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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summertime beauty

Do you remember this guy?
I captured so many photos of him moving around the area over the course of a week that I made a video of them. You can watch it here or at Youtube.
It was an amazing opportunity to see a mountain lion moving around the area where he/she had made a kill. I haven't found the carcass yet but I suspect that I'll find it before too long because it can't be far from where my camera was.

Meanwhile, my K is seeming a bit better each day. She and I have had short early morning adventures, and her energy seems to be rebounding toward normal with occasional setbacks. She has an ultrasound coming up soon to look at her kidneys and see if they are returning to normal.
Although I'm happy to see K getting better, I deeply miss visiting the aspen groves filled with Columbines with her. Those groves are too far away for K to run to them yet. We've visited them together every year of her life. The peacefulness of this aspen grove matches K's sweet and loving soul.
Each day that K has missed visiting the Columbines with me, I take a photo for her. It feels symbolic, like I'm sharing it with her even though she's not there. Today, the wild strawberries had burst onto the scene among the Columbines. I sat and ate sweet berries while I soaked up the beauty. Tomorrow, I plan to bring a wild strawberry (or two) home for K.
Our world is vibrating with life right now. We're getting daily rain showers, and flowers adorn almost every iota of the forest floor. A veritable forest of Twinflowers covered a riparian corridor within a pine forest this morning. These petite flowers stand only a few inches tall with tiny blossoms nodding from their stalks.
I hope with all my heart that K recovers soon enough to visit the amazing groves of wildflowers with me before their blooming season is over!

I hope that you're all enjoying the summertime beauty!


  1. I've been trying to enjoy summertime beauty this week, but it's been too darned hot for that. It's been dangerous to be outside, so we've been nursing a case of cabin fever this week. I love all your wildflower shots! K is as lovely as ever. Is there a way you could get her there without walking?

    I'm watching my sister's cat this week while she's gone, and it's funny how no matter how big they are, they all have that same rolling gait.

    Fingers crossed for you that you don't have to get satellite internet!

  2. That cougar has a radio collar on it, doesn't it?

    Do you know who's study its part of?

  3. WE are thinking good thoughts for K to be soon strong and well. Bet those flowers wait for her too. Those twinflowers are so delicate and pretty.

    Enjoy a good hike for us, way too hot for any enjoyment of the outdoors here.

  4. Hi Y'all,

    Seeing all those beautiful flowers in the aspen grove...God made a beautiful and perfectly balanced world for man's many seek happiness when happiness is enjoying all the beauty around.

    Ah, our prayers are with you that K is soon romping beside you in this awesome forest.

    Y'all come by now,
    BrownDog's Human

  5. Good luck to K, she needs some Power of the Pack pulling for her so she can run in the summer fields and trails.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  6. Again, just stunned by these amazing photos of the lion - wow - you must get so jazzed upon first glimpsing these images on the camera! And your pix of K and the wildflowers and oooooh... beautiful strawberry are gorgeous. Love the bike in the aspen grove too! Thanks so much for these photos and stories!
    Sammie, Avalon, Oz and Mom

  7. I am hoping that K gets to go through those beautiful groves with you soon!
    Maybe you should bring her home 3 berries tomorrow:)

  8. how could we forget that guy...
    Benny & Lily

  9. Oh that lion! I wonder what he caught to feed himself so many days!

    Our best wishes to K for a good vet visit and ultrasound!

    Pics are great, as always!

    Jo, Stella, and Zkhat

  10. We have our paws crossed for K and you and being able to run through the flower fields again.

    What beautiful flowers you have up there. Love the mountain lion. So much life full and alive around us. As always your blog and photos are a real treat.

  11. I hope K feels better soon. I am sure she misses longer rides with you and I would hate for her to miss all that beautiful color!

    That mountain lion is amazing!

    Your pal, Pip

  12. I'm so happy to hear K's showing positive signs of a return to good health. Great stuff!!


  13. Hi, My first visit to your blog and I am amazed by your pics... The lion, the fresh flowers... So picturesque, you live at a wonderful place...
    Have a fabulous day:)

  14. The video of the mountain lion is amazing to watch! I hope and pray that K can join you again to see the flowers and will be just fine. Love the pictures as always. Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  15. Wow! Gotta wonder how big that dinner was! Loved the bear from a few days ago! Your photos are so fantastic! Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us.

    Sending good vibes to K and hoping she gets to see the aspen grove with you soon!

    The Road Dogs

  16. What a gentle and loving gesture to share photos of the columbines with K (and to bring her a strawberry)! It makes my heart swell. Sending powerful White Dog healing energy that K will be able to run to the grove with you while the flowers are still in bloom.

  17. Thank you for sharing the photos with all of us. They make me wish for a wildlife cam of my own, even though I live in a big city suburb. We do see deer, raccoons, possums (usually dead) and the occasional fox here though.

    Very best wishes to K for full healing too!


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