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Monday, June 21, 2021

The Hachi Chronicle

Hachi had another good week. One day this week, we had two workers inside the house all day long. He and I hung out in the basement because that was the quietest place in the house. He seemed fairly calm despite strangers being nearby.

Then, during a break in the chaos, we busted out for a hike in our valley. As soon as we were out of sight of the house, Hachi romped in the wildflowers. It is so wonderful to have land where he can run despite his issues with strangers. It seemed to relax him so much.

While we were out, I couldn't help but visit the amazing and delicate wild irises in Labrador Valley. Since Shyla wasn't with us, he watched my back while I focused my macro lens on them. The pattern on the petal reminds me of a runway inviting insects to land in the pollen.

Our regular vet will soon be able to let one client come into the clinic with each dog. Because she knew that we were waiting for this day (there was no way we'd terrify Hachi by sending him in by himself), she reserved us a spot on the first day. So, Hachi has a vet appointment!

I've never before had a dog who worries me so much when it comes to vet appointments. We immediately started practicing vet exams with Hachi's behavioral therapist who specializes in helping dogs like him. We've been working up to this for a long time with all of our practice of "cooperative care". Despite that, I know that it will be hard for him. We'll just try to minimize the stress so the appointment doesn't lead to a setback.

All in all, it's been a good week for Hachi. That's all that I can ask. He's a good little pup.


  1. we are with you. impossible to send one of the two alone into the treatment room. fortunately we just had an annual checkup through that time, so the vet came out and gave them their shots in the car...

  2. Hari OM
    All improvements, however small, are to be applauded! YAM xx

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  3. Just loving your wildflowers.
    And wishing Hachi all the best when his vet appointment comes around.

  4. My paws are crossed that your vet appointment goes well for you, Hachi!

  5. What a happy pup Hachi looks like running through those wild flowers. That iris is so beautiful!

  6. I'm glad Hachi had a good week and I'm glad he's got a vet visit where you can go with him. So important for him and for you.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  7. I dreaded vet visits with Jake, and had 13 years of them, which means I know what you feel. but you have a better attutude and handle on making changes than we did. that does look like a bee landing strip

  8. what a pretty flower and most happy and gleeful Hachi.
    I have 100% faith your practice will pay off at the Vet visit
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. That meadow images of the flowers and a smiley Hachi is just too cool! Vet appointments aren't fun for anyone but hopefully things won't be too horrible for your sweet boy.

  10. We can totally understand the fear both of you will have going to the vet. No matter how calm you try to be, he will sense your nerves as well. Hopefully it will go fairly well. You all work hard at this and it will be a test of where you are at.

  11. I'm sure there's an aura of fear that Hachi picks up at the vet's. I'm glad you had a good week with him.

  12. Doing the happy dance for another good week. We are also going to hope for the very best for the vet appointment. We bet he surprises you with his good behavior.

  13. I think I started reading your blog a little over a year ago (or maybe less) and I certainly can see the difference in Hachi since then. I am always impressed with your patience with Hachi and willingness to do whatever you can to help him. He's a lucky pup!

  14. We hope Hachi does better at the vet. He is doing great everywhere else.

  15. We're so glad Hachi had a good week, and hope his vet appointment goes as well as possible. ♥


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