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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Mountain Lions

For this Wednesday, I'd be grateful if you could help me choose my best mountain lion photo to submit for the trail camera contest. Please choose your #1 and #2 favorites if you have time to help! Thanks!
Mother and kitten at a kill

Big male covers mule deer with snow


Summertime stroll
Last Wednesday, "Stand up and fight like a bear" got the most first place votes by far while "Kiss and make it better" got the most total votes. I'm still pondering which of those two photos to submit as my bear photo.

Thanks to all of you for your supportive comments about K's impending surgery. It was a tough decision but you've all reinforced my confidence in it. Some of you asked questions about it which I answered in a comment attached to yesterday's post. Tomorrow is the surgery day.


  1. Summertime stroll!

    We'll be thinking of all of you tomorrow!

  2. Summertime stroll is my favorite with with Big Male covers mule deer with snow as a close second.

    We will be thinking of you tomorrow. If you get a chance, check our blog post tomorrow. It is a "Special K" post.

  3. Yep...Summertime Stroll!

    I am sorry I is here so late getting heres about K! I know you has been dealing withs so much but please know dat we is thinking real hards and send out our doxie vibes to gives you and K strength tomorrow.
    Please keep us posted and we has ya'll on our thoughts!


  4. I vote for the last photo (1) and the second photo (2).

  5. Mother and kitten (1) and Summertime stroll (2)

    I read your beautiful encounter with the bobcat yesterday. How amazing to come across him in your time of soul searching. A rare blessing. We will be thinking of you and K tomorrow and our paws will be crossed for both of you.

  6. Summertime stroll is really good, and my #1 choice. The top photo is my second choice. I hope all goes well tomorrow with K. I'll check back for updates.

  7. Summertime Stroll and Big Male Covers Mule Deer are my top two favorites. It's hard to pick one, but that last one just looks like it caught him in the middle of a leisurely afternoon.

    We got our surgery day over with today and Blue is resting at home. We have a few things we have to watch closely for. I think we're fortunate that Morgan went to class tonight with Mr. Taleteller. Now we are sending all our good luck your way for K tomorrow! I hope that it goes smoothly and K's resting at home tomorrow night with you, too!

  8. #1 - summertime stroll and #2 - mother and kitten at a kill.

    All our very best good thoughts and wishes for tomorrow's surgery to go well and for the answers to be ones you can work with.

  9. Summertime stroll!

    I'm thinking of you and K. I'm glad you feel good about your decision. I loved your metaphor about riding your bike and navigating the best steps for K. I know you'll be able to respond and stay upright as you move forward.

  10. Torn between Summertime Stroll and Mother and Kitten. I think Summertime Stroll has the strongest, natural angle and the full view never hurts!
    I'm sending to you and K all positive thoughts for tomorrow's surgery and recovery. Many hugs!

  11. Summertime Stroll is my very favorite, and the Big Male Covering the Kill is #2.

    Is there a place to enter the Bobcat pics? I love looking at them but can't even imagine walking past that in real life!

    Big Prayers going up for tomorrow's surgery. Special K (I love that DK Wall guy, don't you?)
    will come through just fine, I am sure.

    Are you sure R won't indulge in a
    'shroomcicle if he finds them?

    Cheers and hugs all around,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  12. #1 - Summertime Stroll
    #2 - Big Male covers mule deer

    We're thinking of all of you and wishing you well.

    The Road Dogs

  13. 1. Summertime Stroll
    2. Mother and kitten

    I hope things go well tomorrow. We will be thinking of you.

    Your pal, Pip

  14. 1. summertime stroll
    2. big male covering deer

    you'll be in our thoughts tomorrow. all the best :-)

    (my word verification is 'catingb'.

  15. 1. Big male covers mule deer with snow

    2. Mother and kitten at a kill

    K, my paws will be crossed that all goes well tomorrow, as I know it will. I, and my human, will be sending you tons of positive healing thoughts, good luck wishes, and quick recovery vibes! You are a strong, handsome pup and will get through this with flying colors!


  16. #1 Summertime Stroll
    #2 Big Male Covers Mule Deer

  17. I'm gonna go with
    1. Summer Stroll
    2. Big Male Covers Mule Deer

    I am sending you and K good wishes for tomorrow!

    Wiggles & WAgs,

  18. #1 Summer Time Stroll
    #2 Big male cover his dinner.

    We are sending postive thoughts for K's surgery tomorrow.

    All of the blog world have their paws around all of you.

    We will be with you in thought.

  19. I love summertime stroll! With him covering the mule deer (pic 2) second.

    We will keep you and K in our thoughts and send lots of vibes for a safe surgery.

    Holly and Khady

  20. 1 - Big mule covers deer...
    2 - Summertime stroll


  21. Well, we're just tagging along with the others.

    Most important: paws crossed for K tomorrow & thereafter. She'll have to adjust her life to her new circumstances, but we're sure she'll manage with it with her usual grace and dignity.

    Pictures: we join with the majority in liking Summertime Stroll best, Male hiding mule deer second.

    Jed & Abby

  22. Summertime stroll and Big Male .
    Will be thinking of you all tomorrow .

  23. As usual I agree with Angus: Summer stroll and Big Male.
    Fingers crossed for K and you for a fine result to day. Love EM

  24. #1 summertime stroll
    #2 covering carcass

    sending positive energy your way today....


  25. I would have to say "Summertime Stroll" ... awesome picture!

  26. 1.Summertime Stroll
    2.Big male cover his dinner

    Thoughts and prayers are with you and K today. :)

    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  27. Big male covers cached deer

    I just attended a wildlife tracking conference, where Sue Morse gave a wonderful presentation about mountain lions and bobcats. Your photo perfectly illustrates a behavior she described. When a cat covers a killed animal, it will stand over it, and reach out with a paw and drag material back. They can estimate the size of the animal by measuring the length of those drag marks radiating out from where the other front paw is burned into the snow.

  28. I'm here via the thunderig herd's blog. Hoping K's surgery goes well and her recovery is speedy!

    Amazing photos!
    1. Summer Stroll
    2. Big Male Covers Mule Deer

  29. Hi Y'all,
    Wanted you to know that my paws are crossed for y'all.
    Try not to wear a hole in the floor with your pacing. My Human Momma said she would add her prayers.
    I'll watch for y'all to update.
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  30. Wow! More great photos! We like the summer time stroll, although it was really hard to chose!


  31. Definitely stroll! Beautiful!

    We love K by the way! Lots of love surrounded by the power of the paw...

    The Heartbeats

  32. I like #4 (summertime stroll) and #1 (the mother and kitten).

    We'll be thinking of all of you all day today.


    Rox and Lilly

  33. Jumping over from the Herd. Hope the surgery goes well and paws are crossed!!

    Dude, that's a big kitty! I like number four. That must be one big litterbox!!! :)

  34. I love the Summertime Stroll. Big male would be my second choice.

    Thinking of you and hoping the surgery goes well.

    Matt and Morgan (and the greyhounds of course. Bunny, Blueberry, and Lilac.)

  35. I guess you'll have no trouble narrowing the field this time... another vote for Summertime Stroll. I have tried to judge these the way I've seen seen photography contests judged and by imagining what others will enter as their best shots. Based on other contests I have seen, it could come down to things like proper exposure and composition, and this one hits all the right buttons!

    Best of feelings and wishes going out to K and you...

  36. Oh "Summertime Stroll" definitely! Those lions are just soooo impressive! I think the second photo gets my #2 vote. Good luck! We will be thinking of you and K so much tomorrow - sending our golden vibes for a pawsitive outcome. Congrats on the bear photos too!
    Big Hugs xoxoox
    Sammie and Avalon

  37. Summertime Stroll is my favorite, too... but I like Mother and Kitten and Big Male, too! Gosh... I guess I like em all!

    You are in my foughts... and I am prayin for good results and a speedy recovery!

    wif love from the Luke

  38. 1 and 2 are my favourites. I am sending my very best purrs for K's surgery.

  39. I believe "Big male covers mule deer" and "Dinner" are perfect trail camera shots. They are especially unique since the camera caught the carcass. While "Summertime stroll" is a wonderful shot, it is just a mountain lion. The other two reflect the LIFE of the mountain lion.

    Hope K is doing well. I'm sure all of you are exhausted.

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