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Monday, April 11, 2022

The Hachi Chronicle

This week saw more progress for Hachi.

First, we had a really good visit to the vet clinic exam room. Hachi had only one minor outburst at noises in the hallway. For the rest of the time, he relaxed more than ever before. We had him do his repertoire of tricks in the room. And, for the first time, he relaxed enough to want to explore the room. He sniffed all of the corners, furniture, and veterinary equipment. I thought that his ability to explore was a huge sign of his less-stressed state of mind. He did super well when we did a mock exam on him. Afterwards, we started talking about how to introduce another person into the room. That'll be a big step.

Then, our wonderful neighbors offered us the chance to use their house for our weekly appointment with our trainer. A new setting can be tough for an underconfident dog. Hachi handled it well. He was curious about their house, sniffing and looking around. But then he settled into our normal routine. We played all our usual games, and we also did the bucket game with our trainer. This week, she was within 4' of him (it was 6' last week), playing the role of the vet without actually touching him. She said "hand" and then reached toward him as if she was going to touch him. He was fine with it!

Weeks like this one are so rewarding! We love our Hachi.


  1. What amazing progress, Hachi is the perfect pupil , and coming along so well. With spring almost there, happiness in warmer days and Hachi ready, almost, for the next step. I hope you are taking each day slowly .

  2. that was so nice to offer you a place... and we love to read such good news...

  3. this is truly amazing that this is working so well. I know how much work is involved but it still amazes me and also makes me so happy for Hachi

  4. Hari OM
    That's the best news I will read this morning! YAM xx

  5. A True Reflection Of His Humans - Well Done


  6. We love hearing that Hachi is making good progress. How kind your neighbors are to help you by lending their home to you for the training, too.

  7. What wonderful news to read this morning. You will get there, Hachi!

  8. Wow!!! Proud of all of you!!!

    Chris from Boise

  9. Hachi is such a brave and trusting puppy...The best years of his life started the day he found you 3 aka his furever pack
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. A great week for Hachi and for you. Adorable he is.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  11. That's wonderful for Hachi and that was very nice of your neighbors!

  12. That is so awesome! Hope he continues to be challenged and succeed.

  13. Hurrah! That sniffing behavior is HUGE. Well done.


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