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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wish upon the moon

K and I have played more "balance toys on your head" games lately. She mastered the toughest toy of them all, purple octopus. He wobbles atop her head because his underside is convex. I think that she's hoping that she's allowed to hike more soon so that we can stop playing such silly games!
R had his fun rolling in the snow during our snow bike ride. He rolled and rolled, and then wriggled and wriggled. His silly muzzle is still needed because our obsessive boy was digging mushrooms out of the snow and eating them. The orange vest will be needed for only one more day because tomorrow is closing day of rifle season for deer and elk!
A week ago, during a snow bike ride, I found these tracks. Over the week, I've revisited the distant area several times to piece together the puzzle of this animal's movements. Now, the tracks have been erased by more snow, sun, and wind. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow. Any guesses about who made these tracks?
Today, at the end of a long exploratory hike with a friend, we watched dusk fall and the moon rise behind wispy clouds. I don't know if people wish upon the moon - but I did. I wished for K to return to full strength someday so that she and I can take forest and mountain hikes together again. I missed her during today's outdoor adventures.


  1. I thinking wishing upon the moon is a great idea!

    Why not!

    Here's to K!
    Here's to R!!
    Here's to YOU!!!

  2. K and R and KB

    Pawsonally I think the purple octopus makes a furry fine hat. Quite lovely K. Hmmm let me think think think..... those snow prints are HUGE.... relentlessly huge. Has Mango paid you a visit?


    PS- we wished upon the moon here for you.. It's huge too today so I'm think the force with be with you.

  3. Not a cloud in the sky, so we've got the same beautiful moon here. So I wished on our Carolina moon; the same wish as yours.

  4. Awww what a beautiful thing to do for K.


  5. Are those bear tracks?

    We're in the midst of a rain storm, so no moon here...went outside to a bright, back-lit cloud cover. The moon's lighting up our rain sky. Made a wish for K.

  6. I think like AC, its a black bear.
    But I thought most of them had gone beddy-bye for the winter.

    You are going to have to tell us!

    Stella and Jo

  7. How can you ever keep a straight face with R around? I'd be laughing all the time!

    K, never underestimate the power of having just the right hat!

    I have a feeling it might be bobcat tracks, because they seem like the kind you mentioned earlier where they step in their own tracks to conserve energy.

    We're wishing on a star, the moon and a rainbow for K to get better!

  8. Way to balance that octopus K. I have three hounds here, and I'm pretty sure none could balance an octopus. As for the tracks, I'm guessing bear, but I'm fairly clueless on such things. I'm learning from you though. You know that I'm fascinated by the moon, and will definitely wish for K's full recovery and her return to hikes with you and R very soon. Good night!

  9. Hey there KB...
    One can 'seize the day' in the little things too. Don't become too melanchonic. One day at a time...she's looking beautiful. My thoughts and prayers remain with you guys.

  10. I think those tracks belong to Boo Boo bear. But I did not see any toe nails. Hummmm
    I wish I could balance a toy on my head like K... She is super dog.

    I wish on moons and stars.
    So tonight I wish upon a moon for K and 2 of my other friends too,,,
    Stubby and Hamlet...
    ok here is a wish for K,,, close your eyes and wish!!!

  11. Perfectly appropriate to wish on everything, including the moon, for such a good purpose. Hope K is still making steady, if slow, progress in the right direction.

    Does K ever chew on the Medipaw bootie? Mama wishes she could figure out a way to not have to put Jed in the E-collar when he's chewing a sore spot, but suspects he'd chew off the bootie and then get back to chewing on the sore.

    As to the critter tracks; we have no idea. Doesn't look like anything we get around here in suburban MD.

    Jed & Abby

  12. We also saw the beautiful moon last night and wish that it will bring you all you hope for.

  13. Hi KB-
    I love the idea of wishing on the moon...and I can't think of a better wish than to see your beautiful girl joining you in the woods for adventures again!

    I have been so worried about her...we are all sending our love and best thoughts for the antibiotics to kick some ass!!

    Lots of love,
    Sue and the crew

  14. Hi KB Thanks a lot for your beautiful pictures. I too vote for bear tracks.
    To days photo of K with the octopus is priceles.
    Lot of wishes for a good recovery for your girl. Love EM

  15. awwweee...that photo of K! i'm melting.

  16. We are out walking The Herd and The Annex last night and enjoying the beautiful moon. Maybe it was at the same time so that a lot of Sibe Vibes were being sent for K.

  17. beautiful moon shot!
    i think the tracks are bear!?
    hoping for a speedy, uncomplicated (more than it already has been) recovery for K!!

  18. Those pawprints are very big, we were thinking bear, mountain lion, but we are hoping bobcat:)

    We think you should take every opportunity available for wishes. After reading your post last night, we all wished upon the moon for K too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. Your wish is our wish too. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  20. Purple octopuses and a winter moon. Dog blogs roam far and free.

  21. Oh, I think wishing on the moon is absolutely a pawfect idea! Plus, since most peoples don't wish on the moon, it's not as busy with requests, you know? When I see our moon next, I'm gonna make a wish for K, too!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  22. ssshhhhhh, but we think you have something on your head
    Benny & Lily

  23. The no cancer diagnosis should be a relief. The infection does sound bad though too. Strangely, this reminds me of what one of my sister's is going through. She had surgery on her hand, they found an infection, and she has been on heavy antibiotics too. I'm hoping to hear good news soon about both cases.

  24. I will wish tonight on the MOON. I saw it last night as the storm clouds whizzed by...very spooky. I thought Halloween was over...sorry I digress...Nothing funny about...just...playing games and not being allowed outside especially when the snow has arrived!Hang in there!

  25. I hadn't thought of wishing on a full moon--I'll have to give it a try! I'm glad that K is better!! We continue to keep her in our prayers that she regains her total health and can once again join you on your adventures!

    I hope you're having an enjoyable Sunday

  26. I finally caught up on poor little K. It doesn't seem to be slowing her down, but that infection sounds quite scary. I am hopefully that you will be able to get ahead of it and that she'll keep making progress. As for R? Adorable little chap all wiggling in the snow.

    Mango Momma

  27. Such a pretty octopus upon a prettier doggeh's head! So glad to read (Friday's post) that K is healing; unbelievable how the infection could have gotten there. R looks awesomely happy in all that snow! And we think those tracks could be... bear?
    Sammie and Avalon

  28. Hi KB, I often wish upon the Moon - and sometimes, my wishes come true. I think those tracks are from a bear (or Bigfoot!).

  29. My guess is bear's tracks as well! I love your gorgeous pictures!

    Will be keeping our paws crossed and wishing for your full recovery soon!


  30. Perhaps wishing upon a blue moon will bring even more blessings your way. Read this morning that this was the fourth moon of autumn 2010, a rare occurence, I guess. Your photo captures it beautifully!


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