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Monday, June 24, 2013

A bear cub with big aspirations!

I want to share some bear footage with you. But first, it seems that the bears love to be out around sunset, and so do we! Whenever Shyla is panting and picks up an interesting scent (maybe a bear?), she sticks her tongue out while she sniffs. It's cute, don't you think?
In the bear video, we have a very rambunctious male bear. He visited a tree on multiple occasions, and each time, he marked it at least 4 times. On one occasion, I believe that he had a mate with him, because a large animal blocked the camera for an instant just after the male had walked away.

Be sure to watch to the end. The mother, Mabel, and her single cub visited the same tree after the big male. The fact that the mother was on the mating trail concerns me slightly. It's possible that the hormonal effect of nursing by one cub has not been enough to make her unavailable for mating this year. If she meets a male bear and they mate, the consequences for the tiny cub could be very rough. Mabel could lose track of the cub since the male won't let the cub hang around...

But, for the moment, they're together! As you'll see, this tiny cub has huge aspirations! I've never seen this from a cub before. You can watch the video here or at Youtube.


  1. Shyla is cute with her little tongue sticking out.
    I am unable to view the video here and at Youtube :(

    xo Cinnamon

  2. Shyla and my Grandson, Sam, do the same thing - I hope Sam isn't scenting a bear! I couldn't get the video, KB.

  3. We love Shyla sticking her tongue out!

    Love the bear tree:)

  4. I'll be back. I can't wait to see the cub......

  5. Is the video okay now? It is for me.

  6. Video worked great for me! Those bears sure look silly rubbing all over the tree!

  7. That tree is not very big for such "abuse". How do bears select a marking tree? Seems like they'd want one that was more sturdy.
    Great video as always! I share your concern for that cub if she's in mating mode. Not uncommon for males to eliminate another male's offspring...

  8. That cub is indeed so adventuresome!!I wonder how flexible the trees are, they don't seem to snap or break at all, just sway gently. Greetings from Jean

  9. That tongue comes out when Shyla is in deep concentration:) We hope we can see more of that cub and his antics.

  10. That little guy is ambitious indeed!

  11. What a fun sequence of the bears. Thanks for sharing.


  12. We love the cub swaying in the tree!
    You look adorable with your tongue out, Shyla!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  13. Shyla, your little tongue sticking out like that is adorable! You're such a cutie.

    Just look at those bears! We loved the cub climbing the tree.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  14. Shyla what a cute expression! We sure do find those bear videos interesting
    Benny & Lily

  15. I'm not really big into bears, so this is the first video I've watched on here and I have to say I love the dance the bear was doing with that tree. It was so cute and funny!

    Thanks for continuing to share!

  16. Well, they say a mighty oak from an acorn grew! He's quite a character. I hope we get to see him in the woods for a long time. I think he needs a special name!

  17. Fascinating! I love how you've put the frames together to make a movie. I could watch this over and over!


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