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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Magic of a Puppy

Tumultuous would be the best description of life in our pack these days. With worries about R and some other out of the ordinary things, I feel as if I am off-kilter.

But then some friends invited me to drop by and meet their puppy. She's still tiny - barely as big as a person's shoe. She's a yellow Lab within her first couple of months of life.

She has already learned that she loves chewing sticks. I wonder if she's been talking to R. He chews nothing besides sticks... so sticks must have cracked the two teeth that he had pulled last week.

All that chewing has not affected her puppy breath! I love puppy breath! It's like a magical elixir that cures all that ails you.

Every time I see a puppy like this one, I want to get one of our own. I've often thought that perhaps our next puppy will be a yellow Lab. This little yellow Lab even has cute eye lashes! She didn't help me to keep up my defenses about getting a puppy.

Alas, when I snap back to reality, we have many good reasons not to get a puppy right now. Two good reasons are R and Shyla, both of whom need our attention.

I was really floundering with regard to R when we were first hit with the unexpected news of his tumors. I found that adrenal gland tumors are rare so I couldn't find a lot of good information about them on the web. That didn't stop me from trying - and I went around and around googling different combinations of words - until my head was spinning hopelessly. I felt so lost and so sad.

Then, the next morning, I decided to play with R rather than google dog cancers. We did his crawling under a line of 10 chairs and then reverse crawling back to his original position. He LOVES that game, and barks with joy between repetitions. It's actually a rehab exercise but you'd never know it based on how ecstatic R is about doing it. I made a little video of him and me playing the other day.

He does it with as much excitement as when he leaps into a mountain lake!
The truth is that R simply loves life. As we played, I realized that he's okay right now. He appears perfectly healthy so I should enjoy these days with him, without letting clouds on the horizon darken my mood too much to have fun with him. This is a lesson that dogs teach us over and over and over again.

Angel K taught me that lesson, and I will try very hard not to forget it again.
Dogs see the brilliant rainbows and ignore the clouds. Aren't they amazing creatures?


  1. Hari Om
    They are. Puppies melt the heart, but we have to remember they are a LOT of work too!!! Your two are so lucky to have you. You are lucky to have your two. That reverse action is something to be admired by many a truck driver!!! YAM xx

  2. you did the right thing, life is what it is and R is what he is and having fun with him is good fro him for you and for us. I smiled all the way through the video. now I want to snuggle a puppy and smell puppy breathe

  3. Awwww, I love puppy breath. Enjoy all the R moments, and the Shyla ones too.

  4. Oh my...I would have tried to conceal that puppy in my coat as I left. I have also always wanted a yellow lab. I even have a name picked out. But you are right - I am glad reason prevailed and you won't be adding a puppy at this time. Plus, it's probably not good for a friendship to steal someone's puppy. ;)

    Still praying for the best with R. You are right - he IS enjoying life and it's excellent to focus on that. There may be some difficult decisions ahead with him - but for now - I hope you can just focus on each day as it comes and whatever challenges/joys it holds.

  5. You move very quickly frontwards and backwards underneath those chairs, R! It's amazing how happy you are with the simple things♥

  6. That was a rehab exercise? Wow...he's more agile than I am! Continued good thoughts while you spend time enjoying his happy life outlook.

  7. Take every day with joy and laughter, and look at the rainbows, those skies in the morning, and at the end of each day, thankful for life as it is right now.

  8. There is nothing quite like the wonderful medicine time with a puppy can bring to a heavy heart. And if that puppy has to belong to a friend, that is even better when times are a little rocky. That little gal is adorable. R is the perfect example of a dog who loves his life no matter what. All the best as the days unfold.

  9. Puppies are wonderful...when you can give them back. So cute, but loads of work.

  10. That wee one is so cute. We love seeing R enjoying everything!

  11. All you can do is enjoy the time with R. No one knows what the outcome will be. We went to the vet with Katie expecting a heart murmur and left with a heart tumor, also very rare and no cure. It is devastating but you go on as best as you can.

  12. There's no vaccination for puppy fever! What a great job R with with the chairs, especially in reverse!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. I don't know what to say. I know the heartache and the up and down of emotions. We've had our share of tumors. The hope and reality, trying hard to find balance. We just want you to know our hearts are with you and R and your family. We are thinking of you and your beautiful black dog.

  14. You are very right. R is enjoying life right now and so should you despite the many dark clouds over your head. Nothing solves problems like puppy kisses.

  15. Puppy medicine,,, the best! It was good for you,,
    and then the time you spent with R.. was good for him!
    Angel K was so wise! And R,,, is showing us too,,,, how to live.
    Love the video of R!

  16. They are amazing. Simply enjoying R is the best therapy for you right now. (and that little bit of puppy therapy didn't hurt either!).
    I love R's tricks, especially the reversing under the chairs!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  17. Yes indeed, carpe diem! R is teaching us lessons. Sad news here - my sweet 15 yr old Emma passed away suddenly Saturday morning. Seems like just yesterday we found her - 6 months old, skeletal and mangey - outside in the sleet on a January day. The years fly by...

    1. Oh no. I'm so incredibly sorry. Emma was so lucky that you found her and gave her such a loving life. I know how your heart must hurt right now. Sending you love and hugs.

  18. Love how R goes backwards too!!!
    keeping our paws crossed for R
    Hazel & Mabel

  19. Yep. Yep... and yep! Lessons abound when one has animal companions. If we listen. xxx

  20. Oh wow that sweet puppy looks so much like Toby at 8 weeks old. Brought back memories…and the video is amazing! R is something else. I love it that you say 'nips' on the reverse spin :)

    1. You picked up on "nips"! What a fun little joke :)

  21. That puppy is about the cutest little thing I've ever seen, except for of course all the other puppies. And other babies of pretty much any species. :) I'm such a softie.

    I met a big black Lab outside the grocery store this evening when I stopped by on my way home. I told him he reminded me of R and gave him some good scritches in R's place, as well as for him - such a good handsome boy! I don't think he could do that chair thing though! Impressive!

  22. Puppies are so sweet (sometimes...ha). Yellow labs are my favorite. My grandma had one for almost 17 years and she was such an amazing dog.

    Paws crossed for R!

  23. OMD, that video is amazin'! It's kinda like a scrunchier version of a tunnel run, butts building more muscles! I don't knows if I could do the reverse though, I would freak out if my ass hit one of the chairs! BOL!
    That puppy!!!! adorables! Ma has been watchin' Airedale puppies on IG and I've been giving her dirty looks.....
    anyhu, yes, you should enjoy today ~ no one is promised tomorrow
    Ruby ♥♥♥

  24. I'm glad that the puppy helped you get new perspective on things! They are definitely good reminders of what we should be focusing on. I'll keep my fingers crossed that R keeps enjoying life for a long time.


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