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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thank you

Thank you to every single one of you who sent us such touching and heart-warming words in the past two days. Our life feels like a runaway train at the moment, with events beyond our control or comprehension steering our course. However, we have hope, and that is a key ingredient.

K took a moment to raise her face to the sun yesterday morning.
A very special event is happening next Sunday. Please visit Two Special Wires for more details and the time for your location.
Thanks to our many blogging friends.


  1. We can only imagine the zillion emotions all are experiencing right now -

    We know we can't actually physically help but our support is the next best thing!

  2. I know that you must be on such a roller coaster of emotions right now. K holds a special place in many people's hearts, I believe! I know she's certainly in mine. She's rather young, which gives her a good chance of fighting if she does have bone cancer. I also know that there are a lot of advancements in treatment and that it's not nearly as hard on dogs to go through chemo as it is on people. My mom's dog is on chemo right now, and you wouldn't know that he was sick at all if you saw him. We're thinking really special thoughts for you and K right now!

    P.S. Dr. Cuoto at OSU specializes in bone cancer treatment for Greyhounds, but he does lots of consults with other vets around the country. You may be able to get some good information from him.

  3. Taking just one hour of these past five days to check blogger and found this news. Oh, KB, I am soooo sorry to read this news about K. Your lives must be turned upside down. My hubby and I, Sammie, Avalon and Ozzie all send you huge hugs and prayers with thoughts that your fine vet and the power of the paw love can help K flush her system of this noxious C-disease. A lovely photo of K.

    Sammie,Avalon, Ozzie, Miche ad Bill

  4. We will be participating next Sunday and will definitely send healing thoughts to K

  5. I am so sorry to hear this disturbing news...please know that you and K are in my thoughts.
    Please give her a long hug for me!

  6. Wonderful photo...K has such a thoughtful look. We are sending big hugs and hopes.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  7. We are also joining the Worldwide Moment and we include K in our intentions as we cross our paws.

    You have our support as you go through this.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  8. We are here this morning thinking of all of you.
    As you stated the Runaway Train has smothered you right now.
    We am sending postive vibes your way,,, HOPE will pervail
    K is so beautiful gazing at the sun.
    Thank you for keeping us close
    Ww love all of you

  9. We know the feeling all to well and are here for you :)

    BIG hugs to all of you.

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  10. You and K have not been far from our thoughts all weekend. Hope is wonderful - just keep on hoping and we will be hoping along with you. You have lots of company on this train helping to keep it under control with our good thoughts and prayers.

  11. Its so good to hear from you, KB, I too have been thinking a lot about K since the Doc gave you the possiblity of cancer. My thoughts go back too, to Rottrover's post (11-6)where he spoke of a family dog of theirs who had a good outcome and I hang onto those like a dog with a bone.

    Our warmest thoughts and prayers to you and your girl!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  12. When we raise a glass of evening champagne we toast W, then we toast K and Blueberry and then ...
    Strange how these selfless animals strike a receptive chord and cause so many good wishes to be offered up. Guess the world can't be such a bad place.

  13. We are thinking of you and saying prayers for K!


  14. KB - You've been in our thoughts all weekend, too. We will be participating next weekend and you and K will be in our thoughts. I hope you're borrowing a page from Angus and Wilf and enjoying the beauty of the world around you and the love that you share with your beautiful girl.

    (my word verification is "outch" hahahaha)

  15. Thought of K immediately upon awakening this AM. Luckily, her happiness is with you - her world. I'm glad dogs don't worry.

  16. We are thinking of all of you and sending good thoughts.

    The Road Dogs

  17. Sending love and prayers for all of you.

    Emma Rose

  18. What a perfectly timed event as so many of us will be specifically thinking of K during that special moment. Even though we are a couple of thousand of miles away, know that we are right there with you through this time.

  19. As I mentioned in a previous comment, I know the uncertainty you are feeling--Know that we are keeping you and especially K in our prayers.

    PS: My word verification is 'bless' ...very appropriate!!

  20. We've thought about you all weekend. I hope you could feel our warm thoughts.

    Gentle wiggles and wags,

  21. Coming back , one more time before going to bed,,,, a little early tonight,,,
    just to tell you- were keeping positive prayer and thoughts going for K and for all of you.

  22. Still thinking of you, KB and K, and anxious for the next round of news regarding K's health. Hoping for the very best!

  23. Oh, boy, reading the latest brought tears to my eyes, which is not what you need right now. You need hope and support and I offer those too. I'm sorry you didn't get very good news this go round. I hope things will be better soon.

  24. Just checking in to say hello, and let you know you're in our thoughts. Stay strong,


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