  5. R says, "OK KB, rip off the bandage NOW!!"

  6. So sorry about the toenail dilemma. We sure hope it heals properly soon.

    As for the internet issue, we hope you can get it resolved, but in the meantime, you could post all previously posted ones and we would still marvel at their beauty.

    Good luck.

  7. Best to keep those eyes closed while mom is frustrated with the internet, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  8. Sweet R looks about like Holly looked today when I took her to be groomed! I really hope the toenail heals very soon. We are having internet problems here too with Cox Cable yet again and it is so frustrating. Love your pictures so much every single time you post!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  9. Don't stress about commenting! I would be pretty annoyed with the internet problems you've been having, too. I think you definitely need to get something fixed there!

    Poor R! I feel bad for the poor guy. That has to be so miserable in many different ways. I really hope he doesn't need a second surgery. If he does, will that new wing of the vet's office be done in a bear or bobcat motif?

  10. Whatever you're wishing for in that first pic, may it come true!! :))
    That sure is some bear!


  11. Jed is full of the commiserations with R. Jed had leg surgery 3 weeks ago and it wasn't healing properly, so it had to be redone last week. It's healing now, but still not as well as it should be. He's on 2 antibiotics right now. He's also on virtual house arrest, but it's so hot here he really doesn't care. Hope both of our boys heal!

    Jed & Abby

  12. Go socks. i'm hanging on what's going on in the family break up. hope he/she makes it!

    hope R feels better soon!

  13. Here's hoping for a hyper quick recovery for R and some compensating peace for you !

  14. Sorry for the internet problems, that must be very annoying, our normally problem free service was recently down for 26 hours and boy was that a bother. Hope R's problem becomes a thing of the past, soon!

  15. We're really sorry to hear of your Internet woes, and even more sorry about R's toe. What a huge nuisance. Let's hope the second antibiotic will do the trick and he won't need more surgery.

  16. Poor R. I hate that his toesie is hurt. And I know he hates it even more since he can't go outside and play like he normally does. I hope everything works out and he gets all healed up lickety-split!

    And wowee! The bear pictures were super amazing!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  17. Poor R! We are praying that his little toe heals up real fast!


  18. Poor R. Paws and fingers crossed here that it will heal quickly.

  19. Internet problems are rare for us, but they definitely drive me up the wall when they happen. I hope it's sorted out for you soon. I don't know if you posted the daffodil photo before, but it's lovely. I like the translucent petals.
    Hang in there!

  20. Aw, poor R! Hope he feels better soon.

    PS - love that daffodil photo. Fantastic angle!

  21. I am trying to get caught up on all your happenings,, since I was gone a few days.
    I was sorry to hear more troubles with R's toe....
    here are some healing wishes for that toe!


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