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Monday, April 2, 2018

The Magic Carnivore Tree - Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, and Lion All Visit

Some of you may remember the big pine tree where mountain lions have marked repeatedly this winter.

You might remember this guy kicking off the marking season back in November.

Since then, the mountain lions have paraded to this spot. Each male has left his own mark in almost the same place as all the other lions.

Other carnivore species have visited as well. Here is a bobcat, small in stature but large in spirit.

As he departed the spot, he looked regally in the direction of the camera.

The next visitor was a coyote who brazenly urinated directly over the lions' scent.

The coyote was very wary, fleeing toward the cover of the forest a couple of times (as you'll see in the video). Here, he stood still to listen for danger. I bet that he smelled the recent markings left by lions who could easily kill him.

Finally, one of the kings of our forest visited just a couple of nights ago. He marked in almost the identical spot as the first lion back in November!

My trail cameras record video, which I put together into a single video of the visits of all of these animals. You can watch it here or over at Youtube.

Happy Wildlife Monday!


  1. That trail cam is a gem. You get so much action there - love that you call it "magic carnivore tree".

  2. Dang, that sure is a busy neighborhood!

  3. It's so interesting to watch the daily activities of nature's animals.

  4. We love seeing all of natures beauties visiting your cameras.

  5. OMCs Cousin Cougar is most handsome and look at those high beams.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  6. i laughed out loud when the coyote startled and took off. these are once again amazing. that is the most beautiful bob cat i have ever seen in a photo or video.... he is so big.. the bob cats in Georgia are half that size. love his face... you have all the different sizes of the food chain predators.

  7. Wow, I agree with Yam... JUST WOW!

  8. The bobcat seems so stocky, and with those ears, always stunning. Then the coyote, delicately poised, ready for take-off!!! What a gathering as they each visit in turn. I cannot imagine having all that wonderful activity at your back door, what a gift from nature, and your gift to us in sharing it.

  9. How fun to see all the visitors to the popular tree! There must be some good gossip there:) We love that little bobcat.

  10. Your blog is better than the Planet Earth series

  11. How awesome to have so many cool animals at the same spot!!

  12. That is probably like a forest tabloid for all the animals peeing there!

  13. Oh wow! your world is so full of WOW!!


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