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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sunshine and Scavengers

Our day started off pretty well, with some sunshine and fun.
Shyla showed off for the camera by using her favorite combination trick - cross your paws and rest your snout on them!
Then the clouds returned, I took a trip to the physical therapist, and now I am getting a migraine.
The expression on R's face in the last photo reflects how I feel!

I am working on putting together the chronology of scavengers who helped eat the deer carcass. Two coyotes came and went during the day that the carcass lay nearby. One of them had a weird bare patch on her head, as you can see in the next photo. Do you think that's mange or an injury?
The other coyote had no bare patches. In fact, he looked very fuzzy with a wet winter coat. He's a handsome canine!
Hopefully, my head will be well enough for me to look through more of the trail cam photos tomorrow!


  1. hoping it was an injury that is now healing over and regrowing hair. :) fine looking coyotes you have! and fine labduo. :)

  2. Mom only had a migraine one time and she said they are terrible! Feel better!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. The rest of that coyote's fur looks pretty good so maybe it is just from an injury. Our little twin dancer now has the migraines her mom has - so hard to watch an 8 year old in such discomfort. Hope your subsided.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. They are beautiful. Hope the head pain goes away quickly.

  5. Probably an old injury....but what do we know, we're suburban dogs.

  6. Not sure what is going on with the coyote....I'm hoping it's an old injury too!

    Hope your head feels better soon!

  7. Hope the headache disappears soon. You have two beautiful nurses.

  8. So interesting! Were the coyotes traveling together? I didn't know that coyotes could get mange?

  9. Hope the headache goes away soon.
    The coyote's scare me even with their fluffy coats.
    Happy Crazy Love to Shyla and R
    xo Cinnamon

  10. I hope you feel better soon! Those pups are too cute!!

    The coyotes are neat! I wonder what is up with her head, too? If you lived anywhere else I'd say spring shed out..

  11. KB,,, we hope your better tonight!
    We love the photos,

  12. Could the coyote be shedding out? Maybe I just saw that possibility because I am surrounded by animals shedding out right now!
    Hope the migraine let's go of you soon. Take care!

  13. That combination trick is the sweetest thing. :)

  14. We hope your migraine is history, KB!

  15. I hope you feel better soon... and we probably are in the same club...after I saw the PT-guy in the morning my head turned into a bee-hive... and I was there to fix the problems with my hell-bow and my neck... a miracle...
    easy rider

  16. I love all those pics. The coyotes are great.

  17. I sure hope me, Leah and Jim don't show up on your cam because mom faught we were home in bed sleeping and not out in the dark wif wolves.
    Maggie Mae and Leah and Jim

  18. That is a good looking coyote. The ones here are skinny runts
    Lily & Edward

  19. Sorry you have a migraine! Actually to me, the bare patch looks like a big chunk of winter coat got rubbed out. I know coyotes can do some really patchy molting come spring. That coyote is definitely looking wolfy with that pose however!

  20. We sure hope you feel all better soon. Maybe those critters can chase that headache away.

  21. Good luck on your migraine going away! I'm so sorry you have to deal with them.


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