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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ready for winter

It's time to explain why there have been no "action" photos of Shyla lately.
About five days ago, we were doing some training on a grassy field in a town park. Shyla was walking on leash and suddenly came up lame on a front limb for no apparent reason. We've been doing R & R ever since, hoping that it would be a puppy muscle "tweak" that would just go away. Indeed, that was our vet's guess when she did an exam earlier this week. The vet said that it felt like a soft tissue injury that she guessed would heal on its own with rest.

Alas, Shyla is still limping, and I'm thinking that it's time to get an appointment with an orthopedist. Usually, they're booked pretty far out so we can make an appointment and continue our program of resting until then, cancelling the appointment if Shyla gets better before it.

I have to admit to being pretty upset about Shyla's limp. After all the veterinary drama in our house in the past year, I desperately want Shyla to be in perfect health for a while! And, I love the girl so I hate seeing her be constrained to short leash walks and no playing.

So, today, we continued with training in the morning instead of a long hike or romp. First, we worked on "leave it", using one of the most tempting "treats" on the trails. Shyla sampled one of these piles the other day and decided that it was a delicacy. It looks as if "leave it" will work very well for keeping her away from the piles of horse nuggets that seem to appear like landmines on the trails every weekend.
Then, we worked on "relax", in a new place. Shyla was lying on a bed of pine needles and looked very relaxed and comfortable.
Indeed, she seemed to doze off for an instant. She's getting the hang of "relaxing"!
When I stood right above Shyla, she rolled onto her back and tried to get me to play with her. What a cutie!
You can also see that Shyla has a "Cycle Dog" collar. It's made from recycled bike tubes and seems comfy and durable. I truly hope that Shyla's leg gets better in time for her to start running with me as I mountain bike on her first birthday! It's less than a month away.

After my "Shyla time" this morning, I checked a remote trail camera that has hosted both a bobcat and a coyote family since I last visited it.
I wonder if the coyotes smelled the bobcat based on their sniffing. It's interesting to see that one of them seemed to be the "lookout" for the group. Their coats are so thick that they look substantially bigger than in mid-summer. They're ready for winter!
Now, it's time for all of us to get as ready as the coyotes for the winter ahead!


  1. Oh dear - I will apologize on behalf of the horse folks. Good trail etiquette dictates you get off your horse and kick those piles off of the trail.

    We will keep paws crossed for Shyla. HOpefully, she is just having growing pains and this will pass.


  2. Holy cow, quick healing to Shyla! Seems like y'all can't get a break sometimes. :(

  3. Would you think of wrapping the leg during the day? If its just a muscle weakness, I bet that would help.

    No owies, Mountain Girl, we just don't want to see you hurt, even a little.

    Jo and Stella

  4. So sorry to hear about Shyla's limping! I hope it will turn out to be a minor injury. I'm sure it's a real challenge keeping her quiet! You have done an incredible job with her training, and I'm sure that will be helpful during her period of enforced rest. Love the photos of the bobcat and the coyotes! :-)

    Susan and Wrigs

  5. I am sorry to read about Shyla and I hope she will be better very soon. She looks so sweet and beautiful when she is laying down. The coyote and bobcat photos are amazing.

    Anne and Sasha

  6. Shyla, rest up precious girl. The trail photos are super, we wear winter gear, they just grow thick coats . Sending all wishes that Shyla's leg will be healed so soon. Greetings from Jean

  7. I do love the photographs from your trail camera! And, of course I love seeing the dogs. Here's hoping there is nothing seriously wrong and that the limp is a mild pulled muscle or strain. Heal, dear Shyla!

  8. WOW Shyla is an EXPERTT in "relax". MOM said I should learn that one. hahhaha. I hope by the appointment time comes it will not be needed. Prayers for her, always.

  9. Khyra and Whitney think Shyla has the tools for a great photoshoot ;-)

    Of course, we LOVE the khats and khoyote pictures!

    Paws crossed Shyla's stride is soon back to normal AND that the health issues end once and for all!!!

  10. Ann....from..Outer Banks of NC...said...Blessings and Prayers for Shyla....hope it's just a minor situation...looks like all of nature is preparing for the winter...and I do hope it will be a mild one....HUGS

  11. You have had more than your share of problems this past year. Hope Shyla starts getting back to normal real soon. Until then...a good rest never hurt anyone. We send some prayers for her.

  12. Sam, you are supposed to remove the horse dropping from trails? I wish someone would tell the riders around here. It can be quite a challenge hiking sometimes. Merlin used to love rolling in the horse piles until he was about five and then he lost interest in them for some reason.

  13. Sorry to hear about Shyla. I have to say that picture of her laying next to the pile of poop made me cringe a bit. She is just a bit too close for my comfort ;-)


  14. Shyla's limp sounds A LOT like what we've gone through with Kuster. Are Labs prone to pano? The way I understand it, it's like severe growing pains. Dogs with denser bones are much more prone to it, and males more than females, but females can experience it. To know for sure, you need an x-ray, but they can tell from one. We were told to keep Kus on crate rest and only leash walking, but that was just more than any of us could bear this summer, so we took him out to the lake to play. It helped him burn off steam, but it was very low impact, so we just went for it. Now that we've been through it a few times, it's not as scary as it first was. One thing that we were told would help was to feed lower protein food. Anyway, I hope that whatever the issue is, it fades soon and you won't have to keep her on a leash much longer!

  15. Sorry to hear about Shyla's limp and I hope it heals fast. It's frustrating and worrisome to have the "veterinary drama". I know I am still on edge from Zephyr's illness. She is beautiful in the pine needles.

  16. I suppose you've checked an rechecked that there isn't anything, however tiny, embedded somewhere that is hurting when she walks? We had all those issues with Tommy in late July and early August and eventually found (when an x-ray was done) there was a thorn embedded in his foot (not the pads - higher up).

  17. We've never had horsie yummies. We can only imagine what a treat this would be! Good for you for "leaving it", Shyla! We hope your limpies get better soon.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  18. I hope she is better soon. Maybe just growing pains?

    Mango Momma

  19. Oh no, we feel so bad for little Shyla! We will keep our paws crossed and send healing vibes her way.

    Shyla is very photogenic and just love all her pic's. But we gotta say a BIG YUCK to those horse balls.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  20. We are so sorry to hear of Shyla's leg injury. Phantom has a soft tissue injury in his shoulder area, or so they say, and he is still favoring it a bit after almost ten days. Of course, he is a lot older than Shyla.

    Paws crossed for no problems detected and a rapid return to full health.

  21. I've heard an urban myth that horse droppings are OK for dogs, supposedly containing previously enjoyed and semi-digested grasses. But as I say, it could just be horse-owners' myth.

  22. She´s really a beauty and a fast learner I understand. My recall training on VIlja and Trym is not the best yet....while hunting they seems not to have ears at all.
    Exciting trial camera pictures.

  23. hope that foot heals soon. She is adorable
    Benny & Lily

  24. Hi there, I'm sorry about Shyla's limp-I'm sure she will recover quickly. Your training is amazing KB, I want to know how you train "to relax". We are still working on leave it and also to "watch" me when other bikers, walkers and dogs are around-sometimes Hunter does well and sometimes not. I have to remember he is still a puppy. His b.d. is on the 3rd of Dec. I will have to plan some sort of special treat for him. Hope you have a wonderful afternoon.

  25. Hi again, Just read how you taught her Relax...thanks; I'll have to work on this one.

  26. Hi KB, we hope Shyla's limp is soon gone. Paws crossed it's just minor muscle strain. We love your training tecniques. I had never thought of a 'relax' command before. Thanks for the idea. Our two love horse poo too but we can walk past it and say 'leave it' and they do so we're happy with that. Hope to hear all is fine in a few days. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  27. I can only imagine how upsetting this sore leg with Shyla has been for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it is just a puppy thing and she heals up with rest. Gosh how I had to laugh at that picture of her sitting so stately in front of that pile of horse poo! That is just priceless!! A delicacy, ha! and I thought Gloria was bad! LOL! I just love the way she fell asleep on the bed of pine needles. :)

  28. So here is where it started. Or at least where you first mention it. I hope everything turns out okay so you two can continue to have fun together as she grows up. Healthy and strong... (fingers crossed and prayers a flyin')


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