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Friday, November 30, 2012

Frustrated Puppy

As I keep mentioning, we've been "resting" Shyla due to a bone lesion for 4 weeks now. "Resting" means that she takes shortish walks on a leash. Consequently, she hasn't gone on any long hikes or done any running in a month. I had hoped that she'd be able to do some fun excursions in Utah. Alas, she couldn't.

While we were in Utah, I took one of my favorite rides up to a 2000' cliff by myself. K used to join me on this ride. Don't worry, she was always on leash close to the cliff.
This time, I arrived at the top to find no one else there. So, I did a belly crawl close to the edge to peek at the great beyond. That's the biggest cliff that I've ever peeked down from.
I am eagerly awaiting the day that Shyla can do these adventures with me. For the moment, we're both getting frustrated with the enforced rest. Yes, that was a remote control for a DVD player that's lying in pieces on the dog bed next to Shyla. Yup, a legal chew toy was right next to our girl while she destroyed the remote.
It is so very hard to believe that a girl with such sweet eyes could do such a thing!
Since her limp is gone (although the bone lesion is still there), the vet is letting us cautiously increase her exercise to release some of her pent-up energy. We're taking longer leash hikes, and Shyla is allowed to have 1 minute off-leash each day. Oh my, she scared the heck out of me today when I told her that she was free. She took off like a bat out of hell and sprinted in circles around me. She is so fast and so graceful that she blurred in my camera lens.
As soon as Shyla paused from her sprinting, I snapped that leash back on. It was too scary for me to watch her. However, the good news is that she's still not limping so the sprinting didn't hurt her!

We still don't know what the lesion is... because the experts haven't sent us a report yet. We're bugging them daily, asking for the report. I can only hope that their slowness means that they don't think that the lesion looks alarming (but it could mean that they haven't looked at the x-rays yet). Moreover, my family vet assured me that, even if the lesion is something evil, a little bit of running probably won't hurt Shyla in the long term now that the limp is gone.

Have a great weekend!


  1. It's too bad Miss Shyla can't go swimming. That always poops 'em out quickly!

    Utah is SO beautiful!!

  2. OH my gosh KB that picture where you peered over the edge set my teeth on edge. I remember working Andy on a search in The Grand Canyon and as we were scaling & Hiking down the cliffs I wondered what kind kind of crazy I was.

    Shyla looks so darn happy in that last photo. I am glad she didn't hurt herself. What fun for her.

  3. Shyla has scored one up on Lightning who so far hasn't discovered the joy of destroying a remote - knocking on wood as I type these words.

    The waiting is always so hard - hope that report comes in soon and with good news.

  4. It must be the lab part but Stella's favorite frustrated chewing is on some plastic thingy. Its one of her very favorite food groups, but only when she is not getting the exercise she needs! She found a Tupperware lidded bowl she demolished yesterday.


  5. Yowza, what a terrfic action shot...! Shyla. is. BEAUTIFUL.

  6. Wow!1 You are so brave being on the edge, as I hate heights, either at the top or down below looking up. I would have froze.. Shyla, well one naughty girl who gets into mischief so easily, at least she spat it all out?? Greetings from Jean, AOK here, not much spare time these days.

  7. Beautiful photos! I would love to camp and hike there.

    Gee, sorry to read about your remote. When they're bored/frustrated/antsy they'll grab anything! Been there, saw that chewed too.

    We'll be keeping positive thoughts for Shyla and all of you. Hopefully she will be running along side soon.

  8. Gorgeous photos! Sorry you and Shlya are getting frustrated. :( Paws crossed you get a good report soon

  9. Oh you are very brave KB! I never was afraid of heights until this year and I don't know why. Now just looking at your picture and knowing you belly crawled out there gives me the 'willies.'

    Oh that little Miss Shyla! Shame, shame, shame. But I think we've all been there at least once in our lives. Hey we have animals! But it was a great picture and gave us a good chuckle.

    Hope that the waiting game is over real soon. We're still praying really hard for excellent news.

    Thanks for the update on R.


  10. Glad the illegal romp didn't appear to do any harm. Great photographs, especially at the edge of the cliff. And no, I wouldn't approach even crawling.

  11. Ann.....from....Outer Banks of NC...said...WOW...KB....these pictures are great....a little scary to be looking over the edge....and the remote looks a little scary too...your dogs just bring so much joy and smiles....And it sure is written all over my face right now....Blessings to all of you....hope you hear something soon...I know the waiting is so hard some times...So I'm sending good vibes......HUGS

  12. What wonderful photos. My MOM is crazy like that too. Peeking over cliffs! But I have to admit that it sure is beautiful. Shyla must have not liked what was on TV and tried to change the channel. A perfectly good dog toy can't do that, so you see she is very smart. Saying prayers for the day to come soon when you two can get back to longer adventures and off leash stuff.

  13. Hee hee. Flo was the perfect puppy until she had to be rested at 7 months... then it was goodbye reticulated watering, goodbye cushions, goodbye just about anything she could get hold of! I hope there is nothing to worry about with Shyla's leg, and I'm sure she will be back to bouncing that energy off before you know it, rather than chewing it out! :)

  14. Peering over the edge is kinda scary but what gorgeous photos! We've never eaten a remote before, Shyla. Was it tasty?!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  15. Wow! What gorgeous views!!! Shyla must be getting a bit bored...the fact that she chewed on your remote might give you that idea!! BOL!! I shouldn't laugh. Hopefully this will all be behind her (and you) soon and you all can get back to your fun adventures!! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  16. Rottrover mentioned swimming, and I have to say I thought of that too--It's too bad there's not a swim-center where she could go. I used to care for the orthopedic dogs for the rescue, and know all about the pent up energy and chewed up remotes and the search for the batteries.

    PS: Your pictures are just stunning--I'm afraid of heights and found myself holding my breath. :-)

  17. Wow amazing pictures of the canyon . :-) shes still a puppy and thinks that is a nice toy

  18. such beauty!! zoomies for shyla! let's hope you can put the bone lesion to bed once and for all!!

  19. We're still keeping all our paws and hooves crossing that the results are good and Shyla wil be able to gambol as she wishes very soon!

    Ouch on the DVD remote control!

  20. I LOVE that last picture! She's flying! lol I can imagine that your heart was in your throat as she took off, though.

    I'm not afraid of heights, in fact, I love them, but I admit to having some sweaty palms as I looked at that picture you took from the cliff! Wow!

    As far as photographing black dogs goes, I've just been using trial and error to try to get good pictures of Kuster. Sometimes processing afterwards helps, too!

  21. Hi Y'all!

    Poor Shyla. I thought by now she'd be "home free", so to speak.

    You'd never find my Human peeking over any cliffs...she gets vertigo on a ladder, BOL.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  22. We would be frustrated too if we weren't suppose to run and exercise. What's a kid to do other than chew a remote.
    Benny & Lily
    That's a view!!

  23. That kind of rest is really tough on an active dog! My corgi had a pulled iliopsoas this past summer. Staying on a leash was no fun for either of us so I definitely feel for you!


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