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Friday, November 19, 2010


Today, even I could tell from outside K’s bandage that we’d inched in the right direction. It looked and smelled much better. The vet later confirmed my impression during our appointment so I’m feeling a hint of optimism that the antibiotics are starting to knock down the infection. Her paw is still draining bad stuff but more slowly.

K sends her thanks to all of you who have sent her such nice messages!
I asked our vet how the bone infection probably started, and the answer is that no one fully understands bone infections. If I'd seen a wound on K's paw or even a badly cracked toenail in the recent past, the wound would have been a route for the bacteria to get to her paw bones. But, I know that she didn’t have a wound. Thus, the best guess is that she ingested or inhaled bad bacteria that survived in her bloodstream. For some reason, such as a slight injury to the bone, the infection settled in her toe. We’re still awaiting the final pathology report to be certain of the no cancer diagnosis and to find out what type of bacteria is inhabiting her paw bones.

This morning, K and I did our usual tiny stroll in the woods. She seemed determined to tell me that she felt better. I was alert enough to prevent her from scaling any dramatic boulders but I did let her stand on a small rock. She looks ready for a fight against the infection, doesn’t she?
During our walk, K voraciously inhaled invisible scents along our route. It turned out that a bobcat had visited after daybreak, giving us a rare glimpse of his fur in full daylight. Alas, he is determined to keep his tail turned toward my trail camera.

He entered our clearing and sniffed a stump that the coyotes like to mark.
Tail held at full mast, he scanned the area.
Then, he added a message to the stump. I wonder what it says? Maybe "Be feisty K, just like me!".
In addition, nearby, a parade of mule deer had passed another trail camera. Here, a curious mother and almost full-grown fawn posed! Do you see why they're called "mule" deer?
After my walk with K, I had my minimum daily requirement of Vitamin R when he joined me for a snowbike ride. When churning through snow on my wide-tired snow bike, I’m much slower than on dirt, and R zooms back and forth, making a circle around me, as I inch laboriously toward my destination. His grace and speed make me jealous. We arrived at a lookout point and relaxed in the windless air and warm sun.
We descended through a south-facing meadow that has already lost its snow carpet. Below R's chin, you can barely see our local ski area that is just opening.
Then, pleasantly tired and sated by breakfast, R snoozed. He does mellow out sometimes!
At the end of the day, I noticed green leaves bursting from the base of some mature Columbine plants. I wonder if the seeds dropped by the plant this summer have already germinated? The sight of green leaves poking up through snow filled me with hope.


  1. Finally - some good news! Yippee!

    We are so happy to hear that some positive news has come your way - we will keep sending prayers and hugs your way!


  2. SO happy that the Sweet K is feelin better and growin in the strengf ever day... and I love those pitchers!

    I hope she will be 'back to her true and old self' real soon! (I have the best feelin that she will!)

    As all ways, your photos make me sigh wif the pleasure. The pitchers of R are awesome, and I mean that in only the dudeliest sort of ways.

    wif love from the Luke

  3. Love the little green leaves -- surely a sign of hope. Beautiful photos today (as usual). :-)

  4. She IS a fighter, just like her human. So good to hear some progress is happening.

    Phantom has a photo for K and R tomorrow. For an old guy, he still has a bit of fun in him.

  5. It's great to hear that you are seeing progress already! I hope it continues until she is fully healed (which I know it will!!). She's got you, and that's very important!!

    Best wishes,
    Barbara, Trixie and Minnie

  6. Great to see THIS update!

    'K'eep up the great work!

  7. Wonderful news!

    K is so beautiful!

    BIG hugs to her!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  8. It's nice to hear that K had a good day. I hope things continue to move in that direction. Rest up and take care of yourself too. :)

  9. What good news! I don't know if you read the Porties blog, but its inspiring about overcoming a serious disease.

    I think you and K will have news like this for us one day soon.

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo and Stella

  10. I'm so glad that today is a better day. K is a fighter, and I know that she can take this thing head on and get on with her exciting life!

  11. There's just something about seeing green leaves pushing through the snow that always lifts my spirits!

    I'm so glad K is feeling better. We all know you can climb the tall boulders, K, so don't worry about proving it now. There will be plenty of time later!

    R looks so angelic sleeping there, I almost expected to see a halo on his head!

  12. What great and upbeat indications for K.

  13. What wonderful news! Keep on trucking in the right direction, dear K. All our paws remain crossed for your total and speedy recovery.

    Jed & Abby

  14. Oops - got a day behind in blog reading, so commenting on two posts at once. Glad that you have identified the problem and that it is not cancer. Qannik was our weirdest infection and the vet had to do some research to find an old-time antibiotic because the current ones were ineffective. Had to go through a pharmacy to get it and they had to special order it because "no one stocks that any more." Since it worked, the story is all amusing now.

    Here is to a successful battle against the infection.

    P.S. - K, sorry about the outfit.

  15. Thanks for the good news! Every time I see one of your pictures of the bobcats, I am just amazed.

    Your pal, Pip

  16. I'm soooooo glad that you are seeing some positive results! Here is to continued progress, and full recovery soon for dear K!!


    PeeS......I loved the mule deer foto!

  17. Wow. An infection! Hate to say it, but phew. We never knew what Juno's "systemic" issue was. yes, infections can go septic and that is truly frightening.

    weird to settle in her toe.

    glad she's doing so much better. she looks better, even in that get up of hers!
    lots of boulder climbing wishes to K!

  18. We are very hopeful for K! We can see her smile :) A stand on her boulders!
    R is doing so well sticking with you on the rides. SR and I will hopefully be practicing more of this...and in snow...soon, we hope!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  19. Your blog has such beautiful nature photos.

    We're glad to note K is getting around well and we certainly hope the infection is gone soon!

  20. That's good news. Here is hoping that trend continues.

  21. So glad for this great news about K - she is still Queen of the boulders! That green peeping through the ice is a startling sight!

  22. Hey there KB
    I'm so happy for your better news...and also to hear your more upbeat tone. It seems like that Bobcat has really become your good omen. :)
    Sending lotsaluv to you and hugs to the two pooches. Lovely photos as usual, my friend.

  23. KB, you ARE a fighter and a have so many Aunties who adore you ( uncles too)AND are sending healing thoughts to you

    In my heart I know you are going to beat this and then we will all celebrate with your family !

  24. I have tears of joy after reading and your pups are "tough cookies"...
    I want to plant a big kiss on R's snooter!
    Hugs to you and belly rubs to pups,

  25. We are so happy to hear that everything is looking up !

  26. Each ray of progress is a stepping stone in the right direction.
    We are depending on "HOPE" to continue to be your friend.
    Such gorgeous photos of your world,,, thank you for updating us.
    We continue to keep the Power Of the Paws around K.
    R is such a good friend, to be so strong and supportive. And of course a beauty.
    Love to all

  27. Good news for K! Very happy to read this post! Beautiful shots (again) of K and R. Keep healing, K. We are all thinking of you!

  28. Even though it's not winter yet and we have a long way to go, that green made me hopeful, too!

    The bobcat's message to K is GREAT! And tail at full mast... that was so perfect!

    You truly had a way with words today. Vitamin R will keep me smiling through the rest of this hectic week!


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