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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Never a Dull Day

Thanks for all the good wishes. I think that Shyla is on the mend. It seems that she ate something outdoors that made her very sick. Based on x-rays, the vet does not think that it will cause a blockage but we are feeding a high volume bland diet to try to push the rest of it through her. She is still not quite herself but she had more energy today, probably because she was hydrated with saline solution yesterday afternoon.
And, my migraine has abated. I think it was caused by not getting much sleep when Shyla was so sick on Thursday night. I feel almost back to normal today.

So, after all that excitement, you'd think we might have had a dull day today, right? Well, no. But the story is still evolving.

When we arrived home from the vet last night, we took a quick sunset hike. It was a pretty sunset, as the clouds from incoming storms hovered over the Divide.
Then, we walked home from the lookout point, with both dogs on leash. We passed a trail camera just behind our house at about 8 PM. Then, at 8:22 PM, a doe that was in the last minutes of her life passed the same camera.
When Shyla and I headed out this morning, we found that the doe had been killed by a mountain lion near the camera where that photo was taken. It was a classic scene - the lion had first removed the intestines and the rumen. Then he'd removed most of the deer's body fur. After those steps, he ate a lot of meat but there was still a fair bit left this morning.

I immediately went to the trail cameras near our house, none of which I'd checked in a while. The lion did not appear on them last night. I'm guessing that he hunted from above the doe, which is also above our house and cameras.

But, I did discover that a mountain lion went past them on 4/13. That makes sense because the elk herd was near our house from about 4/12-4/14. I've had trail cams near our house for at least 6 years, with no photos of lions passing them. Consequently, seeing a photo of a lion so close to our house shocked me.

Here he is, approaching our clearing on 4/13.
And, then he walked within about 15 yards of our house. We were asleep so all the lights were out.
Seeing that photo made my heart beat a little faster. Because I've never documented a lion in our clearing, I tend to feel a little safer there. Not anymore.

This morning, I pointed a trail camera at the deer carcass, hoping to get photos of the lion. I do know that the carcass was dragged about 15 yards between when I first saw it and when I put up a trail camera near it a little later. That makes me think that this lion isn't far away.

I'm very glad that our dogs were on leash last night. We always leash them when the world gets dusky. I'm thankful for that habit because there is little doubt that the lion was hunting near us during our hike last evening.

It's yet another example of how lions are very focused on their normal prey - deer and elk. Thank goodness for that!


  1. I sure am glad you both are doing some better!

  2. oh, my. very close. too close! the worst that my dogs have had to encounter here are coyotes. yikes!

  3. Wowzers!! That is incredible. I glad you both are on the mend. You have been in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. We are so very happy to hear you are both doing better. And we are also happy for those cameras. Please stay safe.

  5. I'm so glad you and Shyla are feeling better!

    That's really nerve racking about the cougar but I love the photos!

  6. Glad to hear that both you and Shyla are better. A bit scary to have the lion so near your house but I know you are very careful.

  7. That is way too close for comfort!

    Your Pals,


  8. OMD, I missed so much!!! See what happens when Ma fails her secretarial duties!!! Shoot ~ wells, I sure am glads everyone is feelin' betters!! YEA!! You knows, Ma doesn't thinks I would eat anything off the ground either, til she saw me sniff a dead mouse with that 'look in my eye', and nows she's not so sure, so I understand how Shyla could have gobbled up a 'tasty morsal' that came back to bite her on the ass (sorry, pun intended...since she's okay, I couldn't help myself! ☺) And sure am glads your Moms migraine is betters too!! Ma's had a pretty good two weeks, then BAM! Today, the mother of all migraines! You know the kind...that no medication will thwart...God I hate those.
    Anyhu, I sure am glads you didn't run into that mountain lion! He is one big boy!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Ma has promised me she'll do a better job...

  9. Were glad your head ache is better KB,, at least a little.
    And were hoping the rest of whatever Shyla at comes out!
    The sunset was magnificent,!
    And the big cats WOW!

  10. Wow! Way too close for me! Thank goodness there are plenty of deer and elk around.

  11. Talk about reality television...or camera. You have it all.

  12. Thank dog and praise cheeses Shyla is ok!

  13. We're so glad that you and Shyla are feeling better KB. Yikes - the mountain lion is too close for comfort!

  14. My heart beat a little faster reading that story and seeing those photos!

  15. Oh goodness, poor Shyla! But we are thankful she is on the mend. I was on that special diet the other day when I ate all that sand. Push it out Shyla, push it out!!

    Our hearts are beating fast reading about the mountain lion. That is way too close for comfort! When you're out walking like that at dusk, do you take any type of protection with you? Spray, etc??

    Stay well and stay safe.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  16. So glad Shyla is doing better, but those mt. lions sure make me nervous. I know they don't usually bother with you or the dogs, but be careful.

  17. great that you both feel better... hope it was just a "trashure" she found outside and I'm sure the meow-graine disappears too when Shyla feels better :o) Have a good sunday
    easy rider

  18. We sure hope your migraine is gone Shlya's tummy is feeling better. Mabel gave us a worry yesterday. We let them out to run in the "big Yard" Just as we were preparing to go back in the little yard she found something in the grass.
    When she pulled it up I could tell it had feet. She did not want to give it up but luckily we got it away from her.
    It looked like it had been eaten by an owl and then pooped out - gross!! And thank goodness no ill effects
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  19. Glad both you and Shyla are on the mend. Having a cougar that close would be a little scary! Be safe!

  20. I'm so glad Shyla is feeling better!

  21. I did not know that about removing the fur. I wonder why they do that?
    That is pretty amazing about the lions loving right through your clearing. I am tremendously interested in big cats, but if I was living in a place where they are a common predator, I would have to seriously rethink a goat herd. Coyotes are a big enough issue here.
    (Believe it or not, AS I was typing the above, Piper suddenly started barking - it;s after midnight - and I had to go out with her and have a look around. She was ready to come right back inside, so - hopefully - not a lingering threat. Possibly an insomniac squirrel - she really gets agitated about squirrels!)

  22. Ahem. I meant MOVING through your clearing.
    If they were doing any LOVING you would probably hear about it, with or without a camera! ;)

  23. Glad Shyla is feeling better and so glad you had the dogs on leash, that is definitely scary!

  24. Wow! This is scary! Do you ever let the dogs out alone?


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