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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Close to home...

The day started full of promise with a sunrise start.
With the sun still low in the sky, Shyla demonstrated her progress on "taking a bow".
And, then, with no warning, the ocular migraine began. A couple of years ago, I had my first "ocular migraine", and, unfortunately, these have progressed to full blown migraines. The "light show" - shimmering and glimmering lights in my visual field - is the first hint of what's to come. Today, it was a whole day of a headache that hasn't let up yet. It really hasn't been my lucky month.

So, when you're feeling good, kick up your heels like Shyla did!
As soon as I arrived home from our hike, I flopped onto the bed with a dark cloth covering my eyes. Nurse Shyla was on duty, lying with her chin resting on my chest, keeping close track of her patient. She is such a sensitive soul.

Since I can't write much more today, I thought that I'd share a couple of wildlife photos from our yard. When winter truly takes over, the animals start spending more of the nighttime hours in the vicinity of our house (and I'm sure they're also near other people's houses - perhaps due to the packed snow trails near houses).

First, a coyote pair, both with thick and warm coats, walked past a camera.
Then, a few days later, a very small looking bobcat walked past the same camera. I wonder if this is the bobcat kitten. The camera takes only one photo every 30 seconds so it's tough to know if another bobcat was nearby.
Finally, a bobcat walking carefully in my narrow track on a very snowy and shaded forest slope.
You can tell by looking at the photo that this slope gets no sun in the winter, so the snow is several feet deep by late winter - and absolutely no animals venture onto it. The cat is walking in my narrow track... and, soon, I suspect he'll leave the forested area altogether.

That's all for today. Have a good weekend and kick up your heels if you're feeling good!


  1. Headaches, could they come from your spine problems? I had them for years, and I was so sure they were because of the spinal surgery, and all else related to easy cure or answer,I will email more. Take care, keep those eyes closed. Fond greetings, Jeanp.s. lovely trail photos.

  2. Oh KB....I know what those migraines can do to someone. Just take it easy. Hope you're feeling better soon. You have a terrific nursing staff.

  3. You and I are both under the weather - I got frostbite on my face Wed and have a horrible itching rash on my face. At first I thought shingles, but my DR thinks it is damage from the cold. You and I both need to relax a bit. Love the wildlife you've "captured!"

  4. Well, you have a great nurse, that's for sure!

    I'm sorry to hear about your migraine. Do you take anything for them? I've had them for over 30+ years. They are hereditary in my family. Yup, I drew the short straw. After many, many years I finally found a wonderful Dr. (in NY who also is a migraine sufferer) and can totally relate to how I feel. I've tried every therapy out there for them from biofeedback to accupunture. None of that worked for me. I give myself Imitrex injections along with Dilaudid pills (a derivative form of morphine.) It's a real ugly way to get rid of them, but it keeps me out of the hospital where they usually give me the same thing. I can relate to how you are feeling. I hope that you are feeling much better real soon.


  5. I know without a doubt you are in good paws. And we are sending good healing vibes your way and often.

  6. From the mom-
    Several years ago I began having the visual disturbances and after reporting them to my eye doc he diagnosed them as ocular migraines - I checked online and what I could find where I work - at a hospital - yep, that sure was what I was seeing. When they are at their worse - totally blocks my vision so I know what that part is like. However I never have developed full-blown migraines so I don't know what that is like but I do have a couple of friends who tell me about theirs. I am so sorry you have to go through all that. At least you have a great nurse in Shyla to watch after you and give you cuddles. Aren't our dogs such great caretakers?

  7. Sorry you are feeling poorly. I am just beginning to feel "normal" again. Still coughing, but at least I can sit up!! Hope the headache go away quickly for you.
    Love the coyote shots...maybe someday we'll get a shot like that.
    Keep up the good work Nurse Shyla!!

  8. We hope you head feels better soon. Mom suffers from headaches all the time and she says the best medicine is a cuddle with the pups!


  9. Ugh...our dad gets cluster headaches. We have to be very quiet when he has one. We're glad you have good nursing staff.

    Bart and Ruby

  10. All I can say about the migrane is, I am so sorry.

    So so sorry

    Bert's My Vickie

  11. You're in good paws with Shyla! I get really bad migraines every few months (hereditary), and they are not fun. I have to take the dogs' collars off, the jingling of the tags makes me lightning shot behind my eyes.
    I hope you feel better!
    Dachshund Mommy

  12. Migrainses are awful, mom told me so! I hope you becomes better soons

  13. I am not stepping HIGH today, but I am dancing a little.

    Sorry to hear about your migraine, Sis, my mother had them and I know how they affect people. I'm glad Shyla is taking care of you and that the Runner is at home.

    Cheers and hugs,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  14. I understand completely. I get migraines and there is no pain like that and for me nothing really helps, except laying down in a dark room and hopefully sleeping it away. I hope yours is better.

    Anne and Sasha

  15. Ick migraines. Mommy gets them too. When I was younger I'd help by bringing her my loudest squeaky toys and showing her how well they worked.

  16. Ann....from....Outer Banks of NC....said.....I'm right there with you when it comes to a mirgrane...mine can last up to several days or up to a week it all depends on how you deal with and relaxation... or a warm bath....even a warm cloth or maybe getting someone(the Runner) to rub your head for a while...concentrating... only on the movement and not on the pain---hard to do but it works(bless you my dear)Shyla and R has some TLC....that sweet PUPPY that will work every time .....Healing vibes for you and your family......HUGS

  17. Once again, Khyra is SO jealous!

    Much better than lions and tigers and bears!

    As for Shyla, each time I think my smile can't be any broader, it is!

  18. Sorry to hear about the migraine on top of already trying to recover from the flu, but glad to hear Miss Shyla is taking her nursing duties so seriously.


  19. I'm sorry you have those migraines. I get them, too, and my iQ feels like it drops to half.
    But you have Nurse Shyla [who looks adorable in your hat, by the way :) ]

  20. KB, I'm so sorry you are suffering from a migraine! Hope tomorrow will be a better day for you. Sounds like you are in good paws! :-)

    Susan and Wrigs

  21. You are such a blessing, Shyla!
    We hope you feel better soon, KB!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  22. I hope by the time you're reading this, you're feeling better!! I'm glad Nurse Shyla is on duty and taking great care of you!

  23. Here's hoping the headache recedes very soon.

    We thought of you yesterday as we watched a BBC documentary about a team trying to establish whether there were tigers living at high altitudes in Bhutan, and also figuring out population o f clouded leopards and other beauties. You would have enjoyed it!

  24. Hope you are well again.
    Great wildlife are so lucky to see these special animals

  25. Geesh, if I started seeing glimmering or flashing lights, I'd probably think I was having a stroke. I am fortunate never to have had a migraine, but many people close to me suffer from them. I have often wondered, with as much research as is done on various types of cancers, and heart disease...does this sort of research get done on migraines? They are so debilitating, and if I had to venture a guess, I'd say more prevalent than some of the other conditions. But you never hear of anyone raising money or running a race for the "MIgraine Research Association." I suppose it's because migraines don't kill people, whereas cancers and heart disease do. Hope you feel better soon.

  26. So sorry about your migraine! I've always been so thankful I've never had one, rarely even a headache. I hope you are better now and no more migraines come your way!

  27. I hope you're feeling better today! That sounds miserable. I'm glad Nurse Shyla was on the job!

  28. I hope you're feeling better today! That sounds miserable. I'm glad Nurse Shyla was on the job!

  29. Shyla's bow is lovely! It's something I've put on cue with Elka, and I think it's so sweet to see dogs do it!

    I sympathize with your migraine, and I'm glad that Shyla was gentle with you.

  30. Great pictures of those 'yotes and 'cats!!

  31. We hope you feel better real soon. I have 2 coworkers that get them several times a year and leave work asap to get home, take meds and lay down.

    Thanks for sharing the wildlife. So awesome!

  32. Are you feeling beter KB?
    We sure hope so! Such magnificent photos of the coyotes and big cat!

  33. We're so glad that Shyla is there to lend support when you're ill. Here's to a Happy and Healthy 2013 for you and your entire family!

  34. Hope you are feeling better soon, well wishes from all of us.

  35. I'm glad Nurse Shyla is taking good care of you! Momma gets migraines sometimes, and she has to lie down in the dark with something over her eyes and me snuggled up with her to feel better.

  36. I get those migraines too...feel better xx

  37. Headache....sometimes I think it is my middle name! I just returned from the Dr. and I mentioned about headache problems and I said I think of the year 2012 as the year I slept away. That's only way I an relive the intensity and it worked for me. Ocular distortions were minimalized though this year which I am thankful for. I see you are much better now as I read more posts.
    Take care KB!


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