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Friday, June 10, 2011

These are the good old days

These are the good old days, and I know that they won't last forever. K and I headed out the door into glorious sunshine. I pedaled up to Hug Hill, where K surveyed the beauty.
I cajoled her into looking at me for a photo with the snowy mountains behind her. Our snowmelt is very late this year. I wonder when we'll be able to climb those mountains? Perhaps not until the 4th of July.
I rode my mountain bike, and K ran close by my side. To me, there's nothing more wonderful in the world than the companionship of a wonderful dog while I do something that I love.

I spotted a gorgeous combination of a Paintbrush and a Golden Banner. K took up her post, guarding my back, while I photographed it.
I am so grateful that she can run despite the loss of a weight-bearing toe. I'm trying to be mindful of "moderation" in her running. We alternate shorter and longer days to give her rests. She seems to love it as much as I do! The look in her eyes radiates happiness. Do you see the sparkle and amazing life in her?
My vet keeps warning me that K's running days may be numbered because dogs who have weight-bearing toes amputated usually cannot run very much. I repeated the vet's words to a fellow mountain biker who replied with "Well, your doctors have said that your fused spine shouldn't be able to tolerate mountain biking so you and K are two of a kind!". Good point.

After I dropped K off at home, I started my ride on a familiar trail. Every single day for the past week, this Flicker's head has protruded from his nest hole when I pass. I try very hard not to stop and watch him on most days because I don't want to disturb him. I couldn't resist today.
A little further along, I discovered that the wildflowers have exploded into glorious color in the few days since I last rode this route. Boulder raspberry bushes are adorned with paper-thin white blossoms. Later, these bushes will have bland raspberry-like berries on them that the wildlife appreciate even if we humans don't.
A favorite of mine, the diminutive skullcap is blossoming in the grass all over south-facing hillsides.
On those hillsides, I'm still seeing a few fresh elk tracks but the majority of the herd has migrated higher into the mountains following the snowline. The deer seem positively blissful browsing on the newly green grass and shrubs. They ignore me as I ride by. I love their velvet antler stubs.
On a great note, after 48 hours on his new antibiotic, R seems a quantum leap better. That means that the vet won't have to "redo" the surgery on his toe. Thank goodness and thanks for all of your good wishes!


  1. Hi Y'all,

    Oh beautiful K. I do so hope and pray your vet is wrong about her limited ability to run. Like your friend said, you're doing something they said "no way".

    You have brought K along carefully and slowly rebuilt her strength. When muscles are strong they give support. It's laying around that hurts. Weak muscles lead to injury when there is sudden movement.

    But you know all that. What a fantastic photo of the Flicker! And I adore the deer! I love the angle of the flower photos.

    Fingers and paws crossed and some prayers too that R's recovery continues successfully!

    BrownDog's Momma

  2. I K will be running with you for a long time. I think it's just in her heart and blood to be by your side!

    Your pictures just kept getting more and more beautiful as I go to each new one. Those blue skies are just remarkable! I don't think any dog can be prettier than K!

    I'm glad to hear R is feeling better, too. It looks like your internet was a little more cooperative today, too! :)

  3. Now I must ask for a personal favor for My Vickie.

    In your travels will you watch for a wild colombine flower. This is My Vickies favorite flower in the whole world.

    She says people can grow them in their yards in some places but there is nothing as incredible as one in the wild.

    I would love it if she could see one photographed by you.

    You do such an amazing job.

    Give R & K both my love.


  4. Great news for R, and you!
    Such beautiful pictures KB!!

  5. Once again, you capture the beauty of everything and everyone! We hope that R's toe heals and she runs with you for a very long time...somehow we just know that will happen! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  6. That first picture is amazing. I wonder what K was thinking/feeling as she looked out at those beautiful mountains ...I think she will be running with you for a very long time

    Your pal, Pip

  7. We too often forget what "Carpe Diem" is all about. Enjoy every second and there may be more of them than you think!

    Wonderful photos of K and the glorious nature around you.

  8. We love that second picture of K. And, yes, we do think sometimes you have to just keep doing what others say you can't.

  9. I know I'm repeating myself, but your world is so beautiful! K did an awesome job posing in front of the snowy mountain tops! I love seeing the colorful wildflowers. Springtime has left us, but I still get to enjoy yours. That Flicker is so cute in it's snug little house. I'm glad to hear that R is responding to the antibiotics. Great news! And by the way, I can definitely see K's sparkle, and the point your friend made about your back and K's paw is really good. Who knows what the future holds? Carpe diem!

  10. We hope you have a whole lot more time running and biking with K. If she is anything like her human, we know she will find a way. So good to hear the report of R too.

    And those flowers, or should we say your photos of the flowers, are exquisite! We keep running out of adjectives to describe the beauty of what we find here every visit.

  11. We are so glad that R is doing well! It is wonderful to have a dog with you when you ride!

    K is looking so beautiful!

  12. Bet that good news made your day even better!!
    Benny & Lily

  13. This is the last post I'll read for the night, and I'm it's ending with stunning photos and on a good note for 'R' and for you too!!

  14. Dogs are such a wonderful gift and its too easy to forget to stay in the moment and enjoy and appreciate all of the love and companionship that they give us. Thank you for reminding all of us of that! I have a feeling that K and R have many years of healthy activity ahead of them. Love and positive thoughts to both of them regarding their individual toe difficulties!

  15. We are glad R is doing better! ...and remember with K, doctors aren't always right! ;)


  16. I'm pulling for the vet to be wrong about K. Animals seem to be so adaptive. They are always amazing me with what they are able to do. I do hope the antibiotic works it's magic on R.

  17. The photos you share,,, make me dream that someday,, I will have a good camera like you,, and be able to take photos like you do..
    These are all breath taking beautiful.
    And just ask K,,,, she will be running with you for a long , long

  18. all your photos are gorgeous in this post. the first flower shot totally made my heart lean in to enjoy it's beauty. But they are all wonderful!


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