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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snow, snow, snow, and deer combat

Winter has transformed our world in the past few days. It's barely recognizable.
We briefly saw blue sky today while K and I snowbiked the trails near my house.
 But, then, the clouds leading the next storm changed the ambiance.
This evening, it's snowing again. It's beautiful.
This series of storms has surprised me. Last winter, nearly every predicted storm fizzled out. So, I ignored the weather forecasts of recent days. Now, I have trail cameras marooned on north-facing slopes that are covered in feet of snow. I have some tough snowshoe hikes ahead of me to retrieve those cameras!

Here are a few of the images that they garnered before these huge storms. One buck looked like he'd tangled with a bigger one during the rut.
Here are a few of the bigger bucks who might have done the damage to the brow and antlers of the buck above.
This buck looked curious about the camera.
And, the pure hulking strength of a huge buck was on display in this photo.
It looks as if some of our magnificent strong bucks survived hunting season!


  1. I am glad a few made it through hunting season. The faces on these bucks look a little different than the bucks we have seen up in Wisconsin - their faces are a little broader.

    Beautiful snow pictures!

  2. Those bucks look like they've been eating well, too! I hope it's enough to get them through until spring when they can find more food. Some of your outdoor pictures look like your world is wrapped in a little cocoon right now!

  3. A wonderful pic of the back of K's head as she is snow/star gazing. Beautiful bucks feeling full of themselves!

    And us, with no snow at all!

    Cheers and hugs,


  4. Ohhhhh! I love the snow pictures of K!! That made me smile:)
    I was just catching up on your posts and reading about your test results. I had a scare with possible lymphoma in the summer, all the tests came back fine, and I was happy for that but the emotional trauma that was inflicted during that time left me in a mild depression. It's hard.

  5. Fear not, there is more snow and cold on the way. You may need a long pole to poke around in the snow to find the cameras now.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  6. That big buck is just such a cutiee!!


  7. Hi Y'all,

    We are so glad for the old bucks. Here in the SE mtns our rifle season just opened. It's been open for shotgun and bow and arrow. Now that rifle is open we're heading back to the low country sometime later in the week.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  8. That buck looks like he spent the winter working out!

  9. We are always so happy to see the wildlife in their world- surviving the emements. Each of their days is a challenge also, just as with you and K.
    How can K not look cold? I guess the excitment of another day to explore- keeps her going!
    I know you feel that way too.
    Such beautiful photos.
    The buck is so handsome.

  10. Isn't it always the way....not believing the forecast or forecaster...your hikes will be somewhat exhausting I suspect...perhaps loads of great shots though!

  11. I really enjoyed these pictures. The bloody deer reminded me of some skirmishes I witnessed in Estes Park. Well, as a matter of fact, all these photos reminded me of living in Estes Park... one day I'll be out of the city and back in the mountains!

  12. Thats a lot of snow!

    Stop on by for a visit

  13. Love the last two bucks. I've got all of my cameras back out to see which of our bucks are still around.


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