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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thankful Thursday - Springtime, Our Black Dog, and Shyla

We have had a frightful period of warm, dry, and windy weather. It's produced the earliest spring signs that I've ever seen. It's scary - to be honest. At this time last year, we were dealing with several feet of snow on the ground.

Alas, there is a lot of snow in our upcoming forecast so perhaps our terror of potential wildfires will let up. My favorite forecaster says that some models have 4' or more snow falling here over the next week. I am so hopeful that his forecast is right - and our world will get the water it needs.

Because I can't change our current weather, I'm choosing to be thankful for it as I sit our deck typing! We have mountain bluebirds here already. Their plumage is so brilliant!
Don't worry about them - they flee to lower elevations during our spring snow storms.

Like every year, they don't love having their photos taken so this one took off just after this photo.

And, our wild crocuses are starting to bloom.

I was down on the ground admiring the flowers when I saw a tick perched on one. Yuck! We shouldn't have ticks this early in the year!

Most years, we are inundated with snow now, and I feel like winter will never end. For the first time, I planted amaryllis bulbs timed to bloom around when the late March "endless winter doom" feeling hits me. The joke is on me because they are blooming now, and we have wild flowers outdoors!

As it is thankful Thursday, I don't mean to sound like a broken record but I am SO grateful for the time I've had with R while Shyla has been sidelined by the side effects of phenobarbital. I love our black dog, and he's made me smile almost everyday even when the blank look in Shyla's eyes has made me want to weep.
Our vet and others have told us stories of people who gave up on phenobarbital during the adaptation period - and so they never found out if it would stop their dog's seizures. They feel that their dog's spirit is gone forever. I totally understand their decisions because it does feel as if Shyla has been "absent" during this phase - and that would not be an acceptable state in the long term. I am so thankful for my vet and my friends who keep reminding me that Shyla will almost certainly be back just like the millions of epileptic dogs before her who have started this medication.

In fact, in the hugely thankful category, I think that it's starting to happen. Shyla has a sparkle in her eyes for more of the day now, and she runs around with toys at random times (not just during her golden 30 minutes in the morning). Her coordination still isn't up to par - she often stumbles and slips while playing - but I'm so glad that she wants to play.

I hope that we'll be able to let her romp outdoors again sometime soon!

Thank you to Brian for hosting this blog hop!


  1. Hari OM
    Oh those blooms are a delight... but extra special is the blue bird in flight!!! Blessed Thursday to you all. YAM xx

  2. I'm trying to enjoy the early spring also…in spite of the lurking feeling it's a bad sign. Your flowers, wild and otherwise, are gorgeous. We saw a bluebird in our yard this month for the very first time! Glad Shyla's perking up a bit - but I never get tired of seeing the black dog R!

  3. All those flowers are so pretty but we hope you get the snow you need to keep the fires away. Paws crossed that the real Shyla will start to emerge soon.

  4. We love the photos and we are thankful that R and Shyla bring joy into our home whenever we see them!

  5. Waiting is the hardest part of medications and healing. We hope you get snow, we are only getting rain. Around here it has been so warm, we had to start heartworm and tick preventative over a month earlier than usual. Hopefully next winter will be long, cold, and real snowy!

  6. We are so happy to hear that you are coming around, Shyla! yay!
    Your flowers are just beautiful and so is that magnificent bluebird!

  7. I wonder how R will respond when Shyla does get her "groove" back? I am sure he will be just as happy as you!

    Cheers, Jo and Stella

  8. Hopefully the snow will kill those ticks.

  9. We had a beautiful spring day here but we didn't see any pretty bluebirds. But we sure are missing some wetness. We had so little snow and virtually no rain since October. The ground is so hard. Hopefully the rain they are predicting for the weekend will happen.

    ONly a few more days for Shyla:) Get ready, she is going to be SUPER!!!

  10. that is wonderful that Shyla seems to be coming back to normal! Hopefully in a few more days!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  11. We're rooting for you Shyla!!!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. Here's hoping Shyla is turning around the bend and will soon return to her normal self. Still sending those positive thoughts your way.

  13. Keep looking on the bright side of life. Sending love and prayers for Shyla.

  14. OMD.. BURDIES!! I loves to chase them, butts they're too fast for me.... Shyla, I am sooooo glads that you are starting to come outta your stupor ~ I gots my paws crossed real tight that you are gonna be right as rain any day nows!!!!
    Oh, and Ma thanks you for the link to the fishy pills! She's gonna check out all the stuffs tomorrow
    Ruby ♥

  15. The flowers might not be too happy if they get buried under 4 feet of snow (but it's welcome to drown the ticks!). We hope you get it if it so much needed though.
    We're so glad to hear that you are seeing Shyla perk up just a bit, and that you get the reassurance from your vet that this is all expected, and should be over soon.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  16. Glad to hear that your Shyla is beginning to make a comeback. LOVED the mountain blue bird pics. While I tend to be very pacifist, I hope you squashed that nasty tick!


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