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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bobcat and Canine Joy

I think that the bobcat heard about the trail camera photo contest that I'm entering. He came around last night, visiting his favorite scent post. This was the best photo of the series.
And, here is a short video of his entire visit, showing him scraping the ground and leaving his mark.

I didn't tally the results from yesterday's photo choice yet, just in case anyone still wants to weigh in on which bear photos are the best. Thanks to all of you!

Our mornings have dawned freezing and sunny. The golden meadow awakens with a layer of ice crystals on the dried wildflowers. K humors me by waiting patiently as I try to capture the glittering beauty of the ice in the rising sun.
I also gazed at the Snowberries again. Two of you have confirmed that these are called "snowberries" (Symphoricarpos rotundifolius).
Then, I turned my attention to K. Tomorrow is the big day. Her cast comes off, and then, if the surgeon approves, we immediately do a physical therapy session. I'm excited and she is too!
K gazed into the distance, imagining the adventures that our future holds. They will start with short hikes and gradually grow from there.
I didn't get any time with R on the trails today but I did yesterday. The boy is simply amazing. He was in a particularly "obsessive" mood yesterday, chasing rodents in a frenzy. But, on two occasions, I broke into his consciousness and asked him to do a "down". Both times, he slowly dropped to the ground where he was standing, like a zombie who had just been pulled out of a trance and into reality. I was SO happy. In the past, I sometimes haven't been able to break through to him when an obsession has taken hold.

We did some obedience training on the trails. A recall...
And, a sit-stay. You can see that he surveyed the area for rodents during his entire "stay" but he did indeed stay! I gave him a jackpot of treats. I think that he's starting to see me as relevant, even when rodents are scurrying around him.
As we rode, the mountains began to clear, mystically appearing from behind the clouds. The mountains look unique each day, and I never tire of gazing at them.
On my solo bike rides both days, I did some "exploring", which is code for "I rode my bike for a while and then walked around trying to find new trails or animal signs". Yesterday, I never found the trail that I sought but I did find a mountain lion latrine. A BIG lion had left scat in the middle of an animal trail on at least two recent occasions. As I investigated it, I kept peeking over my shoulder and wishing that K or R were guarding my back. I'll spare you the photo. Take my word for it, it was huge and filled with fur. It was in terrain like this, with golden grass, a narrow trail, and pine trees all around.
Today, when I arrived home from my mountain bike ride, I heard loud snorting coming from the next room. I rushed in and found R having an ecstatic conniption, wriggling on his back with his legs kicking in the air. His wild abandon and joy were obvious. We humans have much to learn from our canine companions!


  1. A post filled with pics of something for everyone!

    Khyra says HI KHYTTY!

    Good luck tomorrow!

  2. I love the thin ice on the leaves of that plant. Ice crystals can make the world seem so magical. And something about that cold....
    it brings us back to reality.
    I could sit and stare at those mountians endlessly.
    I feel them. OH man,,, I need them.
    All your bloggy friends wait with you- the circle of the paws around you as you wait for K to get her cast off tomorrow
    We wait anxiously with you

  3. I think I told you that we lived in Alaska for 10 years, and seeing your pictures makes me miss the beautiful mountains!

    We're excited for K tomorrow!!

  4. Oh, I'm glad I still get to vote (sloooow computer lately)!

    1. I'll kiss and make it better
    2. Cubs at play
    (Can't wait to see the lion and bobcat pictures you choose.)

    Wow and wow to your ice crystals picture. Things like that make me wish we had some sort of winter out here.

    I'm bummed that I'll be away from a computer when K's paw update comes in, but can't wait to hear about the start of her therapy once I'm back! Paws crossed for nothing but a great start to a healthy paw.

  5. Every time mom and me comes here you out do yourself wif beootiful fotos!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Paws crossed fur K and her big day!

  6. Here's hoping all goes well when the cast is removed. Fingers and paws crossed here for a good result.

  7. We have all paws crossed for tomorrow to go well!

    Great pic of the ice crystals. That was really cool.

    You are totally right about learning more from our canine companions. But When I try to do that at work they threaten to call the mental hospital to come get me ;)

    Can't wait to hear about K's big day tomorrow :)

    Chasing my tale...
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  8. I love that picture of the wildflower with the frost on it! It's beautiful!

    I hope tomorrow goes really well for K. She deserves a break from the cast and those short, short walks!

    Bunny has those little fits, too, and it always amuses me!

  9. Great picture of the bobcat!!
    Good luck tomorrow with K, I hope all goes well:)

  10. I just can't get over what a beautiful place you live in!!! You are so lucky!

    Your pal, Pip

  11. Sending positive thoughts for you and K regarding the Big Day tomorrow! I love the pic of R having a "joyful moment" - and yes, we do have alot to learn ;)

  12. LOVE the bobcat photo! Compeletely awesome. Also love the ice crystals on the flowers. Very cool. I'm so excited for you and K, is it really time to take the cast off, already??? :) Hope everything goes well. We've got our paws crossed for you both.

  13. Even if I like the picture with the paw stiking up, I have to vote for "Stand up and fight" I do hope that you funny comments will follow the pictures in the competition, Good luck with the pictures - and K's foot. Love EM

  14. What a majestic cat! Hope he got whatever he was looking for in leaving his mark. At this time of year, we presume he's just marking his territory.

    Best of luck tomorrow with K's de-casting.

    Jed & Abby

  15. Cool bobcat video. It looked as though at the end he was checking to make sure you caught him making his mark :)

    Your mountains are breath taking. It's no wonder you never tire of them.

    Happy tails to you and K for the big "get this blasted thing off me" day :)

    Waggin at ya,

  16. The photo of the ice crysteals on the plant is stunning.Wonder why they form in that long, octagonal way ?

    If you have waxberries you must have a lot of quail and partridge.

  17. I forgot to tell you thank you for the tip of running my fingers under warm water, I never knew that and I will for sure give it a try:)

  18. Hmmm despite the great crystalled iced spectacular fotos, and R's romping session, and the excitement of K getting her cast off, the only thing I can think about is the furry big pile of lion scat. Somethings wrong with me

  19. I bet K can't wait to hit the trails with you again!


  20. good luck with K today! i hope that you are getting great news from the vet.
    it would be nice if i could get booker to become more responsive despite rodent obsessiveness! haha. good job R!

    the booker man and asa's mama

    p.s. -- sorry i missed the vote on the bear pictures! if you're still tallying, though, i'd pick "stand up and play fight" as #1 and "i'll kiss it" as #2.

  21. Man, those ice crystals are cool!!

    R sounds like he's learning and we can't wait to hear about K's results!!

  22. I'm thinking of emulating R, but I'm afraid I'll throw out my back! I had to smile when you said you think he sees you as "relevant" sometimes. Did I tell you I saw Bobcat scat at the Nat'l Monument? I think I neglected E-mailing it to you! I'm keeping fingers crossed for K.

  23. Seeing your pictures make me want to move to Colorado!
    I hope K gets good words from the vet.

  24. Tell R thanks for the laugh. Love that last photo.

  25. Cool (and spooky) bobcat pic! We've got to go check out the bear now.

    We're so excited for K!

    The Road Dogs

  26. R looks almost cracker! and K... I see K is already preparing to meet our challenge with her boulder half stand. K: you better start training pretty gal. we're gonna BRING IT! tee-hee... ;)

  27. OMD, that last photo is priceless. How I wish I could get photos like yours - just breathtaking.

    I am late getting here for this post, hope I catch one tonight with a report about today's visit. Big day for K and KB.

  28. I love your spy cam photos. Good luck to K with her cast coming off. And look at R. Yeah, labradogs are just happy, aren't they? Lifts one's spirits to see them enjoying life so much.



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