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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Tiny the Black Bear and other bears head to their dens

It is the time of year when almost all of the bears have headed into dens. However, we still get treated to seeing some videos of them because I am visiting the trail cams that they passed back in October.

One trail cam captured my favorite bear, Tiny, marking a tree before he headed for his den. I thought that he looked really good. He's super fat, and his limp looks just a bit less bad than in the spring. He's certainly flourished despite the injury that he sustained a few years ago.

On one ominous note, the road-building is continuing into the core of Tiny's territory. I've mentioned this road-building project near our old place in the past, and it breaks my heart to watch the wildlife scattering as their territory is destroyed.

But, for now, Tiny is still doing fine. Check out the video to see that with your own eyes!


  1. can I come with them please? a hibernation is the thing I really need ;O)

  2. Oh yes, Tiny is looking quite the chubster, well prepared for a long cold winter.

  3. It's good to see Tiny and the others looking well before their long winter nap.

  4. I'm beginning to feel sorry for that tree. But the bears are fabulous and so are you with your cameras and editing skills so that we can share these moments in nature. Thank you.

  5. they do look ready for the long hibernation, carrying enough to live on.. hurts my heart to know they are taking away their homesteads...

  6. Tiny is...corpulent! Sleep well, bears. Happy solstice, KB!

    Chris from Boise

  7. Wow, that is one big bear. I thought the first bear was big...ah no, Tiny eclipses him by a mile. They both look fat and happy and ready for a long winter's sleep.

    I echo Mike, Happy Solstice!

  8. I never tire os seeing videos of Tiny and the other black bears! 🐻

  9. I need a scratching tree like Tiny has
    Hugs to you, Runner and the pups

  10. We hate that Tiny is losing lots of his domain. Happy sleep Tiny!

  11. I know that we have to build new roads but I hate to think of the animals losing their land. It is their earth too.

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