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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Elk, elk, elk!

We've been seeing our elk herd regularly recently.

I like to see them in the afternoon when the light is golden.

Some just ignore me and keep on munching on the dry grass. The younger ones are more prone to stop eating to check me out like the one on the far right.

Many males still have their antlers but I bet that they'll drop them soon. I've thought about training Shyla to show me where antlers are because I know that our herd drops them in our neck of the woods.

One day, I saw the herd while I was riding my bike. They were jittery. First they stared.

Then one stuck her tongue out as they departed.

My last view of the herd was their rumps disappearing over a rocky embankment. Notice how their ears were rotated 180° listening behind them to make sure that I wasn't chasing them.
It's a tough time of year for the elk. All the vegetation here is dry and brown. Very few plants are sprouting yet. I've read that this is the hardest part of the year for the weaker ones to survive. I am rooting for some moisture so that they can eat green grass before they depart for the high mountains in early summer.


  1. Antlers are so pricey to buy and you can get them free! Find, Shyla, find! The elk's ears look so funny turned backwards☺

  2. I love seeing your elk herd, but even if they were not in the photo the view of where they are would be enough. what a wonderful place you live in.

  3. Mules rotate their ears individually so they can hear from all sorts of directions at the same time - I don't know if other animals can do this, do you?
    Here's hoping you get some good, soaking rains or nice, deep snows very soon!

  4. I would train her to find antlers. They sure are hardy, surviving what they do.

  5. That is so cool about their ears! I think you should train Shyla to find antlers too. As much as she loves nose works, I bet she'd be great at that.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  6. We think Shyla could be an Antler Dog....just like there are Truffle Dogs. We pay about $20 for a small antler piece for the dogs to chew. You may be able to start a business....BOL! The elk are so well camouflaged in that golden light. Just beautiful.

  7. Lots and lots of them! Happy Earth Day!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Amazing what those ears can do. We hope they find some good vegetation soon.

  9. I've never seen elk give raspberries to anyone before! That's too funny. I agree with other commenters, train Shyla to find the antlers. It's like having a grocery store right in your back yard.


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