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Monday, April 19, 2021

The Hachi Chronicle

It was a snowy and cold week in Colorado. Among all of our dogs past and present, Hachi likes snow the least. Despite that and moving back and forth between homes, he had a good week.

The snow began at our old place. I used to take Hachi out to play on our old land until people started trespassing very close to our house (it seemed like pandemic-induced lack of consideration). I spoke to them, and they were not apologetic or even pleasant. So, I stopped spending outdoor time with Hachi for a while due to worry that he would chase and bark at trespassers. 

When it snowed this week, I'd had it with inconsiderate people stopping me from playing with Hachi on our own land. So, we went out to play in the snow, and we had FUN!


No interlopers appeared in the midst of our play so it was peaceful. Hachi seemed very happy about it.

Then, the best fun began when we went to our new place. There's enough space for the pups to play to their hearts' content.

They love making funny faces together. It makes me laugh!

I do have to admit that progress on "real" training feels like it's been slow this week. Hachi was tense several times during our daily "Bucket Game" sessions. Our play sessions were so-so with Hachi worrying about things that we couldn't see. But, he handled seeing strangers on the trails near our old place remarkably well so that's good news.

It is truly astonishing how he is transformed when we arrive at our new place. It feels as if he has a clean slate with little history of fear there. That is a good thing.

We are seeing glimpses that Phase 1 of construction will be winding down soon so we'll be able to be there a lot more. Hachi will be happy about that!


  1. oh I hope they will disappear and you can enjoy playtime with Hachi... and I hope they will not bother the wildlife...

  2. I know you are all longing for the day when the final move will put you in your new valley... if it were not for all the snow, i would love to live far away from people in your valley. maybe a summer home.

  3. It sound like over all it was a pretty good week for Hachi and you.

  4. Sometimes folks wander about and don't realize they are on private property. That's why we always go to a park so we don't have this issue. Sorry this happened to you.

    Hachi is a most adorable pup. I know you do everything in your power to make his life as good as it can be.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  5. Sweet boy...happy he's getting more comfortable in his skin especially at the new place. Hopefully you'll be able to move in permanently soon.

  6. I saw a meme today, Me vs. We - inconsiderate people seem to be in abundance these days.

    Wonderful news to hear you'll be spending more time at your new place. But Phase 2 now...I hope there aren't too many more phases to go through.

  7. Hari Om
    A happy Hachi is a happy household! YAM xx

  8. We have a similar problem with trespassers and finally had to put up warning signs. Even then, people disregard private property. There seem to be many people who feel entitled to trespass wherever they please. Good that you can soon use your new property more. Our property values here have skyrocketed. It seems everyone wants to live in the mountains!

  9. trespassers, years ago our younger daughter shared ownership in a HUGE block of land, one day army personnel appeared. doing a training program I guess, had they asker permission? NO, they thought they would walk the 5 minutes or so to the road and get picked up by their officer, NO, you will walk back the way you came, about TWO hour slog through rough scrub and hills. maybe they learnt a hard lesson. I hope soon you will all be at Lab Valley, where there is safety, solitude, peace and no people intruding.Go Hachi, love that playtime you have in the snow.

  10. Hachi sure was having some fun and we're glad he totally loves your new place.

  11. It is terrible they drive you from your house but great that you always find a way

  12. I can't believe peeps don't even CARE that they are, not only on private property, butts so rude abouts it too! I'm glad you were able to play Hachi! I would have barked at them. yups. 😁
    LOVES the happy puppers in the Lab Valley! That is livin' the life my furiends
    Ruby ♥

  13. You've got two long roads, the one with Hatchi and the one with construction. Hopefully they will both pick up some speed.

  14. Labrador Valley is truly where Hachi belongs. Some day before you know it, this transition will be but a memory.


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