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Monday, April 12, 2021

The Hachi Chronicle

Despite the chaos of our lives, Hachi is doing pretty well. We humans are coping with construction decisions, and I am sometimes cranky about them. I think that remodeling a house is "death by a thousand decisions", and each of those decisions seems to be required *right now*. Today it is bathroom towel racks and which side to have the hinges on the basement door. Oh my...

No doubt, our stress affects Hachi. It becomes most obvious when we go back and forth between our places. He needs about 24 hours to settle in after a switch. That is understandable. I need 24 hours too. But, with Hachi, I need to work harder to remember to be more careful for those 24 hours.

In the first 24 hours, he doesn't play as well with me and the Runner. He will play a tiny bit and then check out his surroundings. Sometimes, he will spend half of a 10 minute session checking out his surroundings. We never pressure him to play. We simply make ourselves available to play if he wants. 

He almost never says "no" to playing with Shyls!

He also occasionally gets a little growly with Shyla in those 24 hours. That happened this weekend soon after we arrived at Lab Valley. We were out on a short hike, and it appeared that Hachi thought that the Runner was about to give him treats (although he was mistaken). He growled/snarled at Shyla who was next to him. Shyla barely seemed to notice but we humans did.

So, the lesson from this week is to be aware of the possibility of resource guarding when Hachi might be trigger stacked. I need to remember that what feels like a fun transition is also stressful.

This next photo was a fun from an indoor photoshoot when Hachi was about 4 months old. I love seeing the trio together. I remember Hachi's resource guarding from that day (no one else was supposed to get treats, in Hachi's opinion) - and that memory made me realize that how much better he's become since then. It is less frequent and less intense. That is a Victory!

We have accepted where we are with Hachi. We have wonderful days with him. Sometimes, bad behavior emerges. I have learned to analyze it and then let it go. It has taken me a couple of years to reach this point of acceptance, and I'm glad to be in this place. 

We are so glad that Hachi is part of our family.


  1. Acceptance is a good place to be. And that final photo is so wonderful!
    With the ongoing remodelling of my Torridon cottage, I totally sympathise with the 'death by a thousand decisions' problem. Be grateful at least that your government's Covid restrictions haven't banned you from travelling between the two houses all winter...
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. we so agree for remodelig a house... we couldn't say it better LOL

  3. I remember this photo and it makes me feel good and sad at same time. you have done a super great job with Shyla and Hacie

  4. Hari Om
    Always good to have photos which can remind us how it was - and how it is now! YAM xx

  5. We totally understand the anxiety around remodeling. It was bad enough just redoing our kitchen. It's good to hear Hachi is doing well and you have learned how to help him best.

  6. Oh the remodeling decisions are indeed stressful. Getting it right the first time is so important and far less expensive that the redo.

    Awww on the shot of all three of your pups. I know that Hachi has come along way because many of us have traveled with you on his journey.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the precious pups. ♥

  7. I love the photo of the three of them!

    It sounds like you have a huge remodel occurring; I've only dealt with small projects and those were stressful enough. Hope it's over soon if they're onto small finishes.

  8. Oh my goodness me the photo of the mind's eye saw a heart them. Shyla and R's heads being the top of the heart with the bottom forming at Hachi's sweet feet.
    Just caught up on Black Dog Sunday too
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. Hachi is a lot like some of us humans with good days and some not as good. Acceptance will go a long way with this handsome fella.

  10. Decisions are so hard, the only glitch we had was when the wrong hand rails arrived for the walk in shower, the plumbing store wasn't happy when I wanted to return them, but it was their fault as they ordered the wrong ones, A gap in the ceiling, dust everywhere, no shower for about 2 weeks, luckily we had a vanity and lovely friends next door. Love the trio photo, it says so much, and look how far Hachi has travelled with you on this part of his journey in his life, He is so lucky too.And in his heart will be so glad you chose him to be in your lives.

  11. Love that last photo. You are so loved, Hachi.

  12. Hachi sure is trying hard and I'm so glad y'all are there for him. Love that trio portrait too.

  13. That has to be one of the most precious, sweet pictures I have ever seen.

  14. Over the years we have noticed that some dogs we have had are very sensitive to change, positive or negative or even a neutral change. Once all that construction and renovation is complete we bet you will notice even more improvement with Hachi. He is really doing so well.

  15. Love the photo of the three together! Once you settle he will fee better I bet, but he will probably always have difficulty with change.

  16. OMD, that last photo is adorables! I am so glads Hachi found you ~ the bestest pack evers!
    Ruby ♥

  17. Oh yes, I remember that stress from remodeling too! I'm sure Hachi is very sensitive to that, Luke is like that too. He gets upset if he knows I'm upset.
    Hachi is in the right place with your family, that's for sure! Understanding can be the most important thing. ♥


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