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Thursday, November 11, 2010

K is home

K is home after a very long day that started at 5 AM. She's constantly crying and whining, either from the anaesthesia or pain so I'll keep this short. The surgery went smoothly, and tissue samples are at the local vet school for analysis. It may be until the middle of next week before we learn what evil process was eating away K's toe bone.

Last night, I did our regularly scheduled training session but I decided to be silly. I taught each dog to balance a toy on his/her head. K learned very fast because she's had this kind of indignity imposed upon her previously. It took longer with R because he thought that it was like the "treat on the nose" trick, and kept trying to flip his head back to toss the toy in the air. Finally, they both balanced their toys at the same time!
K is balancing a new toy given to her as a get well present by a friend. She loves it!

I'm not one to sit at home and brood while a pup is in surgery so R and I headed out for a bike ride. He zoomed around like a fiend, making me laugh out loud more than once. What a perfect companion for a day like today. The photo below was taken yesterday, next to our bobcat's favorite boulder outcropping, when there was some sun to brighten the day.
Today, there was no sun. My snow bike emerged from its summer of hibernation and gave me super power - the power to pedal through thick snow. I had forgotten how much I love this bike. Its tires are 4" wide but the frame is titanium so it's very light. The bike handles like a tank - nothing stops it or slows it down.
I pedaled through a surreal world, with fresh snow and freezing fog. The pogonips formed intricate crystals on naked aspen twigs.
After my snow riding, I checked a wildlife camera to discover that my spirit friend, the bobcat, had visited to give K and me strength to handle her toe amputation. First, the bobcat snuggled against the camera, marking it with his scent. See the fresh snow flakes on his back? Imagine living in the forest through our winter storms. This animal is feisty and strong.
Then, he walked away, giving us a good look at him. The Year of the Bobcat lives on.
A short distance away, he passed another camera but from afar. I'm starting to put together the pieces of his preferred paths through the forest. They don't include many human trails! Moreover, I'm discovering that predators rarely use the same trails as prey like deer or elk. It's fascinating to figure out how our wildlife moves through our landscape without us seeing them very frequently and also while avoiding each other.

At a nearby spot, a deer foraged in a snow squall and frigid temperatures. It wasn't an easy night to make a living in our forest.
Now, I'm going to take care of K. I'm trying to keep my hopes high that we've cured her by amputating her toe. I simply cannot think about the alternative.


  1. Your good omens are here on the post - in black and white!

    Her whimpering sounds consistent with the after effects of the sleepy juice -

    Thanks for the silly pic moment - it made me smile!

    Of course, Khyra loves the snow shots AND the 'khytty'

    We'll keep the paws 'khrossed' and vibes headed West!

    Please ask K and R to pass along a hug from us!

  2. It's good to see a post from you today! I've thought of you and K a few times today and hoped that all was/went well for her. Know that we are keeping you all in our prayers for her pain to subside and you both get your much needed rest!

  3. I'm heading off to bed soon, but just dropped by to see how today went. I'm glad K is home with you now, and hope things settle down so you all can get some much needed rest. Take care!

  4. How long do you have to wait before you know anything more? I'm glad to see that you are still getting out and doing the things you love and that you have R to make you laugh.

    I'm learning a little bit about mountain biking as I want to give it a try -- nothing too too challenging but I'd love to bike through the woods versus the blacktop. Your winter bike is very impressive. I can see why you love it.

    Keeping you and K in my thoughts.

  5. I am very glad to know K is home. I hope with all heart that she will be OK. Good thoughts and prayers to both of you.

  6. So glad K is doing well and is home safe and sound. We've had our paws crossed for you.

    Love that bike! Looks like it will get you through anything!!

    What beautiful scenery with the snow. I have always loved winter. We are stuck between fall and winter right now and I think we (the dogs) are all dreamin of snow!

    Take care

  7. I am glad K is home with you safe and sound. That snow sure is pretty. We are having a very mild November so seeing snow is very strange.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. So glad to hear that K's home safe. Let your vet know if the whining and discomfort continues...sometimes it's tough to predict what a pup's pain tolerance will be. There's some great drugs out there to get her through the immediate future. Take care of yourself, too!!

  9. I've been waiting all day to hear the news about K! I'm glad that she's home and hopefully she'll be resting comfortably soon. I already feel more optimistic today about Blue than I did yesterday, so I hope you feel the same after tomorrow. K's been tough enough to look after you through surgeries and stick with you on the trails for years -- she'll pull through! I loved the picture of K and R doing their new trick. :)

    That bobcat sure doesn't seem to be fazed by much. The wildlife must have to be pretty active to get through snow like that!

  10. SO glad K is back home, as I'm sure you all are too. We wish her a speedy and pain free (if possible) recovery!

    PS - your snowy shots are quite something...looks like a winter backdrop screen shot! Amazing!

    PS 2 - cute trick picks of K and R!

  11. I am so furry happy to read that K is home, and looking very good! I am sure the crying/whining is from the effects of all the meds, and perhaps a bit of not knowing what is going on, all the changes, etc. What a trooper K is! And they both look so funny with their toys on their heads! Laughter, even for pups, is always the best medicine!

    Seems like the animal kingdom is giving you and K lots of good omens. My paws are staying crossed for K and I continue to send healing and love to her.

    Hope you have a comfortable, good nights sleep tonight, K!


  12. Thank you very much for the pupdate. I'm so very happy that K's operation went okay. She's ever so lucky to be so luved and protected and taken care of. My paws are crossed for the news that you're hoping for.

    Those are most beautiful pictures!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  13. Even with Vets and techs that K knows its still scary for her to go there, do the surgery, wake up and come home. Has to be very puzzling to a dog. Now that you are by her side I am betting each day is better.

    Hugs and Snooter Kisses for your girl!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  14. I just got home and had to check on the surgery news. I'm glad your girl is home, but I'm sorry to hear she is feeling so poorly.

    That toy on the head trick is a hoot. I'll have to try that.

    Sending you both vibes for a good night's sleep.

  15. All good thoughts to you k. We still see you have a good sense of humor. What beautiful pictures of the snow and wildlife
    Benny & Lily

  16. A long day for sure. I'm glad K is back home. Take care of your girl. Those ice crystals are amazing. (So, it's snow bike time already!)

  17. We're not ones to leap at spiritual signs, but the reappearance of K's Spirit Guide [or KB's? or both?] must be a good sign. We agree with Khyra: moaning is a common side effect of the happy juice. She might get thirsty, too. We're sure the vet sent K home with pain meds. You'll know by tomorrow if she needs more or different ones.

    We think K & R have the patience of Job to sit there with toys on their heads. Must be a Lab thing.

    Paws crossed for good news and a speedy recovery.

    Jed & Abby

  18. As some of the sleepy medicine wears off, K will start being less anxious. I think sometime,, medicine can confuse them a little.
    I hope you all get some rest tonight. Hopefully K will not have too much pain. We will keep her in our thoughts.
    The wildlife at your moutian,,, are circling their paws around you,,, that is why there is so much activity on your films..
    Awsome photos -just awsome.
    love and xoxo

  19. Sending much love and tender healing thoughts our to K and some gentle hugs for your heart.

  20. Hope you all sleep well after your long day.

  21. Everyone who reads this blog knows that K is in the most loving and capable hands.

  22. R's like "hey who turned out the lights?"

    K looks indignant in the toy shot! Anesthesia is always so different for each dog so i hope she is back to herself very soon.

    I have a titanium Deand mtb. I don't find it very light at all, but then again, all my racing friends had aluminum and/or dual suspension, neither of which i like. give me a regular hard tail anyday. i think the titanium mtb i have is 23 lbs, but I really prefer how it handles over the dualie i had before it. simple, classic.

    i never had a snow bike. i'm sure if we lived THERE we would... oh wait, what am i talking about? we live in um, the Alps... i'm definitely NOT showing this post to Mr. WD lest "2 snow mtb bikes" end up on his To Do list. he likes having options and is big into "economy of motion" so if getting a snow bike would be easier than changing wheels and tires out... oh boy... that's 2 more to add to the fleet.

    hugs to K...

  23. We are sending lots of woofs and purrs to K all the way to France. May she heal fats and completely.

    Surely, the Bobcat was a good omen!

    As for the silly picture... it's just perfect!

  24. hope K settled in and is doing better today.....
    the bobcat is definitely a sign...such a beautiful animal and so visible lately!
    and the it.
    hang tough....

  25. I am glad K is home. I hope she continues to feel better. The anesthesia can make one feel a bit out of sorts and confused, but focusing on balancing a toy is a great distraction.


  26. So glad K is home and hoping the first night went well. We have paws crossed for good test results.

  27. Thank you fur the update on K. I will keep sending puppy prayers to all of you. My paws are crossed fur good test results too.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  28. Your snow amount surprised me! Beautiful snow shots! Your post gave me both smiles and sadness, but Hope for K. Wishing her the best!

  29. Definitely thinking of ya'll!

    The Heartbeats

  30. I am happy to hear that K is on her way to feeling better. I love all your wildlife shots they are amazing.

  31. Give K a hug from Sam and Monty! We are keeping paws crossed for her.

    I love the snow pictures!


  32. Sending lotsa(((Hugs))) and warm get-well wishes for K! I am sure that you must be emotionally exhausted despite sounding amazingly upbeat. Thank you for posting despite everything. Thinking of you...

  33. All good thoughts K's way. The noises are most likely from the sleepy drug - they don't like it much. Hugs and prayers your way!

  34. We are glad that K is home with you. We hope that she will continue to heal.
    Those are great pictures! Love the one where both K and R were doing the balancing act. Their faces are just precious!

  35. Aw. Today was the day. We'll be holding healthy thoughts for K. She has so much spirit! Hoping this moment in time will pass quickly.
    The snow and fog blanket is beautiful and dramatic. Love the crystalized twigs.
    Those 4" tires with the light frame, sounds very fun!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  36. it's a relief to hear that K is home and that her surgery went well. i'll be thinking of her all weekend and hoping for quick healing.
    i love the picture of K and R balancing their toys, btw! R looks like he's wearing a sombrero, minus the middle. all he needs is a poncho. haha. :)

    the booker man and asa's mama

  37. Priceless shot of the labraduo balancing their toys!

    You got the snow that missed us. Makes for a very beautiful world! I chuckled at your trail camera capturing falling snow!

    I like what one commenter said, that the wildlife are circling you with the Power of the Paws! So glad K is home and able to pose for the camera! Still pins and needles until next week, though...

  38. We will continue to haves all ya'lls in our thoughts and prayers. Waiting furs da results has just gots to be da hardest part...ugggggh!

    Why you has to go and show these training tricks to my mum? My life will NEVERs be da same again...sigh! Dat okays, mum couldn't train nuttin.

    Beautiful snow fotos!


  39. Hoping K is feeling a little better today and that the results come to you quickly. We'll be thinking of you over the weekend, take good care.

  40. I hope K is doing better this evening. It's so uncomfortable to see our dogs out of sorts. I'm taking your example to get out and move when things are stressful. I'm so the type to sit around and wait. Look at what you could have missed out there.

    And WOW to your winter scene! Hugs to K.

  41. Thanks for the update on K. I hope she's beginning to feel better. Hard to believe you had to get the snow bike out. Great photographs.

  42. First night out of surgery... as you now know... is rife wif the unexpected and inexplicable sounds and behaviors... but it gets better.

    Some times you have to feel a little poorly in order to feel much much MUCH BETTER! Just sayin.

    wif love from the Luke

  43. Hello...I am still getting up to speed on everyone's blogs b/c I was in a nasty car accident on Saturday but nothing as bad as the stress you are enduring b/c of K (by the way, when are you going to reveal K's name? we'd all love to know what it is!).
    So glad the surgery went well and I hope to hear that K is going to recover quite nicely! What a brave 3some you are!
    I love that you spent some time being silly too!


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