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Friday, April 14, 2017

The Black Lab Body Guard

R escorted us on the trails again today. I think that he knows what his job is. I asked both dogs to "take a bow" but he insisted upon standing tall and burly like a body guard!

The wonderful sounds of birds singing in the treetops made me pause there for longer than usual. Shyla snuggled against R and fell asleep. He definitely makes her more comfortable.

We had a peaceful ride, filled with the joy of the two dogs romping together.

It was the warmest ride of the year, with me in shorts and short sleeves! What a glorious feeling after a winter of being bundled up. I have no doubt that it will snow here again (and I'm rooting for that!) but I enjoyed this day.

You can tell that it was warm because the dogs were panting for one of the first times this year!
Again, we saw no other people during our ride. Most of our rides involve complete solitude. That's one reason why the event during our ride the other day was so utterly shocking. I'd really like for Shyla to see her first "stranger" in the forest with R present but it might take weeks of borrowing R from the Runner for that to happen.

Shyla has seemed very happy and unworried on our rides with R. I think that we'll take him with us for one more day, and then we'll try it on our own. R will go back to his routine of running with the Runner. We sure have appreciated how R has bolstered Shyla's confidence since that day that the woman decked her.

I hope that you're having a great spring holiday weekend!


  1. Shyla looks so happy having her packmate along!

  2. Hari OM
    Warm spring days and togetherness ease all manner of 'aches'... YAM xx

  3. R is such a good brother! I'm glad he was able to make sure Shyla's next few outings were happy ones. I hope that's what she remembers when you go out without him.

  4. I'm so glad you have such a strong companion and helper in R! He is bound to make Shyla feel more confident. They are such a gorgeous pair (I think I say that every time you share photos of them together - LOL).
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  5. R could easily be a member of the Secret Service.. and he needs no gun. LOL.... they are so beatuiful

  6. R is such a great big brother. We know Walter is the one that benefits from having his sister with him when away from home too.

  7. Good job R, we know you take your guard duties seriously!

  8. So glad Shyla has such a wonderful brother in R!

  9. You are the bestest, R! Have fun romping on your beautiful day!

  10. R, you are the BEST brother!!!!!! We can tell how much Shyla loves and trusts you.

  11. They both look so happy together. You are giving them a great life.

  12. What a beautiful pair! So glad that Shyla has felt more secure with R beside her. Hoping that woman never sets a foot on your area again.
    Hugs and Happy Easter.

  13. You certainly have extremes in your weather up there. I suppose you learn to adjust to whatever the day brings. Great idea to have the black dog along with you. And of course, he's always got Shyla's back. And yours as well. Enjoy the sunny weather as you wait for more snow.

  14. I am so glad that R is there to help Shyla feel safe. I hope you never ever ever see that evil woman again.
    Ruby ♥

  15. Maybe Shyla was practicing her Downward Dog pose, while R was doing Mountain Pose in additional to be her sentinel?😇


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