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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Shyla Saturday

Shyla loves our morning outings as much as I do. At our old place, she knows all of the great photo spots. She's become a bit of a diva, always assuming that I am planning to photograph her. She poses before I even ask her to. She is the best model that I can imagine. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

Together, we are slogging through this stormy month. She adores the snow and the cold. It makes her want to run so fast, checking out every scent to the sides of the trails. Her energy lifts my spirits!

Happy Shyla Saturday.


  1. exactly waht I said to Bob this morning. How can we not be happy watching this dog? he has given us the gift of laughter, like no other dog we have been owned by... it is rare to go more than an hour without laughing at him..

  2. You do take the most beautiful shots, Shyla!

  3. happy Shyla Saturday to you too! XO

  4. Hi just go right ahead and show off your Diva-ness I love it and the camera loves you.
    Please tell Mom we had a wonderful experience a trail trek last week. It involved a choc. lab and a Burmese Mtn. dog. It will be on Monday's post.
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Great sillouette. It's so nice to have a pup who loves to be photographed. Don't you wonder what they are thinking about it? Angel Lexi loved the camera, too, and Xena is following in her footsteps.

  6. i am glad she doesn't have a a diva's attitude and make demands for treats before the pictures are taken

  7. There are days I wish I could have as much enthusiasm about the snow as Luke does! :)

  8. She's so clever posing like that. Our pets give us so much inspiration in the simplest ways, don't they?


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