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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Goofy Black Dog

R decided that it was time to make his voice heard the other morning.

He makes me laugh and laugh when he gets into this kind of mood.

At one point, he decided to shake his head while howling, which made for a very goofy look!

Then, during a later break in our mountain bike ride, he howled while waving. R is such a character! In contrast to Shyla who tries incredibly hard to do exactly what I'm asking her to do, R takes creative license. I like it!

On the topic of Shyla, we haven't learned as much as I'd hoped that we would by now. Our regular vet is away, and she is usually the one who gladly answers my many questions. I did learn that Shyla's phenobarbital levels are "within therapeutic range" for preventing seizures. The question that I didn't get answered was whether we can consider reducing her dose given that the side effects are still so strong. Another vet is working on this question for me, trying to get Shyla's neurologist to weigh in.

It's been a tough couple of days because I'm not feeling very well and we're still worried about Shyla. This photo seemed to match my mood when I took it yesterday.
It is a photo of the snowy peaks of the Continental Divide with dark storm clouds gradually engulfing them. We have snow in our forecast for three of the next four days. That's a good thing in terms of keeping our neck of the woods moist and healthy - although it is mentally hard to accept going back to winter after having tasted springlike weather!

Let's hope that good health will return to our pack and to the very dry world around us!


  1. This is a test. I've had some commenting problems recently.

  2. Well some buddy looks happy
    Snorts and a Woof,
    Lily & Edward

  3. R, you are such a hoot! We sure hope sweet Shyla can retun to fun and normal soon.

  4. Glad that Shyla's levels are good; sorry for the ongoing uncertainty! Wishing positive developments for you both.

  5. R, we love you, we bet you have been working hard to lift KB's spirits. For some reason we have blocked our memory of a lot of those trying days for Ciara, but we do remember that she too was within therapeutic ranges but on the very low end. An adjustment was made, but in the end her neurologist does not believe that the pheno did anything constructive for her:( We hope your regular vet returns soon as we are sure he can reassure you with answers.

  6. What a fun guy! we hope you get some helpful answers for Shyla soon
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. We are so glad you have R to make you laugh on the the gray days :-)

  8. R was singing the song of his people, eh? Sure hope there's good news on Shyla soon!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. R is a nut...what great photo captures! We hope for returning health for all of you as well. It has to be so frustrating to not see Shyla's side effects diminishing like they were supposed to. :(
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  10. I can hear R's howl just looking at those pictures!

  11. We hear R singing,, here in Oregon.!
    We hope Shyla starts improving soon.

  12. Momma just smiled and smile when she saw R. I laughed and laughed. You should get a video so I can sing with him.

  13. So sorry you are under the weather. I do love your goofy black dog and his singing. We've never had a dog that did much barking and none that howled although one of our Springers would occasionally howl in her sleep, waking the whole household. Come to think of it, she did howl in the early post-op days after an ACL repair.

    Here's hoping you get some heavy snow for soaking and then a warm-up to get you back in Spring and that you and the rest of the pack are back to normal.

  14. R is a real comedian. I am sure he brings you lots of smiles.

  15. I have all four paws crossed fur Shyla. R is hilarious, I could almost hear him!
    Yur Furend
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  16. I fell hard for R during his goofiest days and remain nuts about the boy. If I could get Stella to "sing" she would be a perfect dog to me. I keep trying but my howling just makes her look worried about me! Guess I will have to quit! All best wishes to you and Shyla, Jo and Stella

  17. Let it snow!!! And let those meds gradually lose the side effects. Hugs.XXX

  18. Those pics of R are adorable!! Glad he can help to lift your mood a bit. I know it's tough times and hope Shyla will be able to go on a lower does. Sending pawsitive thoughts!!

  19. There's nothing quite like a 'talker' to make us uprights smile. Is Shyla on CBD Oil? Elsa is and we are able to keep her dosage of phenobarbital lower.


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