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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Black Dog Sunday

Our Black Dog, R, had a birthday during our time in the desert so we called it his birthday trip.

Believe it or not (I don't), he turned ten. He's been on Earth for 10 trips around the sun. We are so lucky to have shared those years with him. He still sometimes has the look of a puppy to me.

And he most definitely has the exuberance of a puppy! I play a game with the dogs where I put a small pile of treats about 20 yards ahead of them as they sit in a stay. They must not move until I get into position with my camera. Then, I say "3-2-1, go" - and they can sprint for the treat pile. You'd think that it might be boring by the 1000th time you've done it in your life, especially since there's no competition for the treats. But, no, nothing is boring to R.

Here is R at full speed after I said "go" a few weeks ago!

He sprinted so fast that all four paws were off the ground at times.

And he kept sprinting the whole way.
His excitability and exuberance go hand in hand. I'll admit that the excitability part can drive me batty sometimes - especially when I have a migraine.

However, I absolutely always love the exuberance. If I'm ever feeling down, all I need is 15 minutes in the great outdoors playing with R. I'll be smiling by the end. I hope that everyone (who can handle it) has an R in their life!

And, most of all, I hope that R has quite a few more trips around the sun with us!


  1. Hari OM
    Such joy of living in the now expressed here! Blessed Sunday to you all. YAM xx

  2. we often talk about Jake and the joy we get from watching him, he is about to turn 13 in Jan and has always been just like R. he still has the heart and can sprint once or twice, but the levitation like R is doing here is gone. they never get tired of running. I love what the golden light does to R's face and his eyes are so soulful and beautiful

  3. Happy birthday to my favorite boy R, and many, MANY happy returns! He's given me many smiles, too :)

  4. Happy Birthday R! His lack of much gray on his muzzle keeps his age a secret.

  5. R looks fabulous! Happy birthday, big boy!

  6. That head tilt in the first shot is priceless! Happy Birthday R!!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday R! It's so good to see you flying around the desert!

  8. Happy 10th Birthday, R! Stay young forever, buddy!

  9. Wishing R a very happy 10th Birthday!!! I just adore his face and his eyes get me every time - so much life and spirit in those deep eyes. These pictures really express his true nature.

    Thank you for your heartfelt comment on my post about Pip. I knew you would understand because of your relationship with K. I loved what you said about seeing the world through where she used to be - I so relate to that! Thank you.

  10. A belated Happy Birthday to R. He looks to be in a wonderful shape. I do have an R in my life, her name is Faith, she is much smaller than R, but mighty and so full of life and fun. Keeps me young.

  11. Happy belated birthday to the 'young' pup. I love that he still comes a-running for treats. Bravo.

  12. I can't believe he's 10! He looks wonderful! Happy birthday, R!
    KZK, Cam, and Mags

  13. Happy Birthday R!! Here is to many more
    Hazel & Mabel

  14. No getting bored when treats are part of the game. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO R.

  15. Happy Birthday to R!!! Hard to believe a 10 year old has all that energy. We hope he has many more trips around the sun.

  16. Happy,Happy Birthday to your handsome R!! I hope for many more "round trips" for him too!!

    You are right about their energy, even at 10! That's something I've learned about Labs since we've been fostering them. I love their exuberance and zest for life - It truly can lift you up when you need it!

  17. Happy Happy Belated Birthday to R.
    He is so full of zest it's always a pleasure to see
    him here on the blog.
    Happy Crazy Love ... & happy 10th R
    xo Astro

  18. Happy 10th Birthday, R! There is seemingly nothing better than a senior dog who acts like a puppy. ♥
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY R!!!! 10 years old - you look like a puppy still to me. It must be your amazing owners and all the love you share that keeps you young.


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