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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thankful Thursday - Rainbows and Reflections

One night in the desert, we were awakened over night by rain pounding on the roof of the LabMobile. The driving rain continued throughout the night and into the morning. There is no sound that makes me want to sleep late like that one.

At about sunrise, the Runner was outside the LabMobile making coffee. At one instant, the sun found a slot in the seemingly endless cloud cover and shined through. A clear and gorgeous rainbow appeared to the west.

He called to me to hurry and see the rainbow. It was a full rainbow but I didn't have a super wide angle lens on my camera. I captured about half of it but the whole arc is seared into my memory.

That was a far better start to the day than I'd expected. However, soon thereafter, the rain started pounding on the roof again. My mood soured and then went further south when my phone rang to tell me that someone was trying to use my credit card hundreds of miles away. Argh.

I thought that we wouldn't see the sun again that day. Fortunately, I was wrong! As soon as it burned through the clouds, Shyla and I were out of the LabMobile preparing for a ride.

The rock world was covered in water. I enjoyed the reflections, as you can see!
I am thankful everytime Mother Nature gives us the gift of sunshine. It can turn my day around in an instant!


  1. Aww what some beautiful pictures!And I love your dog!!You are so lucky beeing in that Rock world!Myh ohh myh I wish i could be there!think of all that history:))
    Very unlucky someone tried to use your credit card..I really hope your bank fixed it..
    Here in Norway we finalyy got some spring!

    Wish you and family and cute doggie a nice day!

  2. Rainbows are always a gift, especially in the desert.

  3. The rainbow is so very beautiful! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. Glad that the sun and wet rock reflections scoured away that mood. Rain pounding on the roof is a glorious sound to us desert rats, unless we need to be out and about in it!

    Chris from Boise

  5. Hari OM
    I know we sometimes wish it was bright and warm and sunny ever day... but golly, it is so lovely to see the variety of possibilities in our climate! YAM xx

  6. Oh my goodness - how glorious! What a treat! We are seeing a double rainbow, KB!

  7. that rainbow is magnificent, good thing he was outside to call you, we would have all missed it.

  8. I know just what you mean, though sometimes being in a camper with the rain pounding on the roof can feel cozy too (though I'd still rather be outdoors). I really need some sunshine to lift my spirits these days, but it's been in very short supply around here lately! Hopefully by the weekend, fingers crossed!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  9. Wow what an absolutely stunning, once in a life time shot in photo #1. Amazing.

    I hope your credit card wasn't compromised to badly.
    Hugs madi and mom

  10. Rain, a beautiful rainbow, but coffee, that word is wonderful. I had not imagined huge rain puddles there, and such clean water with no pollution, what a bonus.

  11. Yikes on someone trying to use your credit card. Glad you stopped that.

    Yes the sun can change ones mood is a millisecond. I love the sunshine.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. ♥

  12. I love seeing the rainbow on the rock. I've never seen something like that before.

  13. That rainbow is stunning! Your photos are always so amazing - you even make puddles look good. :). Love the reflections.

  14. We saw a small rainbow here last week.
    But your rainbow must have been magnificent to see all of it.
    xo Astro

  15. Hi KB,, Here we are looking at your amazing photos, and time spent in your beautiful world. The rainbow is spectacular,,, We love to see rainbows,,, which do not seem to be very often,, but it always feels like a "gift" that lingers with you through the whole day.

  16. The beautiful rainbow and the simple puddle are both fantastic

  17. The period right after a rain can definitely lift the spirits when everything is clean and fresh.


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