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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Brindle Lab

K made it to some Columbines with me today during a mountain bike ride! We didn't make it to "the" best grove but we visited a patch that has a dappling of purple columbines among the greenery.

K winked for the photo! A happy day...
Here's one of the beauties who we gazed at.
I mentioned that our R is morphing into a "brindle" lab.
I know that you can't see it in the photo above but you can see it in his face in the next one. His jet black fur is becoming peppered with chocolate and white. It's happening all over his body.
For contrast, here was R about two months ago with a completely jet black face.

As I mentioned the other day, either R has a recessive and rare gene that is causing him to become a brindle color or he has a genetically-based disease that will cause him to become brindle and partially bald ("color dilution alopecia"). We're voting for the simple brindling.

My friend suggested that R wanted to be more like his big sister so he's growing some chocolate fur. I like that explanation most of all!
It was another gorgeous day on the Front Range although hot, even at our elevation.


  1. Are they sure that the brindling effect isn't from some medicine that he's taken recently? Not that it really matters! I think a brindle lab would be quite handsome.

    I love K's wink! What a cute shot! I'm glad to hear that you got to visit the columbine field today. I know you were hoping for that! :)

  2. I do hope R doesn't lose any hair. The brindling is actually attractive. I always love the Columbine photographs.

  3. If you were R, wouldn't you wan to be more like K?

  4. Well, you already know how much My Vickie loves columbine so she was extra excited to see that K was able to make the trip with you and to get a picture among them.

    We loved the wink

    We remember your post about making it an annual trip each year to the columbine. You and K.

    So so glad K is feeling good enough to make it again this year.


  5. Hi Y'all!

    I love that conspiratorial wink K is giving you in the Columbine patch. :)

    I love your friend's explanation for R's brindling...R wants to be more like K. Of course that must be the answer!

    Y'all come back now!
    Hawk aka Brown

  6. Always such beautiful photos...I love them so much!!! R's brindling looks great to me....R and K are so good looking!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  7. Oh yes, The Herd could be so right. We too wondered if it could be due to medicine or maybe a change in his diet. No matter what color he ends up, he will still be one beautiful pup, on the inside and the outside.

    What a gorgeous day you have there - awesome photos.

  8. R just wants to be K...true love I'd say!

  9. I am so glad to hear that K was able to see some columbines with you today and I love her wink!

    R's brindling looks like he is sparkling:) Is the disorder auto immune? just curious.

  10. I am with Houndstooth and the OP's that it could be medicine related.
    Nothing to do but sit tight and see!
    Loved K's winking pic and the last cloud scene!

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo and Stella, who are toasting in 90 degree weather!

  11. We are loving the photograph of the couds billowing across the sky and mountains. We could look at it all day. And of course the trails leading into the trees and all the magic that lives beyond,, well we would love to be walking the trails. And then we would love to see those very beautiful Columbines, that you showed us. They are one of our very favorite flowers... wild or tame.
    We also think that R wants to be just like his sissy. She is so beaitiful and even though R is beaitiful , he wants to be just like K.

  12. I am winking back at K! I think the brindling effect is very nice - could it be from the sun?

    Your pal, Pip

  13. R is a charmer, whatever his color. Interesting about the columbines. I went on a guided wildflower hike this weekend and was told that the true wild columbine was red and that any other color was an escaped domestic. Yet, it's hard to imagine how yours could be escaped domestics because it's so pristine there. I wonder if being on the other side of the country makes a difference?

  14. That trail looks so inviting!

    Interesting changes he's making - I like the big Sister motivation most of all.

  15. Loved visiting with you today, KB. R looks slightly crazed in his running photo. I'm amazed that he's turning brindle. My garden Columbines are starting to bloom. Up higher, there is still too much snow - only the earliest wildflowers are showing.

  16. That winking photo is just perfect!

  17. ;) Winkin' back at ya K!! I love those Columbines!


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