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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Black Dog Sunday

The flowers are starting to bud, reminding me of the sweet times that I'd have with our Black Dog in the meadow wildflowers.

Every summer except his last summer, our Black Dog would run along side me as I rode my bike to a spot the meadow where we'd settle in to enjoy the beauty.  Even with an elbow that hurt and being almost blind, he loved our little bike rides so much that he'd bark joyfully while running next to me. I'd smile the whole way.

I think that our Black Dog believed in the motto "Live, love, bark" no matter what curveballs life had thrown at him. He didn't let a day go by without finding some joy.

Happy Black Dog Sunday!


  1. Hari OM
    Just about the pawfect motto! YAM xx

  2. Live Love Bark , Brilliant - Absolutely Brilliant - Go Team Human


  3. That sounds like a great motto to live by. R was the perfect example of that.

  4. He certainly choose a wonderful motto to live by and share.

  5. he will Always be a special soul.
    we have many teachers in life. and he was one.
    the pure Joy to be had in simply Living! xo

  6. this says it all: 'He didn't let a day go by without finding some joy.'
    Oh what we two leggers could learn from our furry friends
    Hugs cecilia

  7. R, you could teach us humans so much about living each day to the fullest degree, your smile never faded, and your love lives on always.

  8. We should all learn a lesson from you, R. You were one very special boy♥

  9. We're always reminded why we all feel in love with that special guy.

  10. Another loving and beautiful post about that wonderful boy R. He always looked so stunning in a field of flowers.

  11. I am sure his soul is still amongst the flowers

  12. Such a handsome boy who inspired us all with his joyfulness.


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