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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Advancing veil of clouds

Yesterday afternoon K and I didn't walk far because she kept adopting this posture, worrying me about her paw.
Fortunately, although she still had a big limp that caused her head to bob with each step, she tugged on the leash this morning, eager to enjoy a wander together. She climbed on one of the myriad boulders scattered across our landscape by a retreating glacier eons ago. I didn't notice until I uploaded the photo that the moon still watched over her.
The sky glowed cerulian, and K noticed a feather perched in the seed pods of a Mariposa Lily. She sniffed it and sneezed! Then, I noticed its gorgeous outline against the sky.
After leaving K at home, I took a long mountain bike ride by myself. I missed having dog company. In fact, I repeatedly thought that I heard R sprinting up behind me like he did yesterday.
Alas, although I imagined dogs running with me, none were there. But, I enjoyed the beauty of the day, as it morphed from a bluebird day to a storm-shadowed day. As I rode along a ridge, the ceiling fell toward me and the air turned bitter cold. I crashed hard yesterday, and my injured wrist starting screaming with pain as I labored up the hills and attempted to control my steed down rocky hills.
I stopped for a rest and I noticed a tenacious Ponderosa Pine growing out of a crack in a boulder.  Not only did it perch precariously, but it endures hurricane force winter winds rocketing off the mountains visible in the background. I looked at it in awe.
Soon, the angry gray cloud veil that had hovered over the mountains swept over my head, completely obscuring the sun. Now, the view to the east had just a sliver of blue remaining.
As I entered the homestretch, I realized that my wrist felt marginally better and concluded that it probably wasn't broken. I even managed to grasp my rear brake lever forcefully to stop and look at these tracks. I believe that they are the tracks of a mountain lion. No other people or dogs, aside from me alone, have traveled this trail since it snowed 10 days ago.
These tracks moved purposefully across my snowbike path and under a pine tree with low boughs. I visualized the lion lying in wait for a distracted deer or elk to wander past. I also imagined how, when the ground is snow-free, I fly down this slope and could easily zoom past a lion under a tree without noticing him. His tracks then exited the pine umbrella and headed north toward a steep canyon wall. I followed briefly and wished our fiercest predator good luck before continuing toward home.

Nearby, I checked a wildlife camera that I've had up for weeks with NO animals crossing in front of it. Yesterday, I moved it by about 10 yards. What a difference a small adjustment makes! Camera placement is the key skill in using a trail camera. I'm still learning...

A buck yesterday afternoon...
A doe early this morning...
Followed closely by her fawn.
Very near here, I've captured multiple mountain lion photos. Now I know what attracts them!


  1. Mountain lions!! Ooooo I am scared!!


  2. I love the daylight color pics of the wildlife. Its really beautiful.

    I hope K's Paw continues to get better and I hope your Paw is not hurt badly!

    We are supposed to get a good snowstorm tonight and tomorrow. We haven't had a big one yet, so its due!


    Jo and Stella

  3. We also meant to say that the old/new header really looks great!

    I love the addition of the magpie, and the border.


    Jo and Stella

  4. LOVE the header art!
    and the photos today are really spectacular! K's foot looks good! (you'd think they would have cut her toenails way down while she was anesthetized...)
    i long for the goal this winter is to take a ski trip out west with my cousin Dudley....maybe Breck, Jackson Hole, many choices...

  5. I think the moon is watching over both our pups, and like you I continue to be grateful for that.

    Your pictures never cease to amaze me and draw me in by their beauty and detail of the place you call home.

  6. K was looking very sure footed (sure pawed???) in that second photo. Keep healing!

  7. Love the new artwork header!! I hope your wrist is ok now, and K is continuing the heal and grow stronger. I found the pine in the boulder particularly interesting. Nature is truly amazing!

  8. I love the art work in the header! And it's nice to see that K is improving.

    I must admit, it scares me that you are riding with an injured wrist...the one that works the rear brake yet. Don't go head over heels and be careful out there.

    The photographs are lovely as they always are. Keep healing K!

  9. What a great new header photo - very creative and festive.

    We hope the paw continues to get better with each day. I broke my wrist several years ago - it was very painful until the cast went on, and then just plain annoying. Hope yours is just bruised.

  10. I love the new header!

    K looks like she's determined to push the healing process on. She must take after you! She does look beautiful in front of that blue sky.

    I've heard that feathers are a sign that a loved one who has passed away is near to you. Perhaps one of your past dogs is cheering K on, too!

  11. Hi KB, I'm back in Breck where it's snowing. After a few day's break from the computer, I've been reading to catch up with you and your adventures. I'm happy that K is now using her paw. I also hope that she doesn't experience fantom pain from the amputation which was obviously necessary. Her trusting eyes say so much. I just love the new header painting! Good Luck in the coming week! (Hope you are feeling better, too!)

  12. kks: It is crazy that they didn't clip her nails when she was under anaesthesia. I haven't been able to see them in a very long time due to her casts and bandages... so they are soooo long and actually messing up her paw mechanics a bit. All that I can do is clip off an iota every other day. It's going to be a long time before they are a normal length!

  13. I am just catching up on your postings!

    I think K's paw looks good, I hope she continues to heal and do well.

    I am sorry to hear about your wrist, hope that you are feeling better:)

  14. Nice buck pic.

    Yes, camera placement is an art. I typically look for evidence of well-used trails and will place my cameras to cover the trails. If you can find a spot where two trails intersect, it is an ideal spot.

    Good luck.

  15. Your photography and your descrition of the beauty around you, takes my breath away.
    Weather we wish on stars or the moon,,, we are all sending healing wishes to K.
    And we ask that mother nature watch over you, as your adventures lead you to so many new places.
    Your new header is awsome
    thank you again for allowing us to share your world.

  16. Have just noticed the new seasonal header. Great fun !

  17. Luv the painting! :)

    Glad K is continuing to do better.

    Those clouds sure do look menacing.

    Hope your wrist heals up quick!

    Those trail cameras are the best. They catch such amazing things!

    Waggin at ya,

  18. K looks beautiful! You better remind her that she can't be sneaking through the snow though! Her preciously unique paw print will give her away from now on! Beautiful nature shots!

    The Heartbeats

  19. Hope that K's paw continues to get better and that your wrist feels better too!

  20. Now you both can't have paw injuries! Please take you carry a phone? In was just watching a documentary about mountain lions. They're incredible predators, indeed. And K's pa looks pretty good- no swelling, I think?

  21. Hi Y'all,
    Beautiful heading! Some beautiful shots.
    You must have sent those clouds east. We had some interesting storm clouds during our travels today and tomorrow is supposed to be a washout followed by frigid temps.
    Take care y'all.
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  22. The lines and texture of the feather photo are phenomenal. I could just sit and stare all day. I can even imagine the wind rustling through the feather.

    I hate that you crashed but am glad you were able to negotiate the remainder of your ride and that you were going slow enough to capture those tracks!

  23. PS: forgot to mention that awesome moon shot!!!


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