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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Black and White Sunday

First, for Black and White Sunday, we have a new Black Bear who came through the area. This year has not been like past years, where I've photographed as many as 18 separate adult bears by the time bears go into their dens. So far, I've photographed 10 individuals, including 3 cubs (many of them on numerous occasions). It'll be interesting to see what the rest of the season brings.

There's no doubt that we haven't seen this bear previously this season.
I also captured footage of mom and two cubs wallowing in a pool of water on a hot day, which I'll share in video form soon!

Shyla is feeling better, although she still isn't 100%. Our vet hospital discovered that I'd left many messages for them and called me this morning with a preliminary diagnosis. Now, with the right meds, I think that Shyla is on the road to recovery. Shyla is now well hydrated (an issue yesterday when her gums were tacky). She's even playful and happy!

I think that this relatively minor illness upset me more than it should have because tomorrow is the anniversary of K's death. Believe it or not, it's also the 10th anniversary of Acadia's death (she's in the sidebar - she was K's predecessor). So, July 15 has become an ominous and sad day for me.

I'll always remember the rallying of support last year with the motto of the "Power of the Paw". In memory of that wonderful outpouring of support, here is Shyla's paw perched on a rock that K's paw touched many hundreds of times. As I looked at this photo, it hit me hard that it's time for me to allow Shyla to escape K's very long shadow. I'll write more about that in the near future.
Today, I had fun photographing Shyla with a super fast lens loaned to me by a friend. It can achieve an aperture of 1.2, which lets in tons of light but gives a very shallow depth of field. I experimented with having just one part of Shyla's face in focus.

Here is one portrait in color with the focus on her eye. Notice how fuzzy her nose is, due to that shallow depth of field.
And the same one in black and white, in honor of Black and White Sunday.
What a special girl. I'm so grateful that I have her in my life. It's hard to believe that I didn't even know her a year ago.


  1. It adds a new dimension to taking photos of Shyla. Sophie had crystals in here urine 5 weeks ago from not drinking enough...long story short...tomorrow is her due date to see if all's well. I think she's fine so the vet will decide sometime this week. It's amazing how thing sneak up on you with out your even knowing.

    Take care this week, KB!!


  2. Thinking of you on your sad day. It always amazes me how a specific date can be filled with happy/sadness or both. There are 365 days for things to happen.

    Glad Shyla is feeling better.

  3. Hope Shyla is feeling better! Even dogs have their off days.

    July 15th is indeed a sad day. Tomorrow is also the 10th anniversary of my Dylan's death, my first Cardigan Corgi, and very much my heart dog. I still miss him 10 years later, but Wilson and Jimmy have worked their magic on my heart.

  4. What a cool effect from that lens!

  5. Hoping Shyla gets to be a 100% soon. You may not have know each other a year ago, but you were meant to be together and have created so much beautiful together. It warms our hearts.

  6. So what are we naming the new bear? Have you any idea how old he is? How often have you seen him and on how many cameras. Oh my head, I have so many questions. I cna't wait to hear more about the guy.
    WE will be thinking of you tomorrow and often looking at your beautiful K on our July calander
    Bert adn My Vickie

  7. Nice black and white. We enjoy the bears
    Benny & Lily

  8. I love the Shyla paw picture!

    I also, as always, love your wildlife photos. Bears are so neat!

  9. It's always so scary when your furbabies get sick, so I'm really glad to hear Shyla is on the mend. Love the photos! She's such a pretty girl.

  10. I am glad she is feeling better. Sending hugs on this tough day - we are thinking of you.


  11. Hi KB,
    What a beautiful post, as are all of your posts. I so enjoy your photos and ability to capture your emotions with your words.
    Shyla has helped your heart to heal after losing K. And no doubt that you have helped Shyla to overcome many obstacles in her young life. The stars aligned and brought the two of you together for a reason!
    Don't think of it as Shyla being in K's shadow. Life is a tapestry woven together over time. Each person, animal, encounter, etc. is but one more thread in that tapestry. K was a rainbow thread in your tapestry, helping to shape your life into what it is. Shyla is still in the process of weaving her thread in your tapestry. While there is some overlap as the threads criss cross each other, each one creates it's own part of the tapestry that supports all the rest and weaves a beautiful picture of your life.
    While July 15 might feel like a heavy burden for you to bear, you have to rejoice in the joy, love and experiences that brought you to that particular day. The good far exceeds the bad and I am guessing that you wouldn't trade one second of your time with K or Acadia or any of the others.
    Hugs to you, KB, on a somber anniversary day. Embrace the day and the emotions that go with it, but remember to wrap yourself in that tapestry and let Shyla keep weaving her magic!
    I am guessing that R has some threads in that tapestry as well. His would be the one that runs amok and pops up when you least expect it and makes you laugh:)

  12. July 15th is our nanny's birthday. She would be 100 years old today if she was still alive.
    Our mom wishes that she had your camera knowledge, KB! Your photos are fabulous - every single one of them!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  13. Great pictures of Shyla in the two different colours


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