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Friday, April 20, 2018

Flower Friday!

Believe it or not, we have a few flowers blooming up here high in the mountains. Even more surprising is the fact that one of them is the Barrel Cactus. We have a lot of cacti on south-facing grassy slopes. I am surprised every single year when they are among the first flowers to bloom.

I saw the buds emerging on these cacti this morning, and then I saw the actual blossoms this afternoon. These ones were not fully open because it was still in the 30° range early in the day.

Later in the afternoon when it was warmer, some cactus flowers had opened even further!
When I photograph flowers, I often get down very low and close to the ground. I become totally concentrated on the flower and how to photograph it best. Needless to say, in a wilderness area with lots of large animals, that's a bit of a vulnerable situation for me.

I used to talk about how Angel K seemed to intuitively know to sit close to me and keep an eye on the situation. Shyla didn't do that for the first five years of her life with us. However, she now does it, without any training from me!!!! She sits close to me and patiently watches while I take my photos. It's such a nice feeling having my canine companion watch over me like that!
Each time a new dog joins our family, I "forget" that it took many years before our previous dog settled into the habits of daily life that I treasure so much. I need a reminder of how much time is needed for a human and dog to truly become a team. Shyla and I are getting there - and I've particularly been noticing how we've grown together over this winter and spring.

It's a sweet evolution in a human-dog relationship. It brings that deep bond that we can only really have after a number of years together.


  1. Hari OM
    All worthy relationships require this investment of time and patience! So rewarding when it becomes 'familiar'... YAM xx

    1. ...dang I meant to add in a link I think you will like... Rosie Nixon was on a garden show last night showing us how she contorts and plays to 'paint with light' and it is pretty much all in her own garden here in mid-Bonny Land! I thought of you when I saw it. Yxx

  2. I always find it so sad when people give up on their dogs not knowing that the best is yet to come. What a difference maturity and bonding make in the human-canine relationship. Not just on the dogs part but ours as well. I feel like the dogs and my cats have come such a long way, and it just keeps getting better. It is such a blessing to grow older with them and the trust and love that keeps growing between us.

    I know you've had some frustrations with Shyla and her fear, but just look how far you two have come! It is so exciting to see her take her position beside you and protect you. That is just beautiful and awesome.

  3. Your flowers are lovely, and I'm amazed that you have cacti growing in the Colorado Mountains! I'm always learning something new from your blog. Interesting that Shyla is sticking close while you are vulnerable now as K once did. I too think dogs, like us, kind of mellow and learn from years of interaction and experience how to truly become our partners and friends if the love and time are freely spent on them.

  4. Cute little cactus, love the color. Torrey does that to me. She sits patiently, near by and makes sure everything is ok. Sometimes, when I'm just sitting she will sit with her back against mine and watch what's going on behind me.

  5. Shyla is such a sweetie and those flowers are gorgeous!

  6. this is so true, and we have had 13 years with Jake and he is a base hugger to. it is great to have Canine Alarm system where you live, for sure. the cactus bloom is so beautiful and looks a lot like the night blooming cactus here. amazing it grows where you are and blooms

  7. Love the flowers, but love Shyla the best. She's a pretty girl and I'm glad you two are finally tuned into each other. So precious.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches and lovies to Shyla. ♥

  8. Those are pretty flowers. It's been too cold around here for anything to start blooming.

  9. What beautiful cactus flowers! You are a gem, Shyla.

  10. Thank you for sharing the amazing photos. We are all glad that you and Shyla are forming that special bond with each other. You both watch out for each other and the love will always be there. We see this special bond all the time here. It's one of the best things about this job. Have a great day and hopefully flowers will start blooming around here soon.
    World of Animals

  11. Shyla has a beautiful soul I can see it in her eyes...of course she is looking at you...
    Lovely barrel cactus
    Hugs madi and mom

  12. I don't know which is more beautiful...the colorful barrel cactus bloom...or beautiful Shyla watching over you!

  13. That is so sweet that Shyla watches over you like that, and that your bond grows stronger every day. Aren't those flowers beautiful! We are still waiting for our first blooms so I really enjoyed them!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  14. You have more flowers than we do. It is good that Shyla has learned how to protect his mom

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  16. The Barrel Cactus rocks, you take such wonderful photographs. We are glad Shyla watches out for you while you concentrate on taking them.

  17. I love the cactus flowers! Such a bright spark!
    The human-dog bond is so very special!!!
    PS: The photo course I'm currently taking is for Affinity Photo - Solid Foundations by Simon Foster. It's on Udemy. I've recently switched over to Affinity from using PhotoShop Elements and I am learning SO much!


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