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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fleeting wonder of life

I am overwhelmed by the quantity of very sad news about our Blogville friends. It seems as if cancer is on a binge. It hurts my heart deeply to read about people's sadness and the illnesses or deaths of their dogs.

I understand, having gone through it so recently. I remember the time of K's cancer diagnosis, and the feeling that nothing would ever be right with the world again. Then, I remember how K showed me how to live those last months, seizing every moment that we had left.

Now, I look back on the time that we had between her diagnosis and passing as one of the most precious times of my life. I learned incredibly important life lessons from K, and I was focused on only one thing - pouring my love into K.

When K passed, R lost his big sister - the first big loss in his life. Like me, R seems to have changed forever. He has an introspective side that he never had before saying goodbye to his sister.
Also, like me, R has found a new source of happiness. Shyla (or "ShyBear", as I like to call her) makes R younger. They play every day and adore each other.
I remember many of you trying to tell me that I would love and laugh again after K died. Some of you even suggested that I might meet another heart dog someday. Although I couldn't fathom that I'd even smile again at that time, you were right. Even though every dog is different, I have found a new furbuddy to share my adventures with, and I love her with all my heart.
I'm sure that those of you who are facing the awful C or have just had a terrible loss cannot see beyond it (just like I couldn't, one year ago). For those of you who are lucky enough to have the gift of time with your beloved dog, I'd like to share the notion that the time that you have after the diagnosis is a gift - and I hope that you can find ways to make it as precious as it was for me and K.
I feel that I understand more about the fleeting wonder of life and love than I did before traveling the final journey with K.

This rose is for all of you who are facing tough times now. My heart is aching along with yours.


  1. A beautiful post from someone who has been through this and knows the pain.

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I felt that same pain when Treat died, and then Bunny came along. And yes, I feel a big hole with Blueberry being gone, too. I sat thinking today a little about why her loss has hit me so hard, and I realized we've had her much longer than any of the other dogs we had before. She was thirteen and a half and lived eleven of those years with us. In some ways, I feel so blessed that we had both quantity and quality of life together, but a part of me wishes we'd had a little time from the diagnosis of her osteo to the decision to have to let her go. It was an all in one stunner. I just wish we'd had time to do some of her favorite things one last time, if that makes sense. But honestly, she lived a fantastic and incredible life that we were lucky to share with her. We had so much more than many do! Your post today is so beautiful for many reasons!

  3. It's sad how many of our friends are suffering right now. Having been through cancer diagnoses with two young dogs I know how it feels. I think we should try to remember that all the time we have with our pets is a gift. Our time together is all too short lived no matter how long we have.

    Shyla is a beautiful girl.


  4. My heart is aching tonight for Thunder of the Woos, who got such a bad diagnosis today. Only seven years old, the same age as my Stella!

    Its all just too much.

    Your words are good ones though, and give us hope for the future. But it is just such a shock to get the news!


  5. I agree. Even the brief few weeks we had with Gizmo after his diagnosis were filled with love and gratitude for his presence in my life. Ea ch day mattered more.

    The rose is beautiful.

  6. This is a very beautiful post and I thank you for it. Not only are so many of our friends in Blogville suffering, I have had a very close nephew of mine pass this week. We all need to just squeeze all the joy out of each and every day we have. Xo Jeanne

  7. We can't believe all the Blogville posts about cancer. It just seems to keep going on! It makes us so sad for everyone left behind. There's such a huge hole left in the heart. We're glad that you can have such happy times with Shyla...and such wonderful memories.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. What an incredibly beautiful post, KB! Our hearts ache for the pain that these pups and their families are going through.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  9. I believe we should try to remember that all the time we have with our pets is a gift. Our time simultaneously is all too short dwelled no issue how long we have. . Challenge coins

  10. SO GLAD that Shybear is your newest heart dog, KB - it doesn't mean that your heart isn't big enough or that K isn't there anymore. All your dogs have a piece of your heart :):) I love that our hearts can hold so much love for our pets - each one is unique and special and so very loved. Our previous chocolate lab Buster was such a character - strong willed and stubborn but he made my son love dogs - because of Buster, Jonathan wanted a dog of his own. When we had to put Buster down, Jonathan raced to our house so he could be there, even though he had only known Buster for 5 years. Dogs have a way of getting into our hearts and teaching us how to love bigger and without boundaries. That is the final lesson Buster left for us - and he left a lasting impression on my son. I will forever be grateful to Buster for giving Jonathan that precious gift.

    My heart aches for all of you who are going thru the loss of your beloved pet. Hugs all around....

    xxxooo - Diane

  11. So very beautiful KB!

    We have our paws crossed for all those who are sick. We feel so helpless and wish we could just wave a magic wand to heal our furends.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  12. So beautifully and eloquently stated.

    Next month is ten years since my heart dog passed and I know that on that day I will still shed a few tears. They never leave our hearts and are missed forever.

    My sympathies go out to the many in Blogville suffering through a cancer diagnosis.

  13. Beautiful post...we lost our kitty this week, not to cancer but from a failing heart. Still hurts.

  14. Thank you! We needed every one of those words. When I look at mom I know she tries not to cry, I say mom it's ok. Then I try to cheer up my Lily. I can see she is sad. But I have been feeling good despite my eight loss.
    We know you understand
    Benny & Lily

  15. You've captured it perfectly. I am still upset learning about Blueberry at Tales and Tails. The pain of losing a dog is terrible. My thoughts are with them, well expressed today by you.

  16. Really lovely post. I can't imagine what you and all the others are going through. I have not had that bad luck yet myself.

  17. What a beautiful post. I can't imagine what I'll do when I lose Beamer. Glad to hear R has taken such a liking to Shyla. All of our blog friends getting sick reminds me of a story I read on Facebook. It's short, so I'll just post a link to it.

    Here it is:

  18. Thank you for this post - very timely for us. We could repeat every single word that Benny and Lily said. The tears come without warning and without end. The rose is beautiful - we will cherish the love it represents.

  19. This heart achingly wonderful post will not be appreciated fully by some until they, too, reach a certain point in their journey, but you are SO right. We walked along your journey and shared with your all of the pain and awakening that you experienced and rejoice now that you have a wonderful new perspective to share with Shyla...may those in pain and shock right now also know the intimacy of discovering it is never goodbye.

  20. That was a beautiful post. My heart aches for all the sadness right now.

    Anne and Sasha

  21. You truly have walked the path of this journey.
    All that you wrote is so beautiful.
    We are all so sad about all the C stuff. And sad for our friends.
    We hurt for all--- and we also cannot stop crying.
    A very beautiful post.

  22. Beautiful post and said/written with such feeling. It really touched my heart. We have been missing from blogging and it really hit hard seeing so many of our friends suffering with cancer, as well as other problems cutting lives shorter than we would like. .thank you for sharing. In reading the comments, I see a lot of awesome and caring people and furkids. :-)
    Barb and the furkid pack

  23. Hi Y'all,

    Beautiful post.

    Hawk aka BrownDog's Human

  24. What a lovely post. Thank you, as always. for gorgeous photos and intelligent and heartfelt commentary.

  25. The rose is Beautiful! THe two are so qute togehter.

  26. Wow, so sad that others are facing battles with C, too. I wish we could find the cause and eliminate it altogether.

    This was such a touching post. I hope it helps others who are struggling in their journey.


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