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Friday, December 8, 2017

So Grateful for the Morning Light

I fell into the dark abyss again (worried about R) but I can smile when I remember the gorgeous morning light that Shyla and I enjoyed at sunrise this morning.

It was 8°F when we headed out this morning. That is the coldest yet this year but the air was still. The lack of wind made it feel pretty warm. And, I enjoyed that no one else was out in the cold!

This light is what makes this time of year happier for me. It's actually a rough season for me, with lots of memories of bad things that have happened in the depth of winter plus the glaring loss of my ability to ski due to my spine. However, I have learned to revel in the low angle sunlight - it's a photographer's delight!
As a fun aside, sunset has already reached its earliest time for the winter (yes, that happens before the winter solstice). Sunset will now occur a few seconds later every day until the summer solstice! That's worth smiling about!

Happy Friday!


  1. I, too, struggle with mercurial moods this time of year - one moment, it seems "cozy" and festive, the next dark and depressing. Thank goodness for our pups!

  2. Your morning light pictures are making us feel warm and happy. Brrrrrrr to 8 degrees!

  3. sunshine is Shyla's friend and she looks so beautiful in it no matter what she is doing at the time.

  4. Beautiful Shyla always makes the heart smile!

  5. I know well the abyss... I frequent it myself, more often than I should, my friend. Please know I am there beside you and will give you a help along should you need it. Our Mistletoe (15yo kitty) is in his final days (weeks? months?) but boy, what a roller coaster ride. One day he looks/acts like he's going to live to see 20yo and the next he looks/acts like he will be walking over the bridge any minute. Our hearts have been "exercised" well from the peaks and valleys. Blessings~ Andrea xoxo

  6. Stay warm and continue to enjoy the breathtaking light.

  7. We don't mind the darkness early in the evening as it makes for a more cozy, relaxing time, but we do miss the light in the early morning hours when we walk and run, now in the dark. Walk pics are limited for us in the winter because it is too cold for Mom to take her gloves off and get photos.

  8. We hope you can find more light in your life as things move along for R. We are pulling for him to win over his health struggles.

  9. The light and Shyla's chocolate furs actually look so very warm. We have been very cold also but no wind and that really helps doesn't it
    Hazel & Mabel

  10. The pictures look magical. You have to find joy where you can especially this time of year where every day can be a struggle, especially when you are worried about a loved one. God bless

  11. 8 degrees.. and Shyla does not look cold at all! We are frozen here too,,,burr.
    I know about that drrk abyss,,, KB,!! We know.. We are so sorry...
    Your right thank goodness for the light,,, for that special light,, that pulls you up and out,,, even temporarily,. those golden sun beams pulling you up KB.. Hang on,, and keep catching those magical moments,, that are before your eyes,, just for you..
    We understand,
    Shyla girl,, your spirit glows.!
    We did not know that about the dark days, and the longer days!


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