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Monday, July 18, 2011

Bear cub?

I found a video on my wildlife camera that made me laugh out loud when I first saw it. You can watch it here or at Youtube.

I think that it's one of the bear cubs from the twins that we've been seeing in the area this summer. The camera was very low, below knee level and probably at a cub's snout level. Here's a closeup of one of the cubs from a month ago.
I wish that the bear had backed away from the camera for just a moment so that we could have seen if the rest of his family was there. I'm rooting to get another photo like this one of the whole family!
Do you think that the video was of a bear cub or an adult?

By the way, I didn't put anything tasty on the camera. He must have liked the taste that my hands left behind on the bear-proof case that holds the camera. You can also see that he pawed at it so I'm really glad that I had the camera in a strong case.

It was another hot day in the mountains so I had to take it easy on K in terms of mountain biking. We rode up high and saw the Divide with storms looming yet again.
We stopped to enjoy a meadow but K was looking hot.
So, I took her to a shady north-facing slope and looked for my favorite gems, tiny wintergreen blossoms. Success! The Pink Pyrola had burst into color, barely visible above the carpet of pine needles.
I didn't notice these tiny flowers until I'd lived here for more than five years. At this time of year, the showy wildflowers like the Columbines overwhelm me. But, it's worth looking on the floor of the pine forest for these beauties!

Even after waiting for me to photograph the pink flowers, K still looked hot so we headed home. She seems fine but I am being extra careful not to let her get dehydrated. She has an ultrasound of her kidneys on Thursday that will tell me how well she's healing. I'm hoping that we'll get good news that will make me more confident about taking her on adventures!

As a side note, several of you brought up the idea that R's brindle transition might be caused by medicines or diet. Indeed, that was exactly what I thought at first. There is indeed a tiny chance that the antibiotics that he took to heal his nailbed infection caused it but there are no cases of fur color changes due to those antibiotics anywhere in the veterinary literature. Moreover, we haven't changed his diet.


  1. We will keep paws crossed that both K and R stay healthy!

    Cute bear cub! I wonder if his reflection caught his attention? I realize it would be small, but maybe it was enough to interest him?


  2. I loved the video of the cub. what fun. Please give K a hug from Bert and a wish that all her tests come out showing healing.

    and love to R as well


  3. Loved the bear cub video! Made us giggle! Our paws are crossed for K & R !

    Mack & Murph

  4. That bear is angling for his own reality TV show. What a ham... is this thing on? Ready for my closeup.

    Mango Momma

  5. The video is hysterical
    Benny & Lily

  6. We think that bear cub was giving you kisses:)

    Thinking good thoughts for K's test to show good news.

    Glad to see you have been enjoying our silly posts.

  7. The video is precious!!! I laughed too at the very beginning!!! Prayers sent for K's vet visit and blood work to be fine and as always, prayers for R and you too!!! Love the pictures!!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  8. Oh my gosh, thanks for the smiles! That was adorable. I think that bear thought your camera was a snack!

    Thanks so much for your kind words and good wishes for Sweet Pea! We so appreciate your support.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. That bear cub is a riot! My bet is that it was Rebel! He seems bold enough to go up and admire himself in a camera lens. Are you tempted to put something really good-smelling near the camera now?

    K looks lovely, even if it was hot. Heat seems to be the four letter word of the week. At least it is around here! Those pink flowers really are lovely!

    I know when our girls have to take antibiotics their coats get rather dry and brittle, so that was my thinking on R and his brindle fur.

  10. We love little boo boo bear.
    Oh where oh where did the mommy go?

    Arn't these sunny day so wonderful!
    A walk in the meadow is just what the dr orders.
    Such beautiful flowers.
    We have our paws crossed for K's ultra sound
    love tweedles

  11. My husband and I watched your video last evening and really got a chuckle out of it--It was much better than anything we watched on TV last night!

    Add my positive thoughts and hopes to the others that K continues to do well!!!

  12. I think the cub just wanted to be sure you got a good close up of it ;).

  13. As always, we love your stunning photos! Glad K is oming along nicely and will look forward to positive updates.

  14. it's got to be a cub. Too inquisitive to be otherwise. Besides, I have a feeling that a full sized bear might have done more damage. I'll have my fingers crossed on Thursday that the vet has very good news.

  15. My first thought was, "You put honey on your camera?!?!?" Then my second thought was, "That's some bear-proof housing you've got there!!! Better than the battery that just keeps on going..."

    Well wishes for Thursday's ultrasound. Hope K is well enough to go out with you in this heat, too! (So glad it's not as bad as the midwest!)

  16. Hope K's ultrasound goes well on Thursday! Love the video of the baby bear!

  17. What a great video! The cub is so cute. I really hope things come back looking good and clear for K.

  18. Hi Y'all!

    Our paws are crossed for K's rapid and complete healing!

    As for the bear...maybe you can sell that video as a screen saver. My Human saw one once that was a dog licking like that. It looked like the dog was licking the inside of your screen.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  19. What a rare treat to see a bear's eye so closely. Sending chocolate love...

    HAHAHA - our vari word is duellab! Like dual lab!!

  20. K looks so beautiful! WHat a funny cub!


  21. The photo of the brewing storm looks like a painting. Paws crossed and sending White Dog positive thoughts about Thusday and the ultrasound. Woos of healing energy to both K and R that all is back to normal very soon.

    The rerun of Quinn's thyroid test came back normal. And his abscess is mending well...his beautiful coat however will take months to regrow, my poor naked boy!

  22. Thank goodness I didn't have my glass of wine in hand. That is one funny video and gets funnier with each watching. Positive vibes for K.

  23. How sweet of that bear to clean the case for you. LOL! How's that for an extreme close-up?

    It does look like you're at quite an altitude in that scenic photo. Up in the clouds. Gorgeous shot!

    You really have some unique flowers blooming in the wild there. I love the pink on that Pyrola. Great color.

    I hope you get a good report on K tomorrow. I'll be checking back soon!

  24. Just making sure the camera lens is getting a clear picture.


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