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Friday, December 15, 2017

From wildfire to snow in a day

This winter has been warm and very dry so far. Yesterday, I spotted a plume of smoke during a brief blast of wind. In the photo below, it had spread out a bit (it's in the right center) and looked less threatening than when I first saw it. It is very odd to be concerned about fires in December.
I called the emergency number, and then sprinted toward where I believed that the fire was. Often, the firefighters have trouble finding the source of a smoke plume - especially because forest locations tend not to have official names around here.

When I arrived at the location, I saw that the firefighters were all over it, and the fire was almost out.
People said that the fire source had been a small grill that a transient had been using for cooking. It had been overturned, and the grass around it went up like tinder. The person had a fire extinguisher but didn't use it - he just disappeared. When I was there, the grill and fire extinguisher were lying on the ground near the fire. The fire spread to about 30 yds by 30 yds before it was stopped.

That was a disaster narrowly averted. I was shocked to learn that, even if they catch the guy who abandoned a growing fire that he'd started, he would be charged with only a misdemeanor. That's insane - we need stronger laws to protect against negligence with fire in the forest.

Today, we awakened to a welcome sight! Snow! Not much - but it's something.

Shyla was hopping with manic energy at the sight of snow! I'm not letting her be at her normal activity level yet but she had fun in the brief period that she was outside. Yes, she was airborne quite frequently during our short ride.

Then she decided that she wanted to play with a stick. I threw it for her, and even the exertion of playing fetch didn't make her cough. Actually, I don't think that she's ever coughed during this illness while she was running around outside. It always happens when she's been resting indoors and gets up suddenly.
There's little doubt that we are almost to the end of this illness. The Duo started antibiotics mid-week when our vet became worried that they were both getting secondary infections and might be heading toward pneumonia. The antibiotics halted the coughing in its tracks.

More than anything, I think that Shyla is very glad to be feeling better again!
Happy Friday!


  1. Shame on that person for abandoning and thank doG the firefighters were right there. The laws definitely need an update!
    Love your frosty muzzle, Shyla!

  2. Hari OM
    Yes, the same in OZ; given the risk of bush/forest fires in current climate conditions, proper punishment for such carelessness would surely minimise such behaviour. Glad the dogs are on the mend! YAM xx

  3. she looks wonderful and so glad she was not coughing and the meds are helping. that is so scary about the fire, and i am glad you are all safe, that could be so dangerous.

  4. So glad to hear the duo are feeling a bit better!!

  5. Yes, stronger laws for stuff like that is a must. How can people be like that! Amazes me. So glad the dogs are feeling better, and on the mend.

  6. Down here we are in fire restriction season, everything is tinder dry, and even a whiff of smoke is so scary. So good to see the authorities there quickly. A little snow is a good sign that Shyla will enjoy a lot more very soon.

  7. Oh my word mom's worst fear is fire...thank goodness you are so very observant...What in the world somebody knew they started a fire and walked away. That just makes us want to SCREAM.
    Thank goodness kennel cough is gone and we continue to send healing thoughts and purrs your way
    Hugs madi and mom

  8. Scary about the fire. I've been thinking recently that the danger is probably even worse right now because all vegetation is so dry. The recent snows may not stick around long.

    Hope the pups are feeling better.

  9. Fires are scary. And dumb people like that should be punished severely. No snow here, but maybe for Christmas. We are glad the antibiotics are kicking in. That must have been one very strong strain of kennel cough.

  10. Glad they are getting over that kennel cough!
    Hazel & Mabel

  11. Happy Friday KB, I have to say I get so angry at those transients who purposely or carelessly start fire, here or anywhere. So glad the firefighters were on it so quickly. We had a very light dusting of snow yesterday as well. I know the mountains desperately need it and so do we.
    So glad Shyla is almost over her kennel cough. Sending big hugs your way.

    1. I get so angry at all the campers who do it. The suburban-looking normal families who come here for a night often leave their campfires burning. What are they teaching their kids?

  12. One would think with the devastating fires in California...loss of property and deaths, it would be more than a misdemeanour!

  13. How people can not be more careful with fire is sickening!

  14. Man, I am soooo glads they stopped the fire so quick! WTD? why didn't that guy use the fire extinguisher???? sigh. Anyhu, I am ever so happy that you guys are feelin' better!!! Sendin' lots of POTP and healin' vibes!
    Ruby ♥

  15. Jeez people never fail to amaze me. Common sense seems to be a vanishing trait. So happy you got it reported and stopped before too much damage was done. A misdemeanour is no deterrent at all. Crazy.
    Very pleased to see Shyla is over the worst and feeling better.

  16. It's sad about the fires but lucky you found it so fast. I'm glad to hear the pups are feeling better.

  17. Last week we saw a plume too - I checked the Fire Company website, and they were doing a controlled burn. I agree - it’s late in the season to worry about fires. Glad your pups are feeling better.

  18. Thank God you saw it and called the authorities. Shyla looks great

  19. Fire fighters are the MOST pawsome humans. We had a very scary week last week as the Creek fire was very near us. We, of course remained calm, but our mom was a wreck!

    Otto and Osa

  20. I remember those bad campers who started the fire! Its just terrible!
    I am glad you got some snow,, even a little bit.

  21. Phew, we're glad the firefighters were on the ball! And glad Shyla's feeling better too!

  22. I'm so glad both dogs are feeling better....and that the fire was under control!


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