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Thursday, June 13, 2013


Smoke is hanging heavily over our area, as we all hope for progress against the fires that are burning around the state.
It's still hot here with about zero percent humidity, so I gently showered Shyla with some water during our mountain bike ride. I don't think that she liked me doing it... she's still in a fearful phase. I wish that I could understand what triggered her to go into this phase. For now, all that I can do is wait and hope that she refinds her confidence.
In the meantime, we keep romping in the forest together. The heavy spring snows and rains led into an incredible wildlflower season. I am awed as I travel through our meadows, aspen groves, and pine forests. I'm thrilled to be sharing it with Shyla for the first time.
Believe it or not, I saw my first blooming columbine yesterday, about 2 weeks early. Based on how many buds are covering the columbine plants in the aspen groves, I predict that the bloom is going to be incredible. This gem was glorious.
It's summertime, gloriously beautiful but always tinged with the worry of wildfires. I wish it would rain!


  1. Glad you all are ok.
    Praying for your neighbors.

    As always watching Shyla run through the forest in her own world,
    she's a happy girl.

    Be safe.
    Linda & Cinnamon

  2. We hate to see all that smoke from the fires. We too will wish for rain for you. (We have way too much of it here in NY, we'd be happy to send some your way.)

    Such a beautiful picture of Shyla running thru the forest flowers. We hope that it helps to calm her.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  3. Glad you're okay, and I hope y'all get loads of rain. Beautiful pictures!

  4. I hope the fires aren't close to you.


  5. We think about you every time we hear the news about the fires. We heard they were evacuating Colorado Springs today. So scary. Stay safe.

    Maybe Shyla is sensing the fires? If anyone can help her regain her confidence, we are sure you can do it.

  6. Our girl CarrieAnne also goes through times when she is fearful too. Just yesterday she was off in her private place taking a dip, and today, she will hardly go outside, and when she does, she stays close to me. She is very, very shy and I've no real idea what the trigger is. I hope it passes for your sweet girl, and I hope the fires are put out soon!!

  7. I don't know why fire smoke wouldn't bring on a fearful time for Shyla. She was doing so well and then when the fires started she got fearful. That keen sense of smell can tell them what is going on miles away. I mentioned this yesterday, but I feel very strongly about it.


  8. Our wildflowers are late and yours early - it's because of all our May snow. When we hiked this week, it was very wet on the trails above the house and only the earliest flowers were blooming. I can hardly wait until all your Columbine bloom - what a show that will be! No smoke here but very windy. We need rain (but no lightning). Stay safe.

  9. Sending up prayers for rain. And what a beautiful romp the two of you had. We also love to stroll through the wildflowers in our neck of the woods. It brings such peace.

  10. Fires??!! Our relos in the eastern states are covered in water!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    When it's hot, we liked to be rubbed down with a cool cloth. We don't like to be sprinkled.

  11. Great shot of Shyla running along the path. Best wishes to all.

  12. Hi KB, you are in our thoughts with bushfires in the area. Is it something to do with the smoke or heat that is making Shyla fearful? How wonderful that she has you to help her along. All will be well. The photo of Shyla running along the track is fabulous. Take care friends. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  13. Stay safe and cool...hope the fires burn out soon.

  14. If the fear is cycling have you tried keeping a log? Date/moon cycle/weather/food/schedule changes/unusual occurrences

  15. Each one of your photos is more beautiful than the last, KB!
    We so hope these fires burn out soon. How scary!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  16. I wish we could send you some of our rain that is on its way. Maybe it will then go your way.
    Beautiful flowers.. We love the Columbines.


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