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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Updates on mountain lions and Shyla

We've had quite a flurry of mountain lion activity near us recently. One lion, in particular, has been spending a lot of time in a small area. Here she was, one morning, ambling along.
She walked at least 6 miles in between the first photo and the next one. I know about her travels because I captured her image 3 miles away in the middle of the afternoon, before she returned to this same spot in the evening.
This spot has been extremely interesting to our mountain lions recently. They've been displaying behaviors that I've never seen before. I also have never seen them in anyone else's trail camera photos.
She rolled around, rubbed her face on a rock, and stayed at the base of this bear marking tree for quite a while. When I looked closely at the rock that she was rubbing in these photos, it's completely covered in mountain lion fur.
The next photo explains to me why I've seen this lion in one area so frequently. She has enlarged teats on her abdomen. A wildlife expert emailed to say that she saw enlarged teats on an earlier photo from a couple of weeks before this one. This photo confirms it for me.
So, I believe that this is a mother mountain lion who has kitten(s) stashed somewhere nearby. She's hunting in a small area because her kitten(s) are not ready to move long distances yet. I thought that we might get the chance to see her kitten(s) but I've just learned that I have to move this camera. I am incredibly disappointed, as I've never captured a trail camera photo of a young mountain lion kitten yet. That'll be a challenge for another season.

In other news, I still haven't heard the most important result from Shyla's appointment on Monday. I finally called today and left a message with the vet, asking if they knew the results. I haven't heard back yet. It's the test for fungal infections that attack bones... and, if it's positive, we won't need a bone biopsy. Rather, we'll just treat with anti-fungal medications.
Shyla just learned to "take a bow"!
Shyla's limp is barely perceptible but the lump on her bone has not shrunk even the slightest bit. I don't know what to think of the combination of an improving limp but a still large lump.
I do know that our girl is going crazy with excess energy. She arrived here near the end of August and did nothing destructive or even mischievous until the past week. We gave her lots of exercise until her limp started, and when the exercise decreased, the mischief increased. By chewing the zippers out of some of my favorite clothes within the past week, she taught me to put them all out of her reach.

However, while a surprise visitor was at the door today, Shyla discovered the wonders of unrolling toilet paper and spreading it in a long ribbon all over the house. I didn't think to take a photo before I cleaned it up. I was too shocked. My little angel has some serious mischief in her!

This morning, Shyla and I took our short leash walk to visit K's Boulder (the boulder where K is standing in the banner photo). Just below Shyla's snout in the photo, you can see two small white granite rocks that I placed there early last summer. I put them there to represent K and my friend's dog, who was also having a tough time. For some reason, I didn't let Shyla stand in this spot, one of K's favorite spots, until this morning. But now, I feel that Shyla has earned this place of honor.
The spokes change but wheel keeps turning, and I never stop loving life and my dogs despite the many bumps in the road.


  1. That is so bad you have to move the camera! The kittens would have been fun to see.
    As for poor Miss Shyla, there she is, with all that boundless energy, and nowhere to constructively put it!!! What a monkey, unrolling the toilet paper. :)

  2. Labbie girls just want to have fun!

    Or something like that!

    Of course, Khyra SOOOOOO wishes you could snag some pics of the khytties!

    But she'll be content with Momma Khytty!

  3. Fingers crossed you find out what it is!

  4. Healing purrs for Shyla. None of us like having our movements restricted even when it is for our own good so we understand the mischief making.

    Love the mountain lion it is so BIG.

  5. May I ask, Why do you have to move the camera?

  6. So Shyla is showing her true colours...mischievious munchkin....what a beautiful pose in the last photo....Shyla is a beauty!

  7. AGHHHH! What's with those pokey medical people?! Still hoping for the best possible news on Shyla's lump.

    We also wondered why do you have to move your camera? Do you have to lease the space for a set period and then let someone else have access to it?

    Shyla fits right in on K's boulder.

  8. I love Shyla's color, that delicious dark chocolate brown, all shiny and pretty.

    Do you get the feeling I am in love with your dogs? Yes, both of them!


  9. So, WHY do you have to move the camera? Do you have to report where your camera's are. Boy that would have been cool to see the kittens.

    Shyla looks excellent in the photos. Is she posing with a "Bow" command.

    I am so impressed with all the training you do. I am so laxed with Bert.

    I really need to work more with him. I'll try and follow your example.

    Bert's My Vickie

  10. The lion is fascinating. I love the fact that they are sharing our earth.

    Still thinking positive thoughts for all.

  11. I just love Shyla's chocolate color. It is particularly deep and rich, just like her. Why do you have to move this camera. Is this the one that someone spotted? Thinking of you all, always.

  12. We wait for the kittens, you wait for test results,Shyla doesn't really want to wait at all, fun is waiting for her and she knows it!!!
    The rock and stones is such a special area, thank you so much for showing and telling us the story there. K will always be in your heart, and for us in blogland, part of our hearts too. Greetings from Jean. AOK here.

  13. To answer everyone's question, I have to move the camera because someone spotted it and let me know that there would be a lot of human activity in that area very soon for a forest project. I am grateful to have been warned.

  14. I feel your pain regarding the mischief. With our new puppy we no longer have toilet paper hanging from the holders for the same reason. Our toilet paper is now on a nearby shelf out of reach or tucked behind the lid. She also has started picking up my shoes and running off with them so now they are all off the floor.


  15. Those cat pics are great! I wonder why she keeps rubbing so much on that rock? It's too bad you have to move the camera, it would be great to see kitten pics! I love the bow Shyla is doing on the boulder! Your toilet paper girl is just so beautiful! (Sorry, couldn't resist. heheh) Waiting for those test results must be driving you crazy!

  16. It's amazing how much big cats act like house cats - some of the same movements and behaviors!

    Paws and fingers crossed for Shyla!

  17. Sorry it's taking so long to get the test results back, it's so frustrating. Hope no news is good news. Shyla looks beautiful, love the pics of her and the trail camera pics.

    We haven't been able to keep tp on the holder for months, 2 of the cats take turns unrolling and shredding it, I sympathize with you. :)

  18. What a beautiful mountain lion! Love the shots of her rolling around on the rock. :)

    Sorry to hear about Shyla bump. Hope it is nothing serious. Our paw prayers are heading your way.

    OH, and I love the tp fiasco!! Too funny! Nothing like dogs and toilet paper. lol

    Love the shot in the last post with Shyla's rainbow. Awesome!!

  19. Ann...from...Outer Banks of NC ....said ...Sure hope the forest project doesn't disturb the mama and her kittens too much.... the pics of her are the kittens are beautiful too....Shyla is so playful...I love it.. made me smile but I thought cats (like mine) unrolled toilet's all in the joys of life...they are all so matter what they do...Praying for Shyla and R...HUGS

  20. We pray for answers without fearful futures attached. And ask the universe to imbue your fluttering heart with the peace of knowing that all will be well.

  21. She looks 200% in that photo .

  22. We are praying for good news here too!! She looks wonderful in these photos!! That big cat really does seem to act like a house cat!! Hope you can enjoy your weekend and that you get news soon!!

  23. We love the picture of you taking a bow, Shyla!
    So unrolling toilet paper is fun, huh? hummmmmmmm We've never done that before!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  24. We're sorry that you have not gotten back the test results as of yet. The waiting and waiting is do darn hard. We're still praying for good news.

    Shyla is amazing. From zippers, to toilet paper to bowing. She is learning alot!

    The lions are incredible. Do any experts ever come your way to study them?

    Lily Belle

  25. Shyla can join my Shelby in the Little Stinker Club. And since you mentioned toilet paper.....our house is a ranch-style about 70 feet wide. The master bathroom is at one end of the house and my office is at the opposite end. While sitting at my computer yesterday (in the office) in walks Shelby, unrolling a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom 70 feet away.

  26. I am hoping for the right results for Shyla.

    You know, she is such a good looking doggie! But, I think you know that! :-) LOL.

    Fingers crossed,


  27. Bummer to have to move the camera, but at least you know they are around. I always take that as a good sign.
    Your girl is stunning, just stunning. Have a great weekend.

  28. Ugh - waiting can be so difficult. Hope they give you the results at least before Thanksgiving!

    Shyla looks stunning - especially love her tag against her fur!

    Lol - she's quite the character! I guess it is true - a tired dog is a happy dog is a good dog! :)

  29. LOVE playful pic of Shyla - she's a delight! And sorry to hear you must move camera - the lion pix are so amazing! Was just at the fb page of Parks Canada where there is a photo of a lion family in the Waterton Lakes area - too cute! Big thoughts of R and Shyla xxxx

  30. Oh, that is so fasinating behavior with the mountain lions! So beautifuls. Shyla is such a gorgeous gurl! Oh, my, what a beauty!!!
    I'll be keepin' my paws crossed that everything turns out good, and that she stops acting like ME. BOL!


  31. We wish we could have seen the kitten/s too. That would have been even more amazing. Shyla, you little rascal. Glad your limp has improved. Have a good weekend mates. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  32. Hi! Great to read about the lion...beautiful picures.
    Shyla is looking good and beautiful. Tyra is still hurting somewhere, shes laying all day ....Nest trial hunting is on 23rd so hope she recovers

  33. Beautiful Shyla, little chocolate lioness :)

  34. Hi Y'all,

    Catchin' up on Shyla and the mountain lions.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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