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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Desert Memories

In the last leg of our trip, we had to depart from the the most remote spot of our trip and start heading east again. We'd had so much fun in the deep desert.

With no one around, I'd had lots of fun getting photos of Shyla on the mesas surrounding our camp.

It was amazing how these dirt and gravel mesas were formed so that they had "knife's edge" ridges. What fun for photography!
After one more night of experimenting with star photos, we left that spot, hoping that it wouldn't be too long before we return again.
It's amazing how much my heart gets attached to these places. I enjoy exploring new places but I also love places that have a history for us. As we departed our remote campsite, Angel K's eyes appeared in my mind's eye. We visited that remote site on one of her last trips, and it was utter joy. During that visit, K was guiding all of us about how she wanted to have love fill every moment she had left.

In many ways, those last months of K's life were some of the most life-changing months of my life. In retrospect, traveling the journey toward the end of life with K made me realize how much I love life, even when I know that our days are finite. It may sound crazy - but I now look back on those months with gratitude. I had the time to slowly say goodbye to my girl and to learn the last lessons that she could teach me about how to live life without regrets.

In that spirit, it was fitting that our last campsite on the trip was K's Rock.
K's Rock is an idyllic campsite that touches my heart every time we visit.
I'll tell you more about our time at K's rock in tomorrow's post. We made some new memories during this visit.


  1. Those new memories will be special forever too.

  2. KB.. just these words that you have shared with us and all the emotions you felt,, each step of the past journeys, and the new jpurneys are now filling us with emotions that only you can make us feel,,, and its all about love, and giving,, and living.
    Beautiful post,, thank you for taking us there with you again.

  3. Your new memories and the ones of the past blend perfectly and beautifully together.

  4. You my friend are a desert rat. Isn't it the best?!

  5. Sharing so much with us, and the memories of K, is extra special. Her rock is a steadfast reminder of your days there, and now Shyla comes to enjoy different places, and make new memories.

  6. We look forward to hearing about the new memories at K's rock
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. How wonderful to have all of this beauty all to yourselves!

  8. Howdy mates. What absolutely beautiful photos and beautiful memories as well. You have started our weekend with a smile 😊. No worries and love Stella and Rory

  9. you look like the first pup on this place, like that Marco Pawlo or Christuffer's so interesting to see this places with yiur eyes and through your cam :o)
    easy rider

  10. I love that unbroken blue sky. What a beautiful part of the world to share with your canine friends.

  11. We all miss Angel K. Some dogs just leave a forever imprint on our hearts. The memories are so good for helping to soothe the pain.

  12. Those pictures just make us want to reach out and fall into beautiful. stella rose

  13. What a beautiful post about the present and the history. I'm sort of glad I had to search for it because I feel as if I've been on a treasure hunt, and this was gold!


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