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Monday, December 26, 2011

Thank you

I thank every single one of you who sent me your good wishes after my last post. I've been spending my time with my family over the holiday and now educating myself about bone cancer and amputations so that I'm informed at our appointment on Wednesday.

K can't walk far but I captured one nice photo of her on a tiny walk in our driveway. She doesn't seem to know that anything's wrong - except that she's limping a little and I'm crying a lot. She definitely notices that she's not going on any adventures... but the best that I can do is to snuggle even more than usual with her.
After events like last Friday, it sometimes feels like the sun won't rise again. But, on Christmas Morning, I witnessed sunrise through eyes filled with tears. I wished that I was sharing it with K but she isn't allowed to walk far enough to see it.
To the west, the alpenglow was awe-inspiring.
Based on the suggestions of several of you with experience with canine limb amputations, I've been learning a lot over at It sounds as if K, as a relatively young and athletic dog, may be more mobile with only one front limb than I initially thought. That's a silver-lining. We don't know for certain that she'll have an amputation on Wednesday but my vet thought that it was highly likely.

I cannot thank every one of you enough. You've helped my spirits immensely, and some of you, based on first-hand hard-earned experience, have pointed me to more information about bone cancer and amputations. I am following up every suggestion, and I hope to be able to thank each of you individually.

Perhaps I'll be able to pass along the wisdom someday in the future. The dog-blogging community is amazing with such a wealth of support and compassion shared among us.


  1. Thanks for the updates -

    We knew everyone would rally around as best we could -

    Lots of awesome folks with great advice!

    Please know how much ALL of you are in our thoughts!

  2. I am sorry to read about K. My heart goes out you and her.
    I will continue to keep her in my prayers over the next few days.
    I can't seem to find the right words to say here. I am so sorry:(

  3. I am just now finding out about K and her devastating news and my heart is breaking for you. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.


  4. Very beautiful, as always. Still sending virtual hugs.

  5. You have to keep hope. K is otherwise a healthy, athletic dog. There's no reason to believe she'd be otherwise after losing a leg. Keep the faith - at least until you know otherwise.

  6. I've been thinking about y'all over the holidays and sending all my best wishes and mojo for good outcomes.

    Hang in there...

  7. What a great Website. The wide Internet community can be such help in trying times. Both you and K have proven yourselves amazing spirits who can handle almost impossible adversity. I know that will help both of you in days to come. I have snuggled both our dogs, especially my soul-mate Ellie a bit more as I think of you and K. We will send positive energy your way.

  8. You amaze me with your resiliance. The two of you are an inspiration to us all.

    You are always looking for the sunrise.

    Bert and My Vickie

  9. Just found out & let me tell you, I am absolutely devastated for you. We are all behind you, thinking about you & understanding. K is strong though. She'll come through. Dogs always do their best.

    Mamma Heartbeat

  10. I'm glad you're finding comfort and strength, and the clarity and as you prepare for what's ahead. My opnly advice if any is needed will be to make the decisions and don't look back, and stay strong...You have my continued prayers for strength and courage...

  11. I missed the last post about k. Omg i have no words that can help. I am adding my prayers to the mix. Every pet i have seen go downhill like this takes a piece of our hearts with them. God bless you sweet K. We love you.

  12. We are so hoping for the best for K. And you are right, it is an amazing community of friends here, so willing to help in some way. The pups' paws are crossed and my prayers are there for her and you.

  13. I'm glad to hear you've been receiving useful information and support.

    I recently saw a car driving alongside me with three happy looking dogs inside, all with an amputation. I'm not sure if the people fostered or adopted these special dogs but they all looked happy, including the people.

    So yes, hope is still there.

  14. You and K have been in the quiet moments on the trail with Kona and I the past two days. We'll try our best to package the strength and peace of the mountains for you two.

    The blogging community is a powerful spirit-lifter...the outpouring to you and K reflects the reach of the strength and inspiration you send to all of us.

  15. I've always heard amputation is harder on the owner than it is on the dog - they don't realize anything is different. I don't want it to be hard on you, but I hope K recovers like nothing is missing! Sending you lots of hugs, and keeping both of you in our prayers!


  16. Hi Everybuddy, all we can do is take things day by day and as you are doing, look for the wonderful things around us. Our angel brother Oscar had the same cancer so K has an even more special place in our hearts. Take care all. No worries (especially for you all) and love, Stella and Rory (and Carol).

  17. Magnificent photos and I hope the wondrous scenery gives you some comfort. I know how hard is to not be able to change things - one thing is for sure, K knows you love her.

  18. We are thinking of you both and sending lots of love.

  19. Thank you for updating us.
    We will keep rallying around all of you with positive thoughts.
    The sunrise you shared was amazing.
    I am sure K could feel its beauty in the air.

  20. I am happy to return home from Christmas and hear that you are feeling just a little better about K's chances.

    My prayers for K are always there, and I am wishing for a miracle for her, a total recovery. If any dog can do it, K can!

    Stella, Jo and Zkhat

  21. If best wishes, love and concern could cure K, you'd both be skipping around right now. If that can't be the case, it might help to know my human brother's cat had a leg amputated due to cancer, and Kitty didn't skip a beat. The surgery stopped the cancer and Kitty lived a long and full life, playing and chasing around like those silly cats do. Try to let your heart be at peace as your journey with K hasn't ended yet.
    Keeping you in my heart,

  22. I knew you'd be spending time with K, family and doing research! I haven't had first hand dealings with bone cancer, but I know so many Greyhound people who have. A very good online friend of mine that we've met quite a few times over the years had a Greyhound with a front leg amputation who lived almost three years post amputation. I DO know that it is really a shock for the humans after their dog first has the surgery and a lot of people really second guess the decision to amputate right afterwards, but often feel better about it after the initial shock wears off. Most of them that I've known have said that they just weren't prepared for what to expect afterwards. I just want you to know that we're pulling for you still and sending all our best thoughts for you and K until Wednesday!

  23. You know what I learned a lot from this blog, and one of my favorites here is your photos of your place. :D

    It's all About Pet Fences | Dog Fence

  24. Always know you are not alone. The sunrise you witnessed was so full of beautiful hope...let that fill your heart. We send powerful White Dog woos of belief and positive energy.

  25. Thanks for the update. K sounds like she is an amazing trooper. I am so glad that you have found some hope and inspiration through your research and through comments made from our amazing blogging community. I am sure K can feel the huge support and love and positive energy she is receiving from all of us. But your love toward her is the most special.

    K continues to be in my prayers, and Suka's paws are crossed for her healing. We will definitely be carrying her in our hearts, especially on Wednesday.

    Suka (and K)

  26. K sure is one strong willed up. We will be thinking of you and hoping for the best
    Benny & Lily

  27. I don't really know you but I read your blog. This thing with K makes me very sad. It's effected me. I'm going to be sending out every good vibe to Fort Collins on Wednesday that things go as well as possible. The good news is they are the best, and if anybody can save K's leg, they can. My dog was diagnosed with a bad form of cancer, but Ft. Collins did their thing and he lived for two more years (and he was much older than K). The thing is, the pain hurts us more than them...they live in the moment. Maybe - and they don't even know that yet - K won't be able to go for bike rides, but I'll bet she'll be able to walk around the woods with you, and in the end, that's what matters. Life tosses us all sorts of things, but you are strong and I think your adventures with K are far from over. Different, maybe, but definitely not over. Chin up, for both of you. You're both fighters and this thing isn't over by a long shot.

  28. Remmber miracles do happen . Thinking of you and K today.

  29. Sending lots of positive thoughts... And remember dogs are stronger than we think! I'm positive about K. Give her a hug for me!


  30. Hi Y'all,

    Last night I checked before retiring and you hadn't updated. I figured there would be no post until after your visit to Ft Collins. I don't know why I checked this morning, but I was delighted you had found information that reinforced some memories of mine from childhood.

    My Aunt had a Samoyed that had been struck by a car and had a front leg amputated. She had a total of 5 dogs.

    When I would go to visit, the dogs would all meet me and race along side my cantering horse. Chubby, the Samoyed would often lead the way. Except for his "bouncy" gate, he kept up with the other 4 dogs. Even when he was older or I arrived with my parents by car, he was right there, greeting everyone.

    I was a child, not yet in my teens, so medical advances are amazing since then.

    I'm so glad you were surrounded with your family during this Christmas season. We are adding our prayers for you and K.

    BrownDog's Human

  31. Those lovely sunrise photos embody what we think, about the indomitable and beautiful spirit that characterise both of you. We are crossing all of our paws that things will go as well as they possibly can on Wednesday, and there will be lots of good vibes travelling from France across the miles tomorrow.

  32. I just wanted to send the pawer of the paws to you and K. I've been following your recent posts and it was heart wrenching but you and K have such strong souls... you'll more than re-bound. You'll show us a new way to live life. Thinking of you.

  33. You both are still held deep within our hearts and prayers.

  34. Dear KB,

    Our friends over at Tales and Tails happened to mention that you had gotten some very disturbing news about your sweet K, and we wanted to stop by and let you know that we're thinking of you. I've known some tri-pawd dogs in the past, and it is amazing what they can still be capable of doing.

    I know you have a big, and very scary, day tomorrow, so please just know that a lot of people out here in Blogland are thinking of you and wishing both you and K the very best.

  35. Thanks for keeping us posted, KB. If it will be of any help, I have a friend who recently had experience with having his dog's leg amputated. I can perhaps link you with him if you need someone to talk to more about it in detail.

    We are keeping our paws crossed for you and K. Please keep in mind that we are here for you and we continue to pray for the best.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & Forgie

  36. Poor K. We hope things start going better.

  37. OMD! Mom has been a bit removed from the blogging community over the last month (she went on a big trip to Africa!) and now as she's catching up she's so sad and shocked to read about K's diagnosis.

    Both of Mom's first 2 danes had Osteosarcoma. Its an awful disease, but hopefully you've caught it early and amputation will help a lot. We'll be sending you lots of strength and love, and even more healing energies to K.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  38. KB, I'm so sorry to hear about this scary news. I have known a few dogs with front leg amputations - one of my best friend's dog had to have one of her front legs amputated due to hemangiosarcoma. She didn't have a difficult time at all - she even kept doing agility (and doing it well!) The only obstacle that gave her trouble was the weave poles (though truth be told, she had trouble with those when she had 4 legs, too.) I'll be hoping for the best for K!

  39. I actually spoke with my vet's wife about K this morning...she said the same as everyone here...most dogs get along just fine with a front leg amputation. It's the humans that have a harder time with it...and I would be the same as you...heart broken. You and K will be in our thoughts tomorrow and we'll be here to catch the tears if you need us.

    Allison...Puddles mum

  40. I just got back and read your last posts. My heart is breaking for you... I will be keeping you and K in my thoughts and hoping that tomorrow's appointment goes well. I'm sending you a giant, amazingly huge hug right now.

  41. I'm without words. Other than gratitude so many are willing to share their experience to help you through this.

    I literally am in shock. Once again, my heart and my prayers are with you. All of my heart.

  42. My, K has lots of friends!

    On behalf of the Tripawds community, best wishes for the decisions you face. From the sounds of things she should adapt well to life on three legs. Drop by the forums for much more support and advice from members.

  43. We've been away and are also just hearing the terrible news. Our paws are crossed for K, and for you. PBS did a program recently on dogs that included a GSD who lost a front leg to bone cancer. He recovered, traveled with his peeps in a camper for months and did all kinds of hiking exercise with his peeps, once he finished his rehab. So we're thinking the most positive thoughts possible for K. His peeps did have a harness/sling that they used to help him get up and down stairs and in and out of their vehicle.

    Jed & Abby

  44. Oh, we just read your posts about K. Our positive thoughts go out to you and K for the best result possible for your beloved and beautiful dog. We'll be waiting anxiously for news.

  45. Know that you and K will be surrounded my so many loving thoughts tomorrow, KB

    May there be many, many more days for you and your beloved K to rejoice in

    Be strong.........and I know you will for her


  46. We are so sorry for the unknown and possibilities. Thinking of you all, and remembering the glow that the light of each day brings ...even when our hearts are feeling dark.

    Big hugs,
    Sierra Rose and family

  47. are so correct..the dog blog world is so helpful. Hugs!


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